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  • Notes of Business and Contract Legal Studies

    AND CONTRACT LEGAL STUDIES Table of Contents Introduction 5 The Common Law 6 The Law of Contract 6 The Rules of Offer and Acceptance 7 Electronic Communications 9 Contracts between Parties of different Nationalities 11 Intention to create Legal Relationships 12 Form and Consideration 13 Capacity to Contract 15 Consent of the Parties 15 Legality of Object 16 Content and Interpretation of Contracts 17 Breach of Contract 18 Liquidated Damages 19 Equitable Remedies 24 Discharge of Contracts 24 Modification

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  • Law 531 Contract Creation and Management

    Contract Creation and Management Johnny B Good LAW/531 April 30‚ 2012 Professor Law   Contract Creation and Management This week assignment is to provide analysis on the Contract Creation and Management simulation provided in the University of Phoenix (UOP) materials website. The simulation involves two companies; Span Systems‚ a California-based custom e-banking software developer and Citizen-Schwarz AG (C-S)‚ a Stuttgart-based bank with revenues of over $20 billion. Through C-S’s regional

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  • My favourite contract law case

    disease‚ and in no ascertained case was the disease contracted by those using the carbolic smoke ball”.2 The advertisement went on to inform the reader that the Carbolic Smoke Ball company offered “£100 pound reward will be paid to any person who contracts the increasing epidemic influenza‚ colds or any disease caused by taking cold‚ after having used the ball three times daily for two weeks according to the printed directions supplied with each ball. £1‚000 is deposited with the Alliance Bank‚ Regent

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  • Course: Contract and Liquid Chemical Co.

    The Cost Analysis for Decision Making project is intended to be a comprehensive evaluation of the key objectives covered throughout this course. It will challenge you to apply your knowledge of cost information when evaluating the decision to make or buy a product. Please use this outline and grading rubric as a guide to completing your course project. It provides specific details of the required elements of the project‚ and it will be used by your instructor as a grading guide. Read Integrative

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  • Standard Form Contracts

    A standard form contract (sometimes referred to as an adhesion contract or boilerplate contract) is a contract between two parties that does not allow for negotiation‚ i.e. take it or leave it. It is often a contract that is entered into between unequal bargaining partners‚ such as when an individual customer is given a contract by the salesperson of a multinational corporation. The customer is in no position to renegotiate the standard terms of the contract and the company ’s representative usually

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  • Breach of Contract in the Business World

    Breach of Contract in the Business World | | | | | | | Table of Contents Executive Summary iii I. Introduction 1 II. Breach of Contract 1 III. Immaterial Breach of Contract 1 IV. Material Breach of Contract 2 V. Remedies 3 VI. Remedies at Law 3 VII. Remedies in Equity 5 VIII. Summary 6 IX. Bibliography 8 Executive Summary This paper discusses the legal concept of a breach of contract and the options a business has in pursuing a breach of contract case.

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  • Enforceability of Contracts on Third party

    Subject- Law of Contracts-I(101) Topic: ENFORCEABILITY OF CONTRACT AND BENEFITS OF THIRD PARTY Submitted by- Name : Arnabi Dutta Course: B.A. LL.B Roll No: 1283024 (A) Session: 2012-13 [First Semester] Acknowledgement This project bears on imprint of many peoples. I sincerely thank to Sir Puranjoy Ghosh and Ma ’am Jinia Kundu‚ faculty members of KIIT School of Law‚ KIIT University for providing me an opportunity to do my project work on “ENFORCEABILITY OF CONTRACTS AND BENEFITS

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  • Psychological Contract in Career Management

    ‘‘Psychological contract’ is defined as the implied obligations of parties in the employment relationship.’ Rousseau (1995) A psychological contract measures employee performance‚ attitudes and the well being of employees. It has proved to be an important aspect of a work place. It looks at the seriousness of situations by both employers and employees by looking at the effect it has on worker behavioural patterns. The process of forming a psychological contract is simply

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  • The Indian Contract Act, 1872

    The Indian Contract Act‚ 1872 Contract – Meaning and Nature: The law of contract constitute the most important branch of mercantile or commercial law. The law relating to contracts is governed by the Indian Contract Act‚ 1872. This act mostly deals with general principle and rules governing contracts. The act is divisible into 2 parts: 1. Section 1 to 75 – deals with general principle of contract and applies to all contracts irrespective of their nature. 2. Section 124 to 238- deals

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  • Contract Analysis: Lease Agreement

    I. What is the Consideration on both sides of this contract? Defined (in my own words)‚ consideration is something of value that is given in exchange for getting something from another person. In my case‚ rent payments are paid to my landlord in exchange for the right to rent the house. II. Are there any conditions in the contract (precedent‚ subsequent‚ or concurrent)? Concurrent. There is a part in our lease that states that we receive a check back from our landlord‚ in the amount of $400.00 every

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