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Describe A Museum

" The museum, also known as the Istana (Sultanate Palace), is a replica of Sultan Mansur Shah's palace, the famous Sultan who ruled Melaka from 1456 to 1477." Muzium Kebudayaan (Cultural Museum) was inaugurated in March 1954 by the then Resident Commissioner of Melaka, G.E.C. Wisdom, C.M.G., in a Dutch house built around 1660. The museum was later moved to the Stadhuys in 1982 before it was finally moved into its own complex in the late 1980's. The RM2.5 million museum was officially opened to...

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Museums in Nyc

of news about Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) drew my attention. It said that this nonprofit museum suffered decreasing investment and donation since the worldwide financial crisis in 2008; indeed, it lost about 18% money. It is no doubt that the great power of financial crisis damages the development of nonprofit museums, which rely on the endowments and donations from the individuals, institutions, government, etc. There may be some negative expectation on the future of nonprofit museums because of the...

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Museums as rituals

Museums as rituals Scott Cunningham, a writer, once said, “Rituals developed as a means of contacting and utilizing the energy within humans as well as in the nature world” (Ascension Gateway). This thought provoking quote could be used to spark the thinking of how rituals are practiced in our daily secular lives. Carol Duncan does a great job with showing how rituals are practiced in our secular lives; she uses museums to emphasize this point. Carol Duncan’s Civilizing Rituals: Inside...

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museums and racism

The Museum as a Racist Institute Racism, particularly against those of African descent, is a very dark past for the Western world, one that still prevalently haunts and invades the future. As racism is a part of societies’ history, cultural institutions that present said history, such as museums, deal with the idea of racism every day in the exhibits within their walls. Many efforts are made to show how terrible the racism of the past was and is, but the line between the racism of the past and...

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Visiting A Museum

Running head: VISTING A MUSEUM Visiting a Museum Victoria Johnson Dr. Gerald Franz Humanities – World Cultures II March 16, 2014 Abstract The purpose of this paper is to share the experience I had visiting a museum for the first time. I believe it was a great event and feel every person should go to one in their life. During my visit I learned about the author of the classical novel, about the many artifacts on display, and about different characters, and their achievements. After you...

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The Art Museum as a Ritual

Art Museum as a Ritual Duncan begins her article, “The Art Museum as Ritual,” by comparing art museums to religious/ceremonial spaces, not only in architectural design but also in their purpose. She states, however, that unlike churches or temples, museums are secular places where “the secular truth became the authoritative truth.” Thus, a separation of church and state came to be an, as Duncan states, “religion…kept its authority only for voluntary believers.” She then goes on to the differences...

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Museum Project

Monica Vaughn Art History I 10 November 2010 Museum Project Ansel Adams, The Tetons and The Snake River, Grand Teton National Park. 1942. Gelatin Silver Print. Featured at Phoenix Art Museum. Phoenix, Arizona. Ansel Adams (1902-1984) was born in San Francisco, California. Being raised in the shadows of the great Golden Gate Bridge was the motivation for his deep appreciation for nature and his early childhood would become his primary inspiration to pursue photography. Strangely enough the 1906...

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In the Folk Museum

In the folk museum  A darkness in the rooms - sinister connotations Betrays the absence of voices, - personification Departing from steps  And veranda rails – Hyphen marks a break to the extended metaphor of Autumn On to a street that leads around Autumn  Which stands at the door  Dressed in yellow and brown. Personification/metaphor I look at words – connotes disconnection, diction “look” not “read” That describe machinery, clothes, transport, - accumulation, shows little interest...

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Museum Paper

Museum Paper I went to the Cantor Center for Visual Arts on Stanford Campus on 2/28/13. I saw a lot of sculptures and vases there. They are very beautiful and interested. The most interested one I think was Kleophon Painter, “Volute Krater”, ca. 430 BCE, Greece, red-figure terra cotta vase, size 26’ ¾” * 19’ *19’. Hazel D. Hansen Fund, 12, 1972 Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University. This vase is located in the Iris & B Gerald Cantor Center from the classical period between 479-323 BCE...

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Night in the Museum

lots of mild action violence, though battles on the museum floor usually have a humorous edge. Story Summary Greatness has eluded Larry Daley. Attempts to make a name for himself have left this down-and-out dreamer and divorced dad in need of a job and desperate to earn his 10-year-old son’s respect. Larry feels a sense of urgency now that his ex-wife is set to remarry, so he grudgingly accepts a menial night-watchman position at New York’s Museum of Natural History. Cutbacks have forced the curator...

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Holden Caulfield And The History Museum

History is Eternal, Especially in a Museum Where the Exhibits Never Change In J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, Holden reflects very fondly of the Museum of Natural History. He wants to go there to find his sister Phoebe, but he remembers that “it was Sunday and Phoebe wouldn’t be there.” (119) But none the less, “even though it was so damp and lousy out,” (119) he decided to walk all the way through the park to the museum. While he is on his way to the museum, he recollects how every time you...

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Holocaust Museum

Final Solution (1940-1945), was to isolate the Jews into Ghettos, and then to send them off to Concentration camps to be used for slave labor, or gassed. 2. The archway to Auschwitz was incorporated into the museum by having it as the archway to the part of the floor that describes the things that went on inside concentration camps. The Translation of the archway is "work will set you free" which is of course false. 3. The thing that I though was the most interesting , must have been the...

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appleton museum

 The Appleton Museum of Art Central Florida College April 6, 2012 The Appleton Museum is undeniably a treasured gem to the Central Florida area. Many residents to the region are unaware of the history located right in their backyards. I’ve lived in the area my entire life and never had any knowledge of this incredible gallery. When I caught wind of the assignment, my initial thought was that I was going to have to go visit an old, beat up building that displays some prints...

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The Mind Museum at Taguig

The Mind Museum at Taguig Reaction Paper Abstract The museum is not a playground, a place to let your kids loose. But The Mind Museum at Taguig, which is the Philippines' first dedicated interactive science museum in Bonifacio Global City, seeks to make science accessible and interesting to kids. It seeks to be both educational and fun for kids. Mind museum is a unique science museum where you won’t have to rein in your child’s curiosity and hyper activeness. With certainty, I can tell...

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Mission Houses Museum

Professor: Dr.Gilbert Course Paper on Mission Houses Museum It has been almost four months I left my country for abroad higher studies. I came long away from Nepal to Hawaii for my study and I have heard that there are numbers of historical places to visit but never got chances to visit any historical place of Hawaii. My professor Dr.Gilbert gave me that opportunity to visit idyllic and quiet property in the middle of downtown Mission Houses Museum on Tuesday April 3, 2012. I am very thankful to him...

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The Guggenheim Museum

Guggenheim Museum & its Giorgio Armani Exhibition In November of 1999, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York announced that it would devote an exhibition to honor the works of the celebrated Italian designer Giorgio Armani. However, during the announcement of the exhibition, the museum did not mention that it was simultaneously entering into a three-year agreement in which Armani pledged a donation of $15 million to Guggenheim. When The New York Times unveiled Armani's gift, the museum strongly...

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Marketing Museum

Earned Revenue *Earned revenue* is *revenue* created by the business operations of the facility. Sources that contribute to museums’ earned revenue include admissions, gift shops, food and beverage sales, memberships, facility rentals, and fees for research services. Essentially, any product or service that is offered by the museum and generates income is considered earned income. *Unearned revenue* is money that is not generated by the business operations of the facility, but is provided...

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Museum Museum, institution dedicated to helping people understand and appreciate the natural world, the history of civilizations, and the record of humanity’s artistic, scientific, and technological achievements. Museums collect objects of scientific, aesthetic, or historical importance; care for them; and study, interpret, and exhibit them for the purposes of public education and the advancement of knowledge. There are museums in almost every major city in the world and in many smaller communities...

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Manila Museum

Manila Museums Manila's history has seen it exposed to a variety of international influences and this has certainly played a major role in contributing to the cultural venues and museums that it now has to offer. The National Museum of the Philippines is arguably the highlight of this cultural scene in Manila and the one place not to miss, especially if you are at all interested in the events of the past in the city itself and other parts of the country too. Also very popular in Manila is the...

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Museums in England

ZNANOSTI Ak. Godina 2010./2011. Mirna Huhoja Museums in England Seminarski rad Kolegij: Engleski jezik (redovni studij) Zagreb, 2011. Contents Contents 2 Tate Modern 3 The British Museum 3 The Victoria and Albert Museum 3 The Science Museum 3 The Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery 4 World Museum 4 Design Museum 4 The National Portrait Gallery 4 The Wallace Collection 4 Madame Tussauds 5 Imperial War Museum 5 A museum is an institution that houses and cares for a collection...

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Auden's Museum of Fine Art

ENG 270.8328 July 16, 2008 Auden's Museum of Fine Arts There are many people who cannot help but to wonder the meanings of life and everything it brings us. Some wait for meanings to come to them, while others seek meanings. Whether one seeks or waits he will find that meanings are influenced by myth, history, experience, events and proven facts. Many poets use history or myth to tell their own stories or express their own points of view on certain topics. W.H. Auden was born...

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Buffalo Soldiers Museum

 Buffalo Soldiers Museum Loucious Windom History 2381 Professor Antrece Baggétt October 11, 2013 American history is full of great soldiers who have lost their lives for the greater good. This greater good consisted of freedom for America and other countries we protected. With so many wars in American history (over 16) there is one group of soldiers that have participated in every war America has taken part in. They are called the Buffalo Soldiers. They...

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Trip to the Museum

Trip to the Museum It’s the first Saturday of March, on a cold morning with a clear sky and a radiant sun, I decided to visit a museum in downtown Saint Louis, Missouri. I’m arriving at eleven o’clock, a little bit late to what I was expecting because the Metrolink train had a delay due to technical problems. The museum is located exactly below the famous Gateway Arch of Saint Louis. I have heard that it’s an excellent place to learn about American History and the way America expanded to the West...

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National Museum

what I am talking about is the Museum. A usual, I woke up early to prepare my things. I took a bath, I ate my breakfast then I brush my teeth and lastly I wore my clothes then I decided to leave the house and go to the meeting place. I ride on a jeep onto legarda then another jeep onto Manila City Hall. When I arrived at Manila City Hall, I quickly go to UDM to wait for the others to come. And when we are all there, we started walking until we reached the National Museum beside of Luneta Park. That...

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Lsu Museum

Jack & Priscilla Andonie Museum located on LSU’s campus. The museum began with an LSU alumnus, Jack Andonie, whose goal was to fill the museum with collections of LSU sports relics. He was a devoted fan with a passionate love for LSU. Andonie collected 13,000 LSU sports related items. The vast collection began to take over his home and his wife, Priscilla Andonie, forced him to make a decision between “Me or the stuff.” Arousing the construction of the museum in 2004, Jack Andonie decided...

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Art Museum

Curtis Hess Museum Experience The outside activity that I chose to do was to visit a museum. The museum in which I visited was the Brandywine River Museum. This museum is located in Chadds Ford PA, which is right outside of Philadelphia, and like the name says it sits right along the Brandywine River. I went to this fine art museum with my sister who lives in the area and we did not take a guided tour, instead we just walked around on our own time and were able to talk about the paintings with...

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Cobb Museum

Anthropology Dr. Jean Marcus November 16, 2012 Cobb Museum Paper The Cobb Institute Museum at Mississippi State University displays items from the Old World and the New World. When I visited the museum I noticed a wide variety of artifacts. The Old world side contained pieces from many Old World countries, while the New World side featured a lot of pieces that are from local areas. Since there was such a vast number of artifacts at the Cobb Museum, I have decided to focus on the clay vessels and...

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Museum of Acropolis

Beautiful cities must be explored beautifully. So what better way than to visit the Museum of the Acropolis to admire the full beauty of this relic of an ancient civilisation? As I stroll down the pedestrian avenue and admire the view of the majestic Acropolis on my right, I can feel that I am in the heart of ancient Athens, with the cobbled walkway and old buildings on either side of me, that add to the atmosphere of classic antiquity. But suddenly, as I turn my head to the left, I come face to...

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Bollywood Museum

1. BOLLYWOOD MUSEUM, MUMBAI BOLLYWOOD….. India's entertainment industry, has grown colossally to around Rs. 222 billion, according to KPMG. Bollywood alone accounts for over 40% of total revenue of the Indian film industry. And though Bollywood is what the Indian masses turn to for entertainment, it was long felt there was no organised format or means to consume this experience. NEED OF THE PROJECT... Unlike abroad where one can access art galleries and museums showcasing the city's speciality...

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The Timeken Museum of Art

Within the Timken Museum of Art there is a painting, a painting that represents the dilemma within the life of a saint. Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo calls this painting The Torment of Saint Anthony. Savoldo’s painting is framed along a wall of light and dark red arrows with artificial and natural light from above. Within this airy space deemed The Walter Fitch III Room this painting is surrounded by various art pieces from around the world; most of which are religious art pieces. Though each of these...

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Museum Essay

` Judge, Stephanie Art 100 Museum Essay and Online Museum Essay Bibliography: "William-Adolphe Bouguereau Biography." Bouguereau Biography. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Oct. 2012. <http://www.bouguereau.org/biography.html>. "MFAH | Top 100 Highlights | #1 - The Elder Sister." MFAH | Top 100 Highlights | #1 - The Elder Sister. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Sept. 2012. <http://www.mfah.org/art/100-highlights/Elder-Sister-Bouguereau/>. Online Museum Essay William-Adolphe Bouguereau...

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Ayala Museum

the Ayala Museum. the guards greeted us with a smile and the lady at the front desk was very helpful in describing what we are to find in the four floors of the building.The building was minimal. so you can say that it was easier to appreciate the collections. since i came from an arts high school, i can say that I love going to museums. i keep on having “eye-gasms” on all the “eye candies” on display! may it be pots/ gold/ paintings/ dioramas. Truth be told, I have been to The Ayala Museum before....

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Museum Project

I chose to observe the African Peoples hall in the Museum of Natural history. Knowledge is infinite so although it is my culture I can always learn new information. I am fascinated with my culture because although we were suppressed we still overcame. It is amazing to know that we were once not even included in the Constitution or allowed to vote and now we have Barrack Obama who is of African descent running for president. I used this museum trip not only as a means for getting information for...

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Guggenheim Museum

GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM BILBAO Bilbao—today one of the top tourist destinations in Europe—was such a backwater in the 1990s that, according to Gehry, the 265,000-square-foot museum, beside the Nervión River, went up almost unnoticed by the press. That only contributed to the drop-dead impact it created with its unveiling. “I like to work under the radar as much as I can. It’s been harder since I’ve gotten notorious,” says Gehry. The first photos of the near-complete structure, which resembles a gargantuan...

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Museum Visit

I had the pleasure of visiting The Miami Art Museum and was very impressed by what I encountered and viewed. I have never found interest in art until I got to see the museum. Throughout my exploration at the Miami Art Museum I was able to view a wide selection of art. In this venture, I viewed the most beautiful artwork I had ever seen, observed interesting non European/North American art, was alarmed by the most disturbing works , explored a breath taking exhibition, and actually found work that...

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Holocaust Museum

exactly forty-four years before I was born, makes me connect with it even more. Finally, after 9 years of looking up facts and watching documentaries, I visited the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Farmington Hills, Michigan. According to the Wall Street Journal, this museum in particular “may be the most provocative museum of them all” (“What They’re Saying,” par. 1). Just driving past the building makes a strong statement due to the museum’s exterior wall which resembles the barbed wire fences from a...

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Art Museum

enjoyable. Getting the whole experience of physical artwork is a more exciting way to learn and catches my interest more, which is why I was so excited to visit a new museum and look at some art. For this assignment I decided to go to the LACMA museum. I have been to many museums before, but I have not visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art yet so I was very excited. I find a lot of art very fascinating, but I am more interested in the more contemporary and modern arts. I am a design major so...

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Museum Critique

Museum Art Critique If you live in Dallas, most likely you have been to Northpark Mall. However, did you ever notice that Northpark is also a museum? Sort of. Most art people do not know about it, and the shoppers do not seem to care, but the place is owned by Ray Nasher of Nasher Sculpture Center, and he has placed an impressive percentage of his collection in front of Neiman’s, Barney’s, Victoria’s Secret, and the Watch Hut. For the sole purpose and interest in the art presented throughout the...

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Healthcare Museum

 Health Care Museum Vanessa Garcia HCS/235 01-21-2014 Sandra Huppenbauer Healthcare has been and will always be a growing industry from new vaccines to new diseases. We would like to create a non-profit organization and open a Health Care Hall of Fame Museum. In this museum we will have various exhibits that have changed healthcare. I will give you a brief description of five that play a huge role in public health today...

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Laguna Art Museum

Laguna Art Museum The Laguna Art Museum’s collection consists of works from the early nineteenth century to the present day. The museum was celebrating The Plein Annual Laguna air Painting show, which consists of various painters that painted in and around Laguna Beach. The public was encouraged to view the painters during the week as they created the paintings which were available on the second floor of the gallery for sell and viewing. The Artists in California, Early Twentieth Century from...

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Vatican Museum

Welcome to the Vatican Museum Pinacoteca, also known as the picture gallery. This portion of the museum consists of eighteen rooms with works ranging from the twelfth through the nineteenth centuries. We will be focusing on the sixteenth century, which consists of the High Renaissance and Mannerism. When I say High Renaissance, I mean that one point perspective has been put into use, which was experimented with during the early Renaissance. During the early High Renaissance, Leonardo was experimenting...

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Museum Visit Reflection Paper

Duaa Abdulilah Art 104 Prof. Erickson Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014 Museum Visit Reflection Paper Going for the first time to the M.H. de Young Museum, in San Francisco was a wonderful experience for me. I learned about and saw amazing art that I had never seen before. It was a whole different feeling walking into the museum; everything looked so beautiful and different from what I was expecting to see. The three pieces of art that caught my eye as soon as I looked at them were the First Theme...

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Museum Visit

Nancy Smith ARTH 101 Professor Judy Callaway My museum visit took place at the Michael Carlos Museum in Atlanta on the Emory University campus. The building in which the art was kept was quite special in detail and character. The art on exhibit there that of Southeast’s most distinguished collection of art and artifacts from ancient Egypt, Nubia, Greece, Rome, the Near East, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. The art on display had a way of allowing me to take a moment to reflect on the time in a...

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Art Museum

installation and performance, sculpture, painting, printmaking, and drawing. I have to say the most interesting topic that we have covered in this course have to be sculptures, specifically sculptures made out of marble. During my visit to the Walters Art Museum, located in downtown Baltimore, Maryland, I saw many precious works of art. The two pieces that caught my attention the most were statues titled “Apollo Victorious over the Python” and “Hermaphroditus”. I have previously come across those two names...

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new works of art or artifacts for a museum is to preserve culture and history. Another purpose is to educate others who would like to learn about these certain subjects. Art demonstrates glimpses of history, or just new styles of art, which serve as inspiration to other artists and people. Artifacts from the past, show a realistic viewpoint of how a certain era of people lived, also showing how our society has advanced throughout time. If I were to open a museum, my main goal would be to enrich the...

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HealthCare Museum

 Heath Care Hall of Fame Museum Jeffrey Greene HCS/235 June 20, 2015 Dr.Patricia Wolcott I have chosen to pay tribute to these five significant developments that I believe should be placed on display at the Heath Care Hall of Fame Museum. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Exhibit 1 The Affordable Care Act puts consumers back in charge of their health care. Under the law, which was signed in by President Obama in March 2010, it gives the American people the stability and...

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Last Sunday, we paid a visit to the Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology. It is three stories high and each floor has its theme. The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Cambridge holds a world-class collections of art and artefacts from all over the world. Objects ranging from stone tools and pots to sculptures and paintings represent cultures and histories over millennia. Great recent and contemporary works reflect the diversity of peoples worldwide, and the resilience of...

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Museum Assignment

Museum Assignment The two museums that were visited were the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). While the MOCA held artist that were fairly new, the LACMA held quite a few of well known artist such as Jackson Pollock, Maynard Dixon, or Thomas Hart Benton. When visiting MOCA the most interesting artwork that was appealing was "War Never Ends" by Mathew Monahan, and when visiting the LACMA the most interested artwork that was appealing to me was...

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Government Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh, India

The Government Museum and Art Gallery in Chandigarh, India. On June 2nd and 3rd 2008, I was conducted my research on this site. I come from a multicultural family who always appreciated both the visual and perceptual meaning of art. When I was growing up, my family would encourage us (me and my younger siblings) to acknowledge the concept and beauty of the efforts that one expressed in their collection, whatever it may be. That has inspired me so much that I paint as well as sketch, from time...

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The Tenement Museum

The Tenement Museum The Tenement Museum is prestigious for its fine architecture and history that continues to relive itself. The tours of the museum show the lives of the people who once lived inside the tenements. The tours educate the visitors on historical events and display a museum unlike any other. The following essay will incorporate my experience at the museum along with the stories of the families that once dwelled in these tenements and lived during a time of economic struggle. In...

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Why Are Museums Important?

The Cambridge Dictionary Online defined museums as "places of study, buildings where objects of historical, scientific or artistic interest are kept, preserved and exhibited". To The Museums Association, a museum is "an institution which collects documents, preserves, exhibits and interprets material evidence and associated information for the public benefit". Since 1998, this definition has changed. Museums now enable the public to explore collections for inspiration, learning and enjoyment. They...

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Describe Person

If you are looking for words to describe a person you love the most; choosing words that describe his personality, behavior, character, and mind will really make that person feel special. You can choose from an ocean of English language adjectives to describe a person. However, before choosing these words, make sure that it sounds good, and not like you are actually describing a thing. If you are searching for good words for writing a love poem for your loved one, first understand the meaning of...

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American Indian Smithsonian Museum

Smithsonian Assignment The second floor of National Museum of the American Indian contains many interesting exhibits that tell stories of American Indians, such as the livelihood of Native Americans in the present time and the culture of American Indians. There are many items that are related to American Indians’ lives in those exhibits. However, the author of this essay is interested in The American Indian which is the name of an oil painting that has been depicted in one of those exhibits, Our...

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LSH2353 1st Written Assignment Museum Trip

GENERAL STUDIES - INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT Assessment First Written Paper on Museum Trip Course Name History of the Gulf and the Middle East Course Code LSH-2353 Due Date Week 6 - March 2015 % of Total Grade 20% This assessment meets the following Course Learning Outcomes: This assessment will assess the following Learning outcomes: CLO 1- Undertake an introductory survey of the history and culture of ancient and Arab civilizations of the Arabian Peninsula and Gulf from ca. 3300 BCE to 600...

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Millenium Project - British Museum

based on The British Museum Queen Elizabeth II Great Court, which is the largest covered square in Europe and it is part of the Millennium Commission Projects (Millennium Commission, n.d.). The paper includes background and history of the museum explaining how it was decided to reconstruct The Great Court, what was it aim and who it was designed from. Then, will analyse the cost of the project including money invested, what is believed to be beneficial for the British Museum and what might be the...

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Mcneil Museum of Art

Background Museum: The McNeil Museum of Art (MMA) is a not-for-profit museum founded in the city of Universal, in the western United States. Originally chartered in 1925, under the founding name Fannel County Museum of Fine Arts, the museum went through a name change in 2000 to reflect the museum’s main benefactor, Jonathon A. McNeil. Before the museum went through a name change, however, in 1997 MMA benefited from a $28 million dollar bond election. This election allowed MMA to expand their...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Dubai Museum

THE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF THE DUBAI MUSEUM LOCATION AND IMPLICATION OF VISITING PATTERNS WORD COUNT: 1500 SUMMARY Research was conducted through distributing questionnaires to the visitors of the Dubai museum. The findings illustrated that the advantages of the location showed that it was easy to locate, and is located near the metro station. However, findings have also showed that the parking spaces at the Dubai museum are limited and lanes are more congested making it harder for...

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ART 185 Museum Of Modern Art: George Seurat

December 2013 Museum Paper On November 9th, 2013, St. Josephs College hosted a field trip into New York City. The purpose of this field trip was to transport us into the city, and have the students visit a major art museum. There were a few different choices, the students had, but most went straight to the Metropolitan Museum of Art because the admission to the museum was whatever you want to contribute. However, we took a different approach. My friend and I went straight to The Museum of Modern...

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Trick Art Museum

Adviser: Mr. Leonardo Hogar |(Working)/ Title : | |PERCEPTION OF 4TH YEAR LPU TOURISM STUDENTS IN THE TRICK ART MUSEUM IN INCREASING THE LEVEL OF TOURIST ARRIVAL IN MANILA OCEAN PARK | | 2.0 Name of Proponent(s) |2.1 College/Department ...

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Allocation of Museum Capital

Every privately owned company’s goal is to minimize their costs as much as possible. Museums, which are operated similar to private companies, have the same goal. In order to decide where to allocate their capital a museum must asses some essential questions such as what attracts visitors to their museum, what is the opportunity cost to allocating capital to one resource over another and how the museum can maximize the use of the funds spent. These questions depend on many external, constantly changing...

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