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Describe Possible Multiple Conditions And Or Disabilities That Individuals May Have

396-Support individuals with multiple conditions and/or disabilities 1:1 Describe possible multiple conditions and/or disabilities that individuals may have. Patients   with multiple conditions and/or disabilities have two or more disabling conditions that affect learning or other important life functions. These can include: 1.Mental retardation, dementia 2.Bad eyesight, blindness 3.Hard of hearing, deafness 4.Arthritis, paralysed body/parts 1:2 Explain how multiple conditions and/or disabilities many...

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contribute to the support of individuals with multiple conditions by louisa

1.2 Multiple conditions and disabilities can affect an individual’s emotional and physical wellbeing.   They may require extra support and encouragement with any activities they undertake, which could be a combination of both mental and physical disabilities. They will also need empathy and support with any emotional needs they may have. Multiple conditions usually have additional impacts on individuals’ wellbeing and quality of life. A person with arthritis only can live at home with minimum help...

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Severe and Multiple Disabilities

Severe and Multiple Disabilities Case Study Sarina never had the opportunity to go preschool an didn’t begin her formal education in the public schools until the age of 6. She is now 15 years old and goes to Eastmont Junior High. Sarina does not verbally speak, walk, hear, or see. Professionals have used several labels to describe her, including severely disabled, severely multiple handicapped, deaf-blind and profoundly mentally retarded. Sarina has a support team of administrators, teachers...

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Understand Physical Disability

Physical Disability Understand the importance of differentiating between the individual and the disability 1.1 Explain the importance of recognising the centrality of the individual rather than the disability It is important you recognise the individuality of the person to help boost their confidence and self-esteem and make sure you aren't labelling them. If you were to label them you would forget their individuality and start thinking they cant do something because of their disability. ...

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Knowledge of Physical Disability and the Impact on Practice

name: Unit 34 Description of Task: Questions to demonstrate your knowledge of physical disability and the impact on practice. Scope of Task The following areas are to be covered / discussed / referred to in your answers: An understanding of physical disability. The impact on the individual’s life. Person centred approach. Congenital disability. Acquired disability. Neurological disability. Progression of disability. Life choices. Task Questions Please ensure you...

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Understand The Context Of Supporting Individuals With Learning Disabilities

human rights and inclusion of individuals with learning disabilities. Identify legislation and policies that are designed to promote the human rights, inclusion, equality and citizenship of individuals with learning disabilities. I can identify the polices and legislation designed to promote inclusion, human rights of individuals with learning disabilities and of their citizenship and equal life chances i.e. National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990; Disability Discrimination Act 2005; Equality...

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Understand Physical Disability

UNIT 34: UNDERSTAND PHYSICAL DISABILITY – LEARNING OUTCOME 2 2.1 Define the term “physical disability” Physical disability pertains to total or partial loss of a person’s bodily functions (e.g. walking, gross motor skills, bladder control etc) and total or partial loss of a part of the body (e.g. a person with an amputation). Simply stated, a physical disability is any type of physical condition that significantly impacts one or more major life activities. That is a pretty broad definition, but...

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Understand Physical disability

Understand physical Disability 1. Understand the importance of differentiating between the individual and the disability. 1.1 Explain why it is important to recognize and value an individual as a person It is important because each person deserves respect and each person has their own individual needs. Not every person is the same, and treating a person in the exact same way as everyone else may not be the best way to help show that persons individuality. 1.2 Describe the importance of...

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Motor Characteristics of Those With Significant Disabilities

of those with Significant Disabilities Individuals with significant disabilities often possess common motor characteristics related to the deficiencies they have. Whether chronic or acute, these health issues have a significant impact on the livelihood of the individual. When relating to and teaching those with significant disabilities, it is important to understand the motorical characteristics and the impact those characteristics have on an individual. Neurological One motor...

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Helping Children with Learning Disabilities

Children with learning disabilities are smart or smarter than their peers, but may have difficulty with things like reading, writing, reasoning, and organizing information by themselves. A learning disability is a lifelong issue that cannot be cured or fixed with a snap of the fingers. Children who have the right support and intervention can succeed in school. Then later they will be able to go and be successful later in life. Children with learning disabilities need the support of parents, school...

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