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Didtribution Channels For Tide Detergent

“Team Marketplace Assignment” “Tide vs. Store Brand” Laundry detergent is a very necessary item and can be found in many varieties at local grocery stores. However, some brands tend to overpower others. During our team marketplace assignment we compared two different detergents at two different locations. We compared Tide and the generic brand detergent at both Harris Teeter and Food Lion. We compared the differences and similarities of each brand. We also observed the positioning, prices, promotions...

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Marketing Strategy: Tide Detergent

 Marketing Strategy for Procter & Gamble’s Tide® Liquid Laundry Detergent Measure Trigger Paul Lane Marketing 1001 Professor Norman Hansen February 20, 2010 Abstract Procter & Gamble (P&G) and its competitors package laundry detergents in various sizes and packaging alternatives. Tide® liquid laundry detergent is available in sizes ranging from 40 ounces (25 loads) to 150 ounces (96 loads). Current packaging requires lifting and pouring...

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Detergents A detergent is a surfactant or a mixture of surfactants with "cleaning properties in dilute solutions."[1] These substances are usually alkylbenzenesulfonates, a family of compounds that are similar to soap but are more soluble in hard water, because the polar sulfonate (of detergents) is less likely than the polar carboxyl (of soap) to bind to calcium and other ions found in hard water. In most household contexts, the term detergent by itself refers specifically to laundry detergent...

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Tide Detergent

Ariel is a marketing line of laundry detergents made by Procter & Gamble. It is the flagship brand in Procter & Gamble's European, Mexican, Japanese, Brazilian, Peruvian, Turkish, Filipino, Colombian, Chilean and Venezuelan portfolios. In some U.S. stores, Mexican Ariel is available. History Ariel first appeared on the UK market in 1967 and was the first detergent with stain-removing enzymes. It was a high-sudsing powder designed for twin-tub and top-loading washing machines. With the rise...

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Tide Laundry Detergent

Project MKTG 205 – Principles of Marketing 8-12-2011 Abstract This paper is a marketing plan for Tide laundry detergent. It will start out introducing Tide giving a brief description of the situation analysis, marketing strategy. It will give an overview of the product and service and strategies to consider. What Tide’s pricing strategy they use and talk about their distribution channels. This paper will give an overview of integrated marketing communications. Explain what their promotion...

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Boston Consulting Group Matrix of Procter & Gamble’s Tide Detergent

 Boston Consulting Group Matrix of Procter & Gamble’s Tide Detergent The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix allows Procter & Gamble (P&G) to comprehend how consumers perceive Tide Detergent based on market growth and market share. P&G can utilize this information to determine if they should increase or reduce investments for their strategic business unit (SBU), Tide. This paper will discuss the relationship of Positioning, Market Share, and Marketing Research in the BCG matrix...

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The Effectiveness of Detergents

Laundry detergents are found in every household and used for removing stains and oils from clothes so they could be reused. The production of this invention first started in the United States in the 1930s but started becoming very popular only after the Second World War because the military required a chemical to remove the dirt and oil off their military outfits (Clean Living). Laundry detergents have a combination of chemicals which combat different barriers to clean the fabric. They have different...

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Detergent Market

Analysis on Detergents The Detergent Market is one of the segments of the FMCG market in India that has high growth potential. The detergent based segment is divided into two broad categories - oil-based laundry soaps and synthetic detergents, including bars, powder, and liquids. The detergent market is mainly concentrated in the urban areas but the level of penetration in the rural for the past few years has been good.  Market segmentation Detergent market...

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Tide Pods

Written Assignment #1 Syreeta Milbourne Marketing 310 February 10, 2013 Written Assignment #1 Tide Pods My written assignment will focus on Proctor and Gambles most recent success in the market Tide Pods. The Pods current market situation turns out to be better than P&G could have dreamed of. Considering the trials and tribulations it endured before ever making it to market. In a recent online article written by Jack Neff, for adage.com it notes, “Pods came to market six months later...

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Marketing Laundry Detergent Bars in the Philippines

Marketing Laundry Detergent Bars in the Philippines Introduction, Benefits, Corporate Social Responsibility, Packaging and Conclusion Redmond Yu (Juro Ongkiko, Robert Tan, Kevin Cheu) High 3F (Academic), Xavier School School Year 2010-2011 . I. Introduction A. Today’s Market . B. Two Brands . 1) Tide . 2) Surf Thesis Statement: Comparing our product, Cleanex, with prominent rival brands, Tide and Surf, in...

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