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Dim Sum

In Hong Kong, Dim Sum is a traditional food.There are many elderly go to Dim Sum restaurants regularly, not only in the morning, but also at lunch time. In addition to satisfy their appetite, it is already a part of life for some people who go to Dim Sum restaurant every day in Hong Kong. In my view, Dim Sum should be the best item to represent Hong Kong culture. It is because Dim Sum exemplify unique characteristic of Hong Kong culture. In the following, I will introduce some of the characteristics...

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Dim Sum

The unique culinary art of dim sum means "dot-hearts", small treats that touch the heart, and originated in China hundreds of years ago. It is said to have started along the Silk Road where farmers, laborers and travelers often stopped at roadside teahouses to have afternoon tea, regain sustenance and relax, an olden days version of the local neighborhood bar At first, it was considered inappropriate to combine tea with food, because people believed that this would lead to excessive weight gain....

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Case Study: Harbour City Dim Sum House Inc.

ambiance with a traditional Chinese dim sum dining experience then Harbour City or any of their other flagship brands is the one for you! Harbour City Dim sum House Co., Inc. also known as HCDHCI first pioneered the dim sum cuisine in its home market of Cebu in 1969. From then on their branches have multiplied with 17 in Cebu, 3 in other areas of the Visayas, and 3 in popular cities in Mindanao making it a total of 23 branches. HCDHCI is the fastest growing brand of dim sum restaurants in Metro Cebu with...

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Infomation About Shumai and Takoyaki

suitable for any occasions (including children’s parties or menus), easy to eat, visually interesting and it is a brand new concept of finger food.  Shu mai is a type of traditional Chinesedumplings served in dim sum.  It is considered a light meal that is similar to the Chinese Dim Sum Calories | 100 | Sodium | 460 mg | Total Fat | 0 g | Potassium | 0 mg | Saturated | 4 g | Total Carbs | 9 g | Polyunsaturated | 0 g | Dietary Fiber | 0 g | Monounsaturated | 0 g | Sugars | 2 g | Trans...

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Grace Lin Thesis

While there, Lin studies the landscapes and buildings so that she can accurately portray them in her books. Dim Sum for Everyone is one of Lin’s picture books with words. It is an excellent choice for young children to read and has been awarded numerous awards. One of them including the Parent’s Guide 2001 Children’s Media Award (www.gracelin.com). In this book, a family goes to a dim sum restaurant. They all pick out their favorite food from a trolley that has dumplings, cakes, buns, and tarts,...

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Fresh Fish

February 7, 1997, Chinese New Year: My relatives and I gather in my grandmother’s three-room Mott Street apartment around the round kitchen table, half –hidden under boxes of don tot, cha siu bao and othere Chinese delicacies from the local dim sum parlor. My Uncle Alex rapidly mutters something to me in Chinese, but all I can do is stare at him quizzically and scratch my head. “ Still can’t speak Chinese?” he teases me, now in English. “ How old are you? 13? And you still can’t talk to your...

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Life Without Travel Is a Life Unlived

skyscrapers, huge hotels and super-malls. Transportation is super easy, everything is detailed in both Cantonese and English so it would be very hard to get lost. There’s plenty to see here: experiences of endless shopping, big-city nightlife and delicious dim sum are to be had. Visitors can find both colonial history and modern architecture. Its open society allows many different cultures to flourish and you would see a lot of nationalities there. You would not be surprised to see a lot of fellow kababayans...

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50 Years Of Restaurant Case Study

com.sg Swee Choon Dim Sum Restaurant (1962) Serving up a wide variety of Hong Kong and Shanghai dim sum for over 50 years, Swee Choon Dim Sum Restaurant is most well known for their house speciality — a deep-fried vermicelli cake called mee sua kueh. Part of the Jalan Besar Community Trail, the restaurant has retained a nostalgic old-school charm that’s popular with the local crowd, tourists and even celebrities alike. Its operating hours (6pm to 6am), unusual for a dim sum eatery, mean that there...

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Law Relating to Companies

Question 1 (50%) Lee used to work as a chef at Golden Wok of Fortune, a famous dim sum restaurant in Mong Kok, Kowloon. During his employment, Lee gained a lot of experience in the art of making, preparing and serving dim sum. In particular, Lee learnt the secret ingredients for the restaurant’s special sauce, which made its dim sum items so popular. Since he was a child, Lee had dreamed of starting his own dim sum business, and after many years of dedicated service to Golden Wok of Fortune, Lee...

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Feasibility Cahpter 1

the most famous Chinese food is the dim sum. One of its variation is Siomai. Siomai in the Philippines is often composed of ground pork, beef, or shrimp, among others, combined with extenders like green peas, carrots, and the like, and wrapped in wonton wrappers. It is either steamed or fried resulting in a crispy exterior. It is normally dipped in soy sauce and sometimes, with an oily, spicy garlic mix. SIOMAI IN THE PHILIPPINES The first dim sum store ever built in the Philippines...

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