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Denzel Washington

Fisher is credited with writing the screenplay for the movie "Antwone Fisher" based on his life experiences. He has also written a memoir titled "Finding Fish" about those experiences. The film "Antwone Fisher" marks the directing debut of Denzel Washington, who also appears in the movie in a supporting role. The central character, however, is played by newcomer Derek Luke, and I thought he was outstanding in the title role. The title character's love interest is played by Joy Bryant, another newcomer...

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Denzel Washington

I admire Denzel Washington. The reason for this is I think he is a wonderful actor. Denzel has serious side to him and and also a humorous side when he is acting. He is an a award actor and has award winning movies I think he has a wonderful personality from what I see and has a humbling demenor about him self. Dezel made his first apperance in acting in the comedy Carbon Copy in 1981 and has also appeared in a number of off Broadway productions and in telivision...

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Antwone Fisher: from Foster Care to the Navy

a man by the name of Jerome Davenport who changes his life forever. While he is in the Navy, Antwone Fisher discovers his emotional outbursts and violent attitude is not tolerated. Antwone was sent to visit Dr. Jerome Davenport (played by Denzel Washington) to explain his outbursts, when his true problems then fall on the table. Antwone never had anyone to talk to or someone to listen to his problems. Dr. Jerome Davenport is the first person to hear Antwone Fisher’s story and guides this young...

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Great Debaters

make a difference in their community and for the better. I also believe that if people can see that if the racial injustice didn’t stop these students then they would stop using it as an excuse to do better. A main character in the movie was Denzel Washington who played Melvin Tolson, he was a poet and English professor who led the Wiley College debate team to victory through the Jim Crow South, then across the color line. He was the kind of educator who had truly recognized the remarkable power of...

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Man on Fire: Summary and Analysis

details provided in my summary to support a brief argument about how when someone is put in a life or death situation, their true colors shine and true feelings are revealed. Word Count: 589 Works Cited Man o\On Fire. Dir. Tony Scott. Perf. Denzel Washington. 20th Century Fox, 2004. Film....

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Person of Interest

My person of interest is Mr. Denzel Washington By Tommy.Tharrington AIU Online Abstract 2 This abstract is a biographical account on the life of actor Denzel Washington. Films in which he played roles;...

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A Comparison Between the Book and Movie: Malcolm X

Not long after, in 1965, he was assassinated - probably by members of the Muslim sect he had broken with. Denzel Washington stands at the center of the film. He never seems to be trying for an effect, and yet he is always convincing. Denzel captures the life of a civil rights leader Malcolm X, from his criminal activity to his rise in power under the Nation of Islam. Not only does Denzel present his speech, his policies and his charisma. The movie and book tells the life story of an interesting...

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Cry Freedom

Cry Freedom Cry freedom is a real life drama recorded as a movie. The movies main character is steve biko (played by the actor Denzel Washington), a man in his early thirties who has the ability to lead his people; the blacks againt the South African injustices. He’s most recognised point or view was „we don’t want to be forced into your society...I’m not going to be what you want me to be.” Biko was able to show what apartheid has done when he meets a white journalist...

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Comparison Between Hamlet and Man on Fire

on the audience. This supports Scott's thesis that the obsession with revenge appears as a disillusion, whereby as Denzel Washington is seeking revenge for his young friend Pita Ramos, he goes to the extent of killing many people resulting in his own death. 3.) The use of light, particulary black and white contrast create an indignant, morose and bitter tone. Denzel Washington was hired to protect Pita and is infuriated when the kidnapping of Pita Ramos takes place. Aroused by this injustice...

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Academic Movie Writing (the Great Debators)

Academic Movie Writing The name of the movie is “The Great Debaters”. The director is Denzel Washington. The writing credits are Robert Eisele (screen play), Jeffrey Pora and Tony Scherman. The main stars of the movie are Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker, Nate Parker, Jurnee Smollett, Denzel Whitaker, John Heard, and Kimberly Elise. The length of the movie is 124 minutes. The audio of the movie is Dolby Digital 5.1. The video of this movie is Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1. The One part of the...

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