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Dhor Pashu Aur Naari Taaden Ke Adhikari

tha. Diwali ki chuttiyon me main mere uncle aunty ke city gaya tha, which is a popular touristic city in maharshtra. Me karib shaam 8 baje unke yaha pahucha. Maine ghar ke compound se bell bajayi aur mere uncle ne gharke bahar aake compound ka hate khola. Maine mere car park kardi aur car ke bahar aake uncle ke gale mila. Fir hum dono saman nikaal ke ghar me gaye. Uncle muhjhe milke bahot khush the, hum dono bilkul friends ke tarha he. Uncle aunty ke shadi ko 4 saal hogaye the magar firbhi unko koi...

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A Moral Person: Ke$ha may not seem like a very moral person if you only look at her music; but I found that she has very strong morals and values, and I admire the way she has chosen to live her life by following those morals and beliefs. Kesha Rose Serbert, now know by her stage name Ke$ha, was born on March 1st, 1987. She was raised by her single mother, singer/song-writer Patricia Rose Serbert. Growing up, her family depended on welfare and food stamps to survive because her father was...

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Kes the Play

kes In this assignment I am writing about the play called”kes”how Barry Hines the author of Kes brought his characters to life. He has gone into great detail and time to produce this play by trying to bring his characters to reality by their language , the surroundings of that area and the clothing they wear. The area where this scene is set is in a rough, unpleasant place, Barnsley. Although Barnsley is local to us, it is an industrial working class area were poor unwealthy people go to work and...

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Office Assistant

___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Breakup Party / Upar in the Air Lyrics Aaj maine breakup ki party rakh li hai Subah se ek botal daru bhi pee li hai Steam laga ke mummy daddy ko sula ke aao Mere paas yaaron gaao, sur sa lagake haath Upar upar upar upar... in the air Upar upar upar upar... in the air Aa jehdi nachdi ae use bi peeni hai Dil se hai aaj maine usko nikala Dil to hai pagal jo fudakta tha saala Finger...

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What Would You Do in a World Without Tv, the Internet and Mobile Phones?

Phir chaddi utar do, Phir niche haath lagao, Aur check karo k Baby ne su su to nahi kiya na Teacher: What is your caste? Student: Pehle hum Singh they, Phir Rajput hue, Phir Sharma ho gaye, Abhi hai Darzi…. Aaage Mummy ki marzi Banta: Yar meri biwi pani se bohat darti hai. Friend: Acha wo kaise? Banta: Yar kal mein ghar gaya to wo bathtub mai bhi security guard k sath bethi thi! Raat ke 2 baje ek admi bahu ke kamre se nikla aur chala gaya. Saas ne dekha lekin kuch na boli Kyu… ...

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ramdhari singh dinkar 2012 4

1952 CE to January 26, 1964 CE, and was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1959. During The Emergency, Jayaprakash Narayan had attracted a gathering of one lakh people at the Ramlila Grounds and recited Rashtrakavi Dinkar's poetry: Singhasan Khaali Karo Ke Janata Aaati Hai. Biography He was born to a poor Bhumihar Brahmin family in Simariya village, in the Begusarai district of Bihar. As a student, his favorite subjects were history, politics and philosophy. He studied Hindi, Sanskrit, Maithili, Bengali...

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Hazaaron khwahishen aisi ke har khwahish pe dam nikle Bohat niklay mere armaan, lekin phir bhi kam nikle Daray kyon mera qaatil? kya rahega us ki gardan par? Voh khoon, jo chashm-e-tar se umr bhar yoon dam-ba-dam nikle Daray kyon mera qaatil? kya rahega us ki gardan par? Voh khoon, jo chashm-e-tar se umr bhar yoon dam-ba-dam nikle Nikalna khuld se aadam ka soonte aaye hain lekin Bahot be-aabru hokar tere kooche se hum nikle Bharam khul jaaye zaalim! teri qaamat ki daraazi ka ...

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speech for freshers party

climbing up the stairs to this podium, my friends asked me to speak something really motivating. Friends, I find no motivating words for you. To give u some motivating touch I can say that “teen saal,bas teen saal hain tumhare paas, shyed tumhare zindagi ke sab se khaas teen saal”. But I won’t really say that...  (I am bad at mimicking, I know!) Even if I say that, I won’t be entirely wrong – these three years are the deciding three years of your life. This is a new start, a beginning to something new...

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Ms ke

Kirin Institute of Food and Lifestyle Report Vol. 39 Global Beer ... http://www.kirinholdings.co.jp/english/news/2012/1226_01.html December 26, 2012 Kirin Institute of Food and Lifestyle Report Vol. 39 Global Beer Consumption by Country in 2011 Global Beer Consumption Remains on a Growth Track for 25th Consecutive Year, Driven by Strong Demand in Asia, Latin America, and Africa Kirin Institute of Food and Lifestyle—a research arm of Kirin Holdings Company, Ltd. (President and CEO:...

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Sarakatii Jaaye Hai RuKh Se Naqaab Ahis

“mazare kais par, jab roohe laila ek din ayee toh armano ke, murjhaye kuch phool bhi layee lage jab phool woh rakhne, toh kabr se ek awaaz aaye chadhana phool jane mann, magar, ahista ahista” saraktii jaaye hai ruKh se naqaab aahistaa aahistaa nikaltaa aa rahaa hai aaftaab aahistaa aahistaa jawaaN hone lage jab vo to ham se kar liyaa pardaa hayaa yakalaKht aayii aur shabaab aahistaa aahistaa shabefurkat kaa jaagaa huuN farishton ab to sone do kabhii fursat men kar lenaa hisaab aahistaa aahistaa...

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Thaggu Ke Laddu

Kanpur, May 31 (ANI): Kanpurs sweet shop Thaggu ke Ladu which had hogged headlines last year during the wedding of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai has now gone online. Prakash Pandey, the owner of this shop had reached the Bachchan residence loaded with a gift basket of Laddus weighing 51 kilograms without invitation last year. Pandey said: “The world is gradually going hi-tech and I thought that even my Laddu should go hi-tech. So I have launched this website. It can be accessed on www...

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The rock

forward this Hamara Bharat mahaan Ek aisa Desh jahaa Pizza Ambulance ke pehle ghar pahuchta h.. Jahaa Car Loan 7% hai aur Education Loan 12%.. Jahaa Chaawal Rs. 40/kg me milta hai aur sim card free Jahaa Log Durga ki pooja karte hai aur ladki paidaa hone pe uska khoon.. Jahaa Olympic Shooter ko SwarnPadak (gold medal) jitne pr sarkar 3 crore deti hai, aur Dusra Shooter jo BORDER pe dusmno se ladte hue SHAHEED hota hai use ...

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Varadan 1 2 Victory to Ganesh son of Girija, Who is the root cause of all that is good, Ayodhya Das you requests for boon of fearlessness. Jai Girija Pati Dinadayala Sada Karat Santan Pratipala Bhala Chandrama Sohat Nike Kanan Kundal Nagaphani Ke Victory to the consort of Girija, Who is very kind to the oppressed, You always bless the saints, Wear the baby moon on forehead, And wear the snake’s hood as ear studs. Anga Gaur Shira Ganga Bahaye Mundamala Tan Chhara Lagaye Vastra Khala Baghambar...

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Dushmanon Say Ghuzarish Karni Paray Gi Kion K Dost Tu Yaad Kia Nahin Kartay __________________________ 7) Jab Khamoosh Aankhon Say Baat Hoti Hai Aisey Hi Mohabbat Ki Shorowat Hoti Hai Tumharay Hi Khayalon Main Khoye Rehtay Hain Pata Nahin Kab Din Aur Kab Raat Hoti Hai ___________________________ 8)Hum Nay Aap Ko Apni Aankhon Main Basaya Hai Dil Ka Kamra Aap Hi K Liey Sajaya Hai Aap Humain Msgs Tu Kartay Hi Nahin Hum Nay Tu Msgs Pack Aap K Liey Hi Activate Karwaya Hai ___________________________ ...

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Ambedkar and Women Empowerment

woman must be her father’s shadow in childhood, her husband’s in her youth, her son’s in old age.”(1) From the verses of Mr. Tulsi das as written in ‘Ramcharitmanas’, “Dhol(Drum), Ganwar(Illiterate), Shudra(Lower cast), Pashu(Animal), Naari(Woman). Ye sab tadan(to beat) ke adhikari,” we can easily draw inference as to what was the status of our Indian women at ancient time. Ambedkar’s contribution towards women empowerment Ambedkar was a great thinker, philosopher, revolutionary, jurist-par...

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that person sends an owl back saying “K”. Admit it we all get excited when our birthday month starts. Overprotective parents raise the best liars. If you always expect the unexpected, doesn’t that make the unexpected expected? Ek bar engineering ke sabhi Professores ko ek plane mein bithaya gaya.. Fir announce kiya gaya ki “YE PLANE APKE STUDENTS NE BNAYA HAI” Sab profesrs utar gaye… Par principal baithe rahe Logo ne pucha: Aapko Darr nahi lgta? Principle: Muje apne studnts par...

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speech of teachers day

Hum har saal 5 Sithambar ko shikshakon ko vishesh sammaan dene ke liye shikshak divas ka aayojan karthe hain.. Yeh Samaj ek Bade parivar Jaise hai.. Is parivar mein kayi Dharma aur kayi Jaat-paat ke log rehte hain.. Is samaj ko samaj banaye rakhne ka mahatvapoorna kaam karthe hai Samaj ke Shilpakar yaani Shikshak.. Shikshak Samaj ke aise shilpakar hain jo bina kisi moh ke is samaj ko Sajathe hain.. Aise Shikshakon ko Sahi Sthan Dilane Ke liye hum hamare Bharath mein hi nahi poore duniya Shikshak Din...

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essay on different topics

Khushbu, Chodhvi Ke Chand Jesi Chandni, Ferishton Jesi Masoomiyat, Suchai Ka Pekar, Lazawal Muhbbat, Shafqat, Tarap, Qurbani, Jab Ye Tamama Lafz Yakja Ho Jae To Bun Jata Hai Teen Hurfo Ka Lafaz "MAA". Maa Ke Qadmon Tale Janat Hai.Maa Ko Muskira Kar Dekhne Se Maqbool "HAJ"Ka Sawab Milta Hai.Maa Ki Zindagi Tareeq Raho Mein Roshini Ka Minaar Hai.Maa Aur Phoolon Mein Koi Faraq Nahi.Maa Qudrat Ka Ataa Karda Behtreen Tohfa Hai, 1 Anmol Khzana Hai, Naram Lateef Hawa Ka Jhoka Hai, Beti Ke Sar Ki Chadar Hai...

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incredible india


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Corruption Drama

diya trust bana k…aur ham banate hai duniya ka sabse badiya engineer, world class ek dum a-one quality ka, koi kami nahi hai. Seniors: college management haaye haaye, fake company bulate hai saaale, maron inko…….. College management haaye minister haaye haaye… Kya karoge college khol k jeb me nahi jab kuch dene k liye…… Minister: beta jab kursi par baithoge to pata chalega, college khol diya kyunki seat ki jarurat thi, 1,70, 186, seats hain is desh me engineering k liye aur abhi jarurat hai aadhe...

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mi me aur mein

Many people may be wondering why is water so essential in life, there’s an endless reasons for the importance of water. To say a few would be, 75% of human body is composed of water; we need water for our daily basis such as bath, and water is widely used agriculturally, economically and commercially. But the most important reason of all is that water is required for life to occur, biological evidence furthermore support that the first sign of life begins with water, no water equals no life. Water...

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Women Empowerment

can affect their overall position. |[pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] | The latest news items regarding violence committed against women reveal that women's position has worsened. Tulsidas' verse from Ramayana 'Dhol, janwar, shudra, pashu, nari ye sub nindan ke adhikari' highlights the discrimination and deep-rooted gender bias which still exists in all sectors on the basis of caste, community, religious affiliation and class. The Constitution of India grants equality to women in various fields of...

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Hanuman Chalisa

Pavanputra. Mahabeer Bikram Bajrangi, Kumati Nivaar Sumati Ke Sangi. Oh Hanumanji! You are valiant and brave, with a body like lightening. You are the dispeller of darkness of evil thoughts and companion of good sense and wisdom. Kanchan Baran Biraaj Subesaa, Kanan kundal kunchit kesa. Shri Hanumanji's physique is golden colored. His dress is pretty, wearing 'Kundals' ear-rings and his hairs are long and curly. Hath Bajra Aur Dhvaja Biraje, Kandhe Moonj Janeu saage. Shri Hanumanji is holding...

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Holiday Homework

of your municipal corporation in the major items on which money was spent? 3. Make a model on tsunami. 1. Grishma Ritu main apne swasthya ka dhyan rakhne hetu aap kaun se prayas karenge. 2. Bijli ki avyavastha ki aur dhyan aakarshit karte huye bijli board ke adhikari ko patra likhiye. 3. 10 muhavaren ka prayog karte huye swarachit kahani likhiye MAKE A PPT ON “ANY SIX” OF THE FOLLOWING TOPICS & ALSO SHOW IT THROUGH: • PIE-CHART, • LINE CHART • SCATTER CHART • RADAR CHART ...

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good harvest to them . To Aayiye dekhe punjaabi sone munde ka jalwa  aur unki Punjabi kudis  ka nakhra,latka ,jatka aur thoda pyaar da tadka so lets welcome on stage the performers.. enjoy… . | | I was seeing all of you swaying to the beats of the song. After all | | | Ho ho ho ho ru ru ru ru Chakmak chakmak uski surat kare sai.. Chakmak chakmak uski surat kare sai gaam ke kuen pe gori paani bhare ho..gaam ke kuen pe gori paani bhare sai..sone ki kanthi saje hatha mein kangna…sharm...

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Anchoring Script

inspiration to all of us. Mr……….., who is ………………. 1.  Ganesh Vandana speech- Jaisa ki Doston Hamare culture me jab koi subh kariye karte hain to hamare vighan harta ganpati Ganesh ko pratham nimatran dete hai to kyun na aaj ke fest ka aagaj ganpati ganesh ke vandna ke saath Karen.  So put your hands together for the  first performance …. .  2.  Sai Bhajan speech- Shirdi Sai Baba remains a very popular saint especially in India, and is worshipped by people around the world. He is claimed...

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Drug Ke Ash

IN THE DRUG WAR - EDUCATION IS THE BEST WEAPON It seems that in the ongoing debate over whether to legalize drugs in the United States, quite a few people feel that legalization would diminish the crime rate. Their argument points out that the permissible use of marijuana would eliminate the necessity for people to go into hard drug territories to purchase such a drug and maybe even deter them from trying narcotics like crack-cocaine and heroin. War on Drugs Have we lost the War on Drugs? The War...

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my self

Dosto........ Kya baat kare is duniya ki... Har shakhs ke apne afsaane hai... Jo samne hai use log bura kehte hai... Jisko dekha nahi kabhi use sab "KHUDA" kehte hai..!!! . jab bachpan tha to jawani ek dream tha jab jawan huye to bachpan desire hai.. . jab ghar me rehte the aazadi achi lagti thi aaj akele hai to har pal ghar k din yaad aate hai.. . kabhi hotel me jana pizza, burger khana pasand tha aaj ghar par aana aur maa k hath k khane me hi jannat milti hai.. . jinse zagadte...

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KES- the film /movie

The statement “While A Kestrel for a Knave begins with a sense of hope, it soon becomes clear that the novel and film are both ultimately about Billy’s defeat.” is one that I agree with. It's explores the theme of hope in both a positive and negative manner. The audience learns that hope can be nurtured through the support of adults and also when an individual has a goal they wish to attain. Yet, it's abolished when a teenager is succumbed to despair due to not being rendered with support, and shows...

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writing skills

'masculine mystique belief in the inevita¬bility of violence against women. The votaries of the cult of violence draw their inspiration from a grossly twisted and misfounded inter-pretation of saint Tulsidas's lines, 'Dhol, Ganwar Shudra Pashu Nari, Sakal taran ke adhikari' (Drum, lout, untouchable, beast and woman, they all deserve to be beaten). With the advance of material prosperity and easy money, sex and violence have become the order of the day. Drunk with eroticism, the Indian 'man' is unable...

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script 1 Thursday, 5 January 2012 Sangeet sandhaya script aaj ke is subh sangeet me hum aap sabhi ka swagat karte h abhinandan karte h..... hum sabhi jante h shaddi ke sabse pehle mehman ganpati ji hote h to ............... Sangeet ke is mahool ko karna h subh sakar to aaiye sabse pehle hum karte h ganpati ji ka gaan...... After Ganpati vandana.......... ganesh ji ka aagman hua ghar kasumadhur vatavaran hua aap sabke aane se hridya hamara pulkit huaa..... Let begin 2day's rockin...

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Harivansh Rai Bachhan

(आकुल अंतर) (1943) Satarangini (सतरंगिनी) (1945) Halaahal (हलाहल) (1946) Bengal ka Kaavya (बंगाल का काव्य) (1946) yaadi ke Phool (खादी के फूल) (1948) Soot ki Maala (सूत की माला) (1948) Milan Yamini (मिलन यामिनी) (1950) Pranay Patrika (प्रणय पत्रिका) (1955) Dhaar ke idhar udhar (धार के इधर उधर) (1957) Aarti aur Angaare (आरती और अंगारे) (1958) Buddha aur Naachghar (बुद्ध और नाचघर) (1958) Tribhangima (त्रिभंगिमा) (1961) Chaar kheme Chaunsath khoonte (चार खेमे चौंसठ खूंटे) (1962)...

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Allama Iqbal

Sitaron se age jahan aur bhi hai aur bhi hai Abhi ishq ke Imtehan aur bhi hai aur bhi hai —————————————— “Khudi ko kar buland itna” By Allama Iqbbal Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqder se pehle Khuda bande se ye poche bata teri raza kia hai hai hai Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqder se pehle ...

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The Great Gatsby

RADHA KRISHNA FUSED   Hosts – NARAD MUNI – N             REPORTER – R   R – good evening, namashkaar. Satsriakaal, vannakumm  aur jinhe ye sab lage kumm unko mera pyaar bharaa sweet saa welcome   doston aaj hum aapko ek bahut hee aiti haasik flight per… ek historical love story sunanae waale hain – a story about a bhola bhala chori ,and cute si anjani chori,   jee haan aapne sahi suna – aaj hum aapko swarag lok ki sair karvaane waale hain… - and wahaan ki...

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Land Ke Ball`

askaksk1. Introduction 1.1 NIC 1.2 Organisation 1.3 Introduction To Inventory Management 1.3.1 Project Description 1.4 Component Assigned 1.4.1 Goal Of The Proposed System 1.4.2 Limitation of the Existing System 2. System Analysis 2.1 Requirement Analysis/ SRS of the Component 2.1.1 Problem Definition 2.1.2 Performance Requirements 2.1.3 System Requirements 2.1.4 Acceptance Criteria 2.2 Feasibility Study 2.2.1 Economic Feasibility 2.2.2 Technical Feasibility 2.2.3 Behavioral...

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Coriolis Force

exact) Socho ki hum dono 75 degree longitude pe ek doosre ki taraf face karke khade hain aur ball se catchcatch khel rahein hain Lekin main 0 degree equator pe khada hoon Maldives mein, aur tum 30 degree north pe khadi ho Chandigarh mein Ab equatorial circumference of earth = 40,000 km And earth moves one rotation in 24 hours, (west to east) Yani meri speed eastwards hai = 40,0000/24 = 1650 km/hr Aur aur 30 degree north pe earth ka circumference hoga = cos 30 x 40,000= 0.866 x 40,000 = 34,640...

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kar ji raha hai kisi tarah. Hame dusaro ko dekh ke jine ki aadat pad gai kyunki khud ko dekhane m dar lagta h kisi ne hamse aa ke kaha ki wo hamse pyar karte hamne b ha kar di ki hm b aapse pyar karte h par kaise h unse ki hum khud nahi samaj pa rahe to aapko kya samjenge mohbbat to karli unse par unka sath de paunga ki nahi m aaj s jada kal k bare m sochta hu dusaro ko dekh k unki zindagi jine ki kosis karta hu. Koi bina sahare ki stairs chadta raha aur hame jitna sahara mila utna ladkhadate gaye ...

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hindi song

hansti rahe hayaa ki laali khilti rahe keep laughing, keep laughing! may your blushes of modesty continue to bloom zulf ke niche gardan pe subah o shaam milti rahe may dusk and dawn continue to meet where your hair slides across your nape hansti rahe tuu subah o shaam milke rahe may dusk and dawn continue to meet where your hair slides across your nape saundhi...

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Ke Ke Kan

L I T CHA R T S TM GET LIT TM Hamlet Historical and Literary Context w w w. L i t C h a r t s . c o m Background Info Author Bio Full Name: William Shakespeare Date of Birth: 1564 Place of Birth: Stratford-upon-Avon, England Date of Death: 1616 Brief Life Story: Shakespeare’s father was a glove-maker, and Shakespeare received no more than a grammar school education. He married Anne Hathaway in 1582, but left his family behind around 1590 and moved to London, where he became an...

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Ke Sach Lam Giau Khong Kho

KẾ SÁCH - LÀM GIÀU KHÔNG KHÓ KẾ SÁCH - LÀM GIÀU KHÔNG KHÓ http://mquiz.net/ Hoanggia Market Solution MỤC LỤC PHẦN 1: NHÓM KẾ SÁCH KHỞI SỰ KINH DOANH 1. VỊT PHẢI BIẾT BƠI..................................................................................................................... 5 2. BIẾN KHÔNG THÀNH CÓ ......................................................................................................... 9 3. MƯỢN ĐÁ VÁ TRỜI ......................................................

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Strategi Pemasaran Ekspor Ke Jepang


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GOD Script

han maine ye visan durghatna apni ankhon se dekha hai. Avi v ankh bandh karne se wo durghatna mujhe dikh rai hai aur mujhe itni lachari mehsoos ho rahi hai ye sochkar ki kash me kisi tarah unki madad kar sakta. Maine ek lamhe ke liye suna unki madad ki pukaar aur wo awaj avi v mera kano me gunj rahi hai. Apne kya dekha ? Dhruv :Car bohut tezi se jaa rahi thi. Mera andaaz hai ki 100 mil ke upar to hogi hi kam se kam Swati  Kya aapko aisa laga ki kuch ajeeb hai? Dhruv  Sab kuch itna fast ho gya….....

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BSP  "Chalega Haathi Udegi dhool, na rahega punja na rahega phool" ( when the elephant walks triumphantly, neither the hand(congress) nor the flower(BJP) survives). "Tilak, taraju aur talwar ; inko maaro joote chaar"  (Tilak(brahmins), taraju( businessmen) and talwar(kshatriyas) ...bash them with shoes) "Haathi nahi ganesh hai, Brahma Vishnu Mahesh hai" ( It's not elephant but Ganesha, also Brahma Vishnu and Mahesha)  "Naagnaath Saapnaath" ( both are poisonous snakes) BSP describing BJP and...

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Video Review (Movie: Khuda Ke Liye)

Deenika Gupta VIDEO REVIEW (Movie: Khuda ke Liye) The Pakistani movie “ Khuda Ke Liye”, which literally means “In the Name of God” in English, focuses on a very tough subject and it is mostly handled well throughout the movie. The beautiful portrayal of the Muslims living in the cities like New York, Chicago and so on after the 9/11 attack as well as of the Muslims who are either brainwashed and turned into religious extremists or who already are religious extremists is commendable. This “bold”...

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sports day

jiska sundar gaan Khush hote sab insaan. Comparer 1: Dada-dadi aur nana-nani , aap log hamare parivaar ka mehatvapurna hissa hain. Hamare liye aap hi pyaar aur mamta ke prateek hain. Grandparents aap parivaar ke weh majboot stanbh hain jisse parivaar juda rehta hai toh main ___________(introduce yourself) Mother’s Pride ke sabhi nanhe-munhe bachchon aur staff ki ore se saare nana-naniyon aur dad-dadiyon ka swagat karti hoon. Mera saadar pranaam sweekar karein. Comparer 2 :...

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jane kya bat thi us ajanbi ke chehre main na chahte hue bhi uski, Aagosh main khote chale gaye. Door jakar bhi hum door jaa na sakenge, Kitna royenge hum bata na sakenge, Gham iska nahi ki aap mil na sakoge, Dard is baat ka hoga ki hum aapko bhula na sakenge… apne seene se laga kar rakh mujhe, mere saare gum dur kar de, tujhse judaa na ho paau, itna apne pyar se mujhe choor kar de, meri nas nas main bas jaaye tera pyar, main kisi aur ko na dekhu, itna mujhe majboor...

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Cricket Main Aik Run ki Kami ke Bais Sub se Ziada Bar Apni Centuri Mukamal Nai Kar paya hai? By The Grace Of Allah In So Much Planty We Have Just Touch the Triple Figure. Thanks a Lot to All Of You For Joining Us and Making This Journey Possible. ^-^-^-^PrinceFAN^-^-^-^ ========================================== Assalam-O-Alaikum -------MQC-----Quiz # 99 1 Kanal = ____?___ Marlay 1 Begha (Wia) = ___?___ Kanal 1 Ghumaon (Killa) = ___?___ Beghay Yeh Bhi Btain ke Ap ke Ilaqay main In ko Kia Kehte...

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23 rd March Pakistan day

Happy Resolution Day Aisi Zameen Aur Aasman Inkay Siwa Jaana Kahan Bhadti Rahay Yeh Roshni Chalta Rahay Yeh Karvan Dil Dil Pakistan Jaan Jaan Pakistan Dil Dil Pakistan Jaan Jaan Pakistan… Happy Pakistan Day Yeh meri pehchan hai han yeh mera Pakistan Hai Meri mohabbat ka nishan hai Han yeh mera Pakistan haiMera dil o jaan her pal her qadam per es pe qurban hai Yeh meri izzat ka nishan han yeh mera Pakistan hai Meri saans saans, Meri aas aas, Meri tishnagi aur meri pyaasIski izzat pe bich...

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Representation of Partition of India in Sunlight on a Broken Column, Ice-Candy Man, and 1947 Earth.

sadistic, cold blooded criminal. It too highlights the basic animal instincts in men. Dilnavaaz says, “Santabibi, yeh sirf Hindu aur Musalman ki baat nahi hai. Yeh to kuch hum sab he andar hai. Hindu, Musalman, Sikh hum sab haramzadey hain. Sab janwar. Chidyaghar ke us sher ki tarah jissey Lenny baby itna darti hain. Kaisey pada rehta hai is intazar main….ke pinjra khuley aur jab pinjra khulta hai to Aalah he malik hai.” And, then he asks Shantabibi to marry him saying, “tumhara sath hoga to yeh janwar...

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teachers day speech

Hum har saal 5 Sithambar ko shikshakon ko vishesh sammaan dene ke liye shikshak divas ka aayojan karthe hain.. Yeh Samaj ek Bade parivar Jaise hai.. Is parivar mein kayi Dharma aur kayi Jaat-paat ke log rehte hain.. Is samaj ko samaj banaye rakhne ka mahatvapoorna kaam karthe hai Samaj ke Shilpakar yaani Shikshak.. Shikshak Samaj ke aise shilpakar hain jo bina kisi moh ke is samaj ko Sajathe hain.. Aise Shikshakon ko Sahi Sthan Dilane Ke liye hum hamare Bharath mein hi nahi poore duniya Shikshak Din...

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Role of Information Technology in Insurance Sector

ko Hosanna..Hosanna..Hosanna Ho..Sannna...Hosanna..Ho... Dilkash thi woh shaam pehle pehal Jab ke tumse mili thi nazar Aisa chakraya ki ab ye na jaanu Ke jaaun tto jaaun kidhar Hosanna tum samne thi pal Hosanna Agle hi pal thi ojhal Ab kya bataaun main Kis haal mein hu main Yahaan-wahaan bas apna dil aur hosh dhoodta hu main Hosanna.. (Madhoshi deewanagi) Hosanna.. (main aur teri bandagi) Hosanna.. (ab hai yehi zindagi) Hosanna.. Everybody wanna know be like be like I really...

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26-50 Vilom Shabda- 41-80 Bhinnarthak Shabda- 29-54 Vakyanshon Ke Liye Ek Shabda- 31-60 Muhavare- 28-50 Lokoktiyan- 13-24 Patra Lekhan Nibandh Lekhan / Anuchched Lekhan 4. Hindi II : Parag 3 : Ch. 3 Suchita aur Sadagi, Ch.13 Surdas Ke Pada, Ch. 18 Cycle Ki Sawari 5. Bengali I : Grammar Bangla Dwitiya Patra Chap. 7 (Pgs...

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Manzil Bhi Kho Chuki Hun Safar Bhi Na Raha, Meri Kisi Bhi Duaa Me Shayad Asaar Bhi Nhi Raha, Jab Se Huie Hai Dil Ko Khabar Wo Bichaddh Raha Hai Muzhse, Lafzoon Ko Jodne Ka Tabse Hunar Bhi Na Raha.......!!!!!!!!!!!

raha hai muzhse, Lafzoon Ko Jodne Ka Tabse Hunar Bhi Na Raha....... !!!!!!!!!!! Aasmaan ke taare aksar poochta hain humse - Kya tumhe ab bhi intezar hai uske laut aane ka? Aur ye dil muskura ke kehta hai - Mujhe to ab tak yaqeen na hua uske chale jaane ka....!!!!!!!!!! . Palko ki nami me chupa k sapno ko, Humne unhe jane ki izazat de di... Hum tut ker bikher gaye tukdo me, Aur unhe kisi aur ki sath jine ki izazat de di... Kyun zindagi hume itne gum deti he, Kyun her pal ek naya...

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June Ke

Chapter 1 No. 30 Dear A, I visited Grandma Jill on the weekend. She’s doing well since her recovery and has attended her weekly rehabilitation without so much of a fuss, which is good news for all of us. You know how she gets when she’s off her pills. Furthermore, the doctors have said she’d doing well without them for a month now and shouldn’t need to rely on them as much anymore. It’s so tiring worrying about her constantly, but I don’t dare confess that to anyone. They all love her so...

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Mr. Ke

Causes of change Organisations and their changing environments- Fleming and Sum (?) The forces that operate to bring about change in organisation can be thought of as winds which are many and varied- from small summer breezes that merely disturb a few paper to might howling gales which cause devastation to structures and operations causing consequent reorientation of purpose and rebuilding. Sometimes however, the winds die down to give periods of relative calm, periods of relative organisational...

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Coca Cola Ad

hopeful person! Adding fizz to Rang De Coca-Cola Monday, May 29, 2006, 19:23 IST Ajay Mehta   How Coca-Cola and Rang De Basanti came under one roof in a retail activation programme The client wanted to express the thought behind the 'Piyo Sar Utha Ke' Coke campaign. Since the movie Rang De Basanti had similar values, there was an opportunity to integrate the brand with the film. With this campaign, the makers of Coca Cola and Rang De Basanti targeted the youth. We decided to launch branded Coke...

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Kes for a Knave

Timeline:summary of course with sample answers. Section 1 What are some of the most famous archaeological sites in Ireland? At Mount Sandel in County Derry evidence was discovered about Ireland’s first settlers. They lived by hunting and gathering wild fruit and berries. The site is believed to be about 9,000 years old. The Ceide Fields are in Mayo. Here archaeologists found that there was a very large farming area from the Stone Age under a bog. The site was over 5,000 years old. Wood Quay...

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Impact of Dividend Policy on Share Price Volatility

of India, 10th May, 1999 Aur agar yudh chida to ? - Navbharat Times, 13th June, 1999 More incentives for revitalizing exports sorely needed - The Hindustan Times 5th February, 2000 Widening of tax base may not necessarily lead to higher revenues, The Observer, February 25, 2000 More incentives for revitalizing exports sorely needed - The Hindustan Times, February 25, 2000 Churning out financial wizards - The Indian Express, February 29, 2000 “2020 tak bharat bade deshon ke barabar” - Amar Ujala, Chandigarh...

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handle othrs use ur heart...". DO YOU KNOW WHICH IS THE MOST COSTLY LIQUID OF THE WORLD..?? . . . . Ans : "TEAR" ..It is made of 1 % water & 99 % feelings...!! SO.. Don't waste it..!! Taqdeer ne jaise chaha dhal gaye hum, bahut sambhal ke chale fir bhi fisal gaye hum, hum to kisi ko bhula na sake, fir bhi sabko laga ki badal gaye hum. Apno ki inayat kabhi khatm nahi hoti, risto ki mehak durio se kum nahi hoti, jeevan me agar sath ho sache risto ka, to zindgi jannat se kum nahi hoti...

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Dukandar use andar le gaya aur zor se pani me duba k pucha, bol ab gaali dega? Tota-nahi kabhi nahi dunga. Wo use bahar le gaya aur lady se kaha ab puchiye. Lady-agar mere ghar pe 1 admi aye to tum kya sochoge? Tota-apka pati hai. Lady-agar 2? Tota-apka pati aur devar Lady-agar 3? Tota-pati,devar aur bhai. Lady-agar 4? Tota-pani le aao bhai, maine to pehle hi kaha tha "bhen ki laudi randi hai special song for HOTEL MANAGEMENT STUDENTS...... Kandhon ko table Ke bojh ne jhukaya Guest ko chutiya...

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