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Desert Island

Dear Journal, I am stranded on a desert island with a group of rude and immature boys, and no responsible human being knows I am here. The atmosphere of the island is not very good for my asthma. It is hot and humid, so it's hard to breathe, and I can't even go swimming to cool off, because my Auntie says I can't on account of my asthma. The first boy I met on this island was Ralph, who seems completely disinterested in everything I say. The only thing that caught his interest was when I told...

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Lord of the Flies Persuasive Letter Essay

that same boy you knew, fifteen years can really change a person. Ten years ago, you sent me a letter blaming me for Simon and Piggy’s deaths, and everything else that happened on the island. I didn’t respond back then because I was in the Seminary and was trying to worship god and put all that happened on the island behind me. I’m writing you this letter now because I am about to become a priest and I feel that I need to clear things up as a last act before I start my new life. This way I can start...

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Compare the Relationship Between Ralph and Jack Throughout ‘Lord of the Flies’

[pic] ‘Lord of the Flies’ is a novel written by William Golding which follows the story of a group of school boys, the survivors of a plane crash, who find themselves isolated on a desert island, waiting to be rescued. Ralph is first introduced as “The boy with the fair hair” who looks up to his father. Ralph starts off as a rational character and attempts to maintain his rationality throughout the novel. This sense of rationality is expressed at a point in the beginning of the novel when...

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Social Allegories in Lord of the Flies

The Lord of the Flies if taken at face value can be taken as a short book about the struggle to stay alive on a deserted island and its physical and psychological influences on its residents. However, when the reader looks deeper, they see a story that is an allegory filled with rich and detailed imagery in almost all facets of the novel. An allegory is defined as a type of writing that presents abstract ideas or moral principals in the form of symbolic characters, events, or objects. "The theme...

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Presentation of Simon in Lord of the Flies

in comparison to everyone else on the island. If we compare this event to when Piggy dies, for example, it has an end that makes him appear more like a pig than ever before ‘Piggy’s arms and legs twitched a bit, like a pig’s after it had been killed.’ Unlike Simon’s death, Piggy’s death is presented in a far more negative way. This shows how Golding wanted to use Piggy’s death to contrast them, and show how Simon was the last bit of goodness left on the island. Simon is truly important because...

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Isolation in "Lord of the Flies" vs. the movie "Castaway"

physical. Isolation could be defined as the "feeling of being alone, or disliked," as well as "a state of separation between persons or groups," which most often results in open conflict. Both of these definitions are evident between the two stranded island tales. The isolation throughout these stories may be seen as both positive and negative in different situations. Positive being that whoever is in the position of isolation, which in this situation are the boys from Lord of the Flies and Chuck Noland...

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Choices And Consequences

Alice followed a rabbit, ending up falling down a dark hole. And she also ate and drank things out of pure curiosity. Robinson Crusoe disobeyed his father, and ended up getting captured. After this, he went to sea again, and then was stranded on an island. Alice and Robinson Crusoe both experienced consequences resulting from their decisions. Alice and her sister are sitting on a riverbank when she sees a white rabbit pulling out its pocket watch. She immediately jumped up and followed it. As a result...

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Assignment on Imf

Africa to get some slaves. On the way the ship got caught in a storm and it was destroyed. When Robinson woke up, e was on a beech. All the men were dead except him. He went and got what supplies that were left on the boat. He lived on the island for 30 years. On certain times Cannibals came and he had to fight them off. The Main character in this book is Robinson Crusoe; he is the character through out the book. The minor characters are Friday; Robinson Crusoe Friend and the Captain...

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What Is The Allegory In Lord Of The Flies

children that crash landed on an uninhabited island. The kids were left alone due to the fact that all the adults in the aircraft had died. Ralph and piggy find a conch shell and order a meeting throughout all the children lost in the island by blowing of the conch shell. Ralph becomes head leader and Jack was given the authority over the hunters. Ralph Simon and Jack set off on an expedition which results in the confirmation that they are alone on an island. Over time the children lose their civil behavior...

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Lord of the Flies Analysis of Chapter 1

character is also a vital piece of information, because it will make the reader want to read on. The first character that was introduced was Ralph. We can predict that he will become important in the rest of the book because he is the first on the island, and he removes his clothes, which is the first symbol of rebellion. Ralph is introduced as being 'the boy with fair hair' (pg 7). One of the first things Ralph does is pull up his sock which symbolizes the idea that Ralph is still civilized and...

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