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Sample Marriage Contract

Sample Marriage Contract I. The Authority In the Name of God, our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ, we, _____________________ and ______________________ , hereby, before these witnesses, are joined in holy matrimony, as God intended in Genesis 2: 21-25, from this day forward until death. The Authority in and for this marriage shall be Almighty God as revealed in the Holy Bible, Authorized 1611 King James Version (“the Word of God”). His words shall be final Authority in every...

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Rds Independent Contract Agreement

hours in advance. Failure to do so can impact this contract leading up to cancelation of said contract. You will provide your own vehicle keeping it in good maintenance, gas, cell phone and internet access for the purpose of doing said work. Term of this contract is valid from the date signed for a period of 1 year. Contract may be cancelled from signee if given in writing a 15 day notice of intent to quit. The company may terminate this contract immediately with good reason written and delivered...

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Different Types of Mistakes in Contract Law

“A common mistake, even on a most fundamental matter, does not make a contract void at law; but it makes it voidable in equity.” To what extent does this statement represent the law after Great Peace Shipping Ltd. V Tsavliris, The Great Peace (2002)? A mistake is an erroneous belief held by one or more contracting parties at the time of entering the contract, as to whether certain details pertaining to the contract were true. Mistakes can be classified in three categories; common, mutual, or...

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Adaptation of Longterm Contract by International Arbitrators

supplementation of contracts by international arbitrators has always been one of the most important and also one of the most debated issues of international arbitration law. Two reasons account for this. First, the international arbitrator's competence to adapt a contract to changed circumstances or to fill gaps in the contractual stipulations of the parties always involves a complex interaction of the applicable procedural law (the lex loci arbitri) and the substantive law applicable to the contract (the lex...

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Breach of Contract

BREACH OF CONTRACT 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Default of the debtor (Mora Debitoris) Default of the creditor (Mora Creditoris) Positive malperformance Repudiation Prevention of performance (rendering performance impossible) Default of the debtor (Mora Debitoris) Any obligation under a contract has a time limit for its performance, be it an agreed fixed period or in the absence thereof a reasonable period. If the debtor neglects or fails to perform timeously, he/she commits breach of contract. Lawyers then...

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Contract Law - Offer

next 5 days’. On day 4 Daniel telephones Timothy and leaves a voice mail accepting $2,500,000. Timothy is no longer interested in the car and never returns Daniel’s call. Daniel has had to pay storage fees and wishes to sue Timothy for breach of contract. 10. On Monday, L sent a letter to M offering M £3,500 for M’s old van. M telephoned L leaving a message on L’s answer phone saying that he was happy to sell it at the suggested price. When L returned home he accidentally deleted all messages...

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Agreement and contracts

 A contract is a legally binding agreement or relationship that exists between two or more parties to do, or abstain from performing certain acts. A contract can also be defined as a legally binding exchange of promises between two or more parties that the law will enforce. For a contract to be formed an offer made must be backed with an acceptance of which there must be consideration. Both parties involved must intend to create legal relation on a lawful matter which must be entered into freely...

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Contract Law

Introduction A contract is formed when one of the parties has to accept an offer made by the other. Here, David places an advertisement in the local newspaper of a reward, £1000 for the safe return of each of his six cats. This shows he is making an offer to all the readers of the Daily Bungle. An offer is defined as follows: “An offer is a statement of the terms upon which the offeror is prepared to be bound if acceptance is communicated while the offer remains alive1.” The critical aspect of...

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contract of sales of goods

 Long-Term Sales Contract Seller: Greatest Phone Company Co Add: 645 West Road, Accra; Ghana Post code: 6679087 Bank: Bank de National, Caracas; Venezuela Account number: 739153091438091001 Buyer: Greatest Purchaser Company Add: 57 Rue de Confederation, Geneva; Switzerland Post code: 1208 Bank: Barclays Bank, Geneva; Switzerland Account number: 678153091778091090 The buyer and Seller agree to conduct transactions...

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Valid Contracts

Valid Contracts Victoria Glaser American Intercontinental University Abstract A contact is a legal binding agreement made between two parties. A contract is only enforceable if both parties involved in the contract have agreed to give or receive something of value. When going into an agreement or contract it is important to know the type of contract. This paper will explore the various types of contracts and the meaning of each. Express or implied contracts, unilateral...

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