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Internet Credibility For a person who does not do research on the internet, credibility may not mean a whole lot. Due to ease of access to the internet, a lot of people use this source to retrieve information. But, when the internet is used for this purpose, it is important to follow certain guidelines. The first thing that comes to most people's minds when they read something from the internet is, "Is this true?" One must learn to make up one's mind by asking exploratory questions about the...

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Credibility of Information from Internet

Credibility of Information from Internet Sohrab Daver University of Phoenix Abstract Internet has gained tremendous significance and dependability in today's world. It has become a usual source of information. It provides lots of information on any desired subject. Majority of the users believe that this information is accurate, reliable and credible, just because they could find it, online. A user takes a risk by believing this information without evaluating its credibility. Just because it's...

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Assessing Reliability and Credibility of Cam

Assessing Reliability and Credibility of CAM Research is an important part of finding the appropriate CAM therapy that will help the patient’s symptoms. The information that is obtained during research could be full of opinions and not facts. Since we want factual information instead of opinions it is important that we are sure the information we are looking at is a reliable and credible source. Criteria for Reliability and Credibility CAM therapies are being used more today than in years past...

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Website Credibility Paper

Website Credibility http://www.bestbuy.com/ Best buy is a very credible website. It is a well known retail store and has all the information to contacting any store or even corporate so you know who the author of the site is and that they have knowledge of the items that are sold which is facts not opinions. The information is not biased. It strictly states facts of the products they sell. The information is from an established organization and the information originate from the makers of the...

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Evaluating Websites for Credibility

it is very important for health educators and clinicians to be able to evaluate the websites being used by themselves and their patients for appropriateness of the website. Today, I am going to critique and evaluate the website CTSNet.org for credibility. CTSNET.org is operated by CTSNet, Inc. who is a non-profit organization which is jointly created by a four different participating thoracic surgeon organizations. This website is governed by a Board of Directors which consists of medical...

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: Factors That Impact a Person’s “Authority” Level and “Credibility” in Communication. What Are the Implications of Authority and Credibility in Effective Communication?

Topic#1: Factors that impact a person’s “Authority” level and “Credibility” in communication. What are the implications of authority and credibility in effective communication? What makes a person seem credible to others? Competence is a cornerstone of credibility. Being competent in your field goes along with being perceived as credible, you can’t have one without the other. A person can have all the right qualifications and expertise needed to perform his/her intended job but without...

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Credibility Assessment of Peer-reviewed and Non-peer-reviewed Sources

 Credibility Assessment of Peer-reviewed and Non-peer-reviewed Sources First Last ABC University Abstract Doctoral students have a wealth of readily available information from which to conduct research. Not all of this information is credible. The challenge for the doctoral student is to pick high quality sources. This paper will discuss peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed sources, and how the CARS Checklist can help find credible material for research. Credibility Assessment...

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Wikipedia, Friend or Foe

The outcome of our team debate produced typical answers and conjured the obvious questions about the credibility and accuracy of articles and information through out the Wikipedia site. Two primary points were made by the team against Wikipedia as a credible source. First and foremost, the site is able to be edited by anyone and everyone. Secondly there is always the fear of author credibility. Even though the majority of articles and on Wikipedia can be traced to legitimate sources there is always...

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Organ Donation: Claim of Policy

sources are credible. The author of the article “Need an Organ. It Helps to be Rich” is Joy Victory. She is the online health editor at the About.com and has written about health issues for newspapers and for ABC news. Her credentials affect the credibility of the argument because it shows that she knows what she is talking about and she isn’t just an amateur. A journal is not a credible source because journals are usually someone’s opinion and anyone can have an opinion on a topic. I think that all...

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the world

Oloyede Emmanuel Mrs. Bell AP English Literature and Composition 18 September2014 John Smith’s Credibility as an Author John Smiths writings are not credible. There are too many parts in his recordings that do not make sense that lead me to my decision. The accounts of Pocahontas are a major factor that many say make Smiths works not credible. When John Smith was kidnapped by the King of the Powohatan Tribe, Pocahontas’ dad, they were about to kill him then and there. Side note: they kidnapped...

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