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Describe An Object That Is Important To You

Objective: The student is able to use object diagrams to communicate ideas in familiar domains. Initial script for introducing object diagrams: Here we have an object diagram that represents a situation in some particular school. The actual school is much larger; we are only representing a subset of all the situations, and there are many more types of links and many more types of objects that might be used. An object diagram can be paraphrased in a natural language. Here is a description that...

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Why you describe yourself competitive

Why you describe yourself competitive The easy answer is yes. You must give plenty of examples. And from as many aspects of your life as possible. University experience certainly, but also include situations from your early life in order to demonstrate that competition is natural to you. Sporting activities are an obvious source here. Show that you are competitive on your own as well as within a team situation. You should also suggest that you are successfully competitive. Failing in competition...

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11. Compare and contrast abstract classes and interfaces. Why would you use an abstract class? Why would u use an interface? -abstract class, ex: (public abstract class Employee{...}) -For related classes only, inheritance (last week examples) -extends keyword -contains both instance and static variables -contains both abstract and concrete methods only An abstract class is only to be sub-classed (inherited from). In other words, it only allows other classes to inherit from it but cannot...

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Comparison of Object Oriented and Structured Programming

Comparison Paper Object-oriented programming is the predominant paradigm in the software development world. Thus, it is important to understand how object-oriented programming works. One useful exercise may be to compare and contrast object-oriented programming to more traditional structured programming. I will do just that in this essay. We will review some history, give a brief overview of both paradigms, and discuss how they are similar and different. First it’s important to understand the...

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Object-oriented Programming and Systems Analysis

decades? 1950s: focus on efficient automation of existing processes 1960s: advent of 3gl, faster and more reliable computers 1970s: system development becomes more like an engineering discipline 1980s: major breakthrough with 4Gl, case tools, object oriented methods 1990s: focus on system integration, GUI applications, client/server platforms, Internet The new century: Web application development, wireless PDAs, component based applications 3. List and explain the different phases in the...

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A Mistake That Taught You an Important Lesson

What is a dictionary? What are the different types of dictionaries? How can we describe a dictionary? What are the elements of a dictionary? What are the different kinds of information dictionaries provide? What is a dictionary? This is the first question one encounters when learning about dictionary skills or reading any book on lexicography (the art of compiling dictionaries). Defining the term "dictionary" is important to distinguish it from other reference books, which may look similar, like encyclopedias...

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Why is college education and technical training important to you?

scholarship boards may ask you to write an essay in order to be considered for admission or as the recipient of a scholarship. Generally, there are three types of questions: The “you,” they “why us,” and the “creative. These essays may vary in length from 500 words to ten pages. As a potential student or recipient of a scholarship, you must be prepared to develop an essay that is both appropriate in content and correctly formatted. In this week’s lesson you will further develop your ability...

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why is high school important to you

watkins I'll tell you why. when you go to school you can grow up to be anything you choose in your right mind to be. But if you just ditch school and take it as a joke you won't learn anything and you'll be on the streets begging for a hundred dollars. You can learn what you can and be serious about it. Don't you want nice cars, a house and at least a job. if you don't want it, then your life will be as miserable as you asked this question. It's very important to get an education...

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Describe Place

the instruction carefully You are going to make video on your oral performance for Mid Test Project. The videos are based on the four topics we have discussed in classroom meeting (see the explanation in the box). The video can be made by using any recording media such as hand phone, handy cam, camera, etc which then should be compiled in one CD. You have got about 3 to 10 minutes to present each topic. Label your CD with your name, student number, and major. You are to submit the CD on the...

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Identify And Describe

Identify and describe three strategies you can use to manage your time. Create a Prioritised to do list. To do this, first you must identify the goals or current tasks and list them. Then you must prioritise them on a scale of 1 to …. (1 as the most important), considering urgency and difficulty. Create a work Schedule. This is a list of tasks that have all been allocated a timeframe in which to be completed or contributed to. These schedules can be reviewed and also set out on a daily, weekly or...

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