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  • Cybercrime in Indonesia

    Even if Indonesia has not ratified or signed the Convention on Cybercrime yet‚ officially Indonesia has implemented almost all cyber crime provisions set forth in the Convention. These provisions are set out in several articles in Law No. 11 Year 2008 on Information and Electronic Transaction. The seven provisions‚ among others; offense related to child pornography‚ illegal access‚ illegal interception‚ data interference‚ system interference‚ misuse of devices‚ and computer related forgery. The provisions

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  • Equality Between Women and Men

    Over the last thirty years‚ the legal status of women in Europe has undoubtedly improved‚ but effective equality is far from being a reality. Women are still marginalised in political and public life‚ paid less for work of equal value‚ find themselves victims of poverty and unemployment more often than men‚ and are more frequently subjected to violence. The Council of Europe has taken steps at different levels in order to promote equality between women and men. While the European Convention on Human

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  • Geography

    In Britain (and probably in Europe)‚ a consequence of its management is wood-pasture. It is of importance for its range and diversity invertebrates‚ including many rare species (e.g. the beetle Lacon querceus)‚ some known in the UK only from this site‚ and has recently been recognised as having rich fungal scattering. Windsor Forest and Great Park has been identified as of potential international importance for its saproxylic invertebrate kingdom by the Council of Europe. Violet click beetle

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  • R2P

    However one concern about eh R2P is that Security Council politics might influence its use‚ either in favour of in bias against certain states. Recent examples in which the Responsibility to Protect has been enforced include serious human rights abuses in Zimbabwe and crimes again humanity in Sudan. Despite the doctrine‚ the UN’s power to intervene within any state are restricted by the UN Charter. Under Chapter VI of the Charter‚ the Security Council can recommend measures for the peaceful settlement

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  • Law Essay

    Introduction There are four main sources of law in England‚ legislation or Statute Law‚ common law‚ European Union law and the European Convention on Human Rights the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) consists of four countries: England‚ Wales‚ Scotland and Northern Ireland. Some law applies throughout the whole of the UK this essay will discuss the operation of Precedent‚ the role played by the Court hierarchical and law reporting Question 1 the different sources

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  • Should Prisoners Be Given The Right To Vote

    John Hirst‚ a criminal convicted of manslaughter‚ opened a case against the UK government in 2005 where the ECHR ruled that the ban on British felons voting was in opposition to the European Convention on Human Rights (Hirst v UK‚ 2005). The Council of Europe warned the government that if they did not take action and make a ruling on the voting issue‚ they risked substantial compensation claims. The Liberal democrats were in favour of allowing certain prisoners to vote whereas the Conservative party

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  • Nationalism and Transnationalism in the Context of the European Union

    Concepts and Theories 8 1.1. Defining "Nation" 9 1.2. Concepts and Theories of Nationalism 13 2. The New Europe: Nationalism reframed? 22 2.1. History and Ideology 23 2.2. The Emerge of the European Union 32 3. European Nationalism: Transnational Integration 36 3.1. International Relations perspectives 36 3.2. Nationalism and Transnationalism 40 4. The future of Europe: National debates 46 4.1. The EU: State of Nations or Nation-State? 47 4.2. The European Union and its Citizens

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  • Delegation of The European Union To Egypt

    stars represents solidarity and harmony between the peoples of Europe. The number of stars is always twelve regardless of the number of the member states as the number twelve is traditionally the symbol of perfection‚ completeness and unity. 1.1.2 Slogan The motto “United in Diversity” means that Europeans are united in working together for peace and prosperity‚ and that the many different cultures‚ traditions and languages in Europe are a positive asset for the continent. 1.1.3 Anthem The

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  • ukraine

    escalation makes a strong call for action to the EU‚ who has repeated in every possible occasion that they stand by the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom‚ democracy and rule of law. Now it is time to prove it. Ukraine‚ as member of the Council of Europe‚ signed the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms‚ therefore they are bound to secure to everyone within their jurisdiction the rights and freedoms defined in Section I of this Convention. Failing to do so places

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  • European Values

    unity in diversity? Even there are many different cultures in Europe are there common European values? In order to define “European Values” first we should answer an important question. What is Europe? In basic sense it is a continent. But actually it is more than just a continent. Olli Rehn who is the vice president of the European Commission says “I am often asked where Europe’s ultimate borders lie. My answer is that the map of Europe is defined in the minds of Europeans. Geography sets the frame

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