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Develop Parks In Your City

Article: The role of urban parks for the sustainable city Student name: Pham Duc Manh According to Anna Chiesura, some recent enquiries show that although nowadays people pay more attention to protecting the natural environment, there are less scientists and politicians who care for small green places of cities and for its benefits to citizens. Tyrvainen and Vaananen (1998) claimed that “low appreciation of green spaces is also reflected in the recent cuts in the maintenance of budget of many towns”...

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Central Park

AUTHOR’S NOTE: CENTRAL PARK The general topic of this book falls under the category of the “Gilded Age”. This particular period of time took place between 1869 and 1896. The Gilded Age was a time in American history when rapid economic growth generated vast wealth, new products as well as new technologies, and improved middle-class quality of life. The specific topic of this book is the architecture that was produced during the Gilded Age, particularly Central Park, which is located in...

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Liveable Cities

Transportation: Towards A Liveable City CHUAH PEI JIN ABSTRACT Cities as we know them today are already dramatically changing. Our living environments are reshaping the way we live. Malaysia is planning for long-term sustainability, encouraging us to think about how we can shape it and new ideas that can transform our future. The importance of ecosystem has resulted in the concept of Livable City that becomes a popular concept which is widely used in most city center of established country but...

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Hosting the Olympic Games in Your City

| How can hosting the Olympic Games positively or negatively affect a city? | Hosting the Olympic Games | | Floyd Ellison | Andrew Clink | | How can hosting the Olympic Games positively or negatively affect the host city? There are many different views on this subject and this paper shall analyze many if not all of them. The Olympics are a fun and exciting event for a city to be a part of. But can a city really benefit from hosting The Games in the long run? To complete my paper...

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Dog Park

question is probably a long a time. If the answer though is just yesterday, or earlier today, then you probably wouldn't know anything about the dog eating your notes, homework…. or computer. An exercised dog is more behaved than the stove up in an apartment dog because he has used all the energy that he should have been able to use. A dog park is an ideal place for this energy to be spent. This allows the student to study without as great a fear of the aforementioned, not that it will prevent it...

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Hyderabad City Tour

hall, a museum and rest houses for monks etc. • Anantagiri Hill station - Located near Vikarabad, just 2 hour drive from Hyderabad, it is the place where River Musi originated. It is an exotic hill station far away from hustle and bustle of the city, providing hiking, backpacking, camping and many adventures to do. Added to this are many up coming hill resorts where you can spend a happy weekend or vacation. In one word to say it is the Araku Valley of Hyderabad. • Asman Garh Palace - It...

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develop your own strength

limited , which hinders my analytical thinking and critical reasoning . The following are the things that I plan to do in order to equip myself in my college life to join the society in the coming another 3 years, as well as the area I want to develop myself to sustain myself . First and foremost , it is undeniably true that one without decent academy background is hard to stand out and impress the employers as most of the companies are looking for young graduates who are academically strong,...

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A History of Central Park in New York City

Central Park Who Frederick Law Olmsted (April 26, 1822 – August 28, 1903) Calvert Vaux (December 20, 1824 – November 19, 1895) Where Central Park is bordered on the north by West 110th Street, on the south by West 59th Street, on the west by Eighth Avenue. Along the park's borders however, these are known as Central Park North, Central Park South, and Central Park West respectively. Fifth Avenue retains its name along the eastern border of the park. Most of the...

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Advantages of Living in a Big City

in a big city Big city is an exciting place to be in, it’s full live and movement 24 hours a day. Live is very easy. All facilities are available schools, hospitals and malls.   In addition, there are the wide streets and tall buildings. Therefore, most people prefer living in a big city to benefit these advantages. However, I will discuss three main advantages of living in a big city. Big city contains different institutions, banks, hotels and airports. So people living in a big city have more...

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Central Park

Central Park Change from hunting-gathering lifestyle to Agrarian society forced people to learn how to live in closer proximity with others, this development gave birth to public and private space. This essay will be focusing on Manhattan’s Central Park, a well documented public space with more than 25 million visitors each year from world wide. New York City’s Central Park is the first and most visited urban landscaped park in the United States and one of the most famous in the world (thanks...

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