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  • Constantinople

    Constantinople of the Ottoman Empire Constantinople was named after its founder: The Roman Emperor Constantine‚ and was also called “the Second Rome” (Haberman‚ 5). Up until 1453‚ Constantinople was in control of the Byzantine Empire which was founded shortly after Constantine founded the city. Constantinople is a city that was placed on the Bosporus‚ which divides Europe and Asia‚ and grants entry into the Black Sea from the Mediterranean (Haberman‚ 5). This allowed Constantinople to flourish

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  • The Fall of Constantinople

    The Fall of the Earthly Heaven To this day the 29 May 1453 is regarded as a holy day‚ not only in the Orthodox Church‚ but in all of Greece. The fall of Constantinople not only symbolized a collapse of the Roman Empire‚ but of all of Eastern Christendom at least that is what was thought. It was the wealthiest city in the world at the time‚ possessing over one-third of the world’s wealth: and a city of such great magnitude‚ which only city of one-sixth of the worlds population could poses. At it’s

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  • Regional Metropolis: Constantinople and Tenochtitlan

    Constantinople and Tenochtitlan were two great cities in their time. They both had many dominant physical features. They also had many cultural influences and their major function for each city was different. The two cities had important landmarks and their locations still exist. The cities both had religious affiliations and other important aspects. Constantinople and Tenochtitlan help to show you what cities were like between 1160-1520. Any two cities could have been chosen to show what it was

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  • Constantinople Thesis

    territorial changes meant that a distinct style gradually resulted in the Greek cross plan in church architecture” (Fletcher). The Byzantine Empire’s architecture were functional works of art that varied from the walls that fortified the city of Constantinople‚ to center of the city‚ the palace‚ to the center of religion‚ Hagia Sophia. Fletcher explained that the architecture was a continuation of Roman Architecture‚ but it was much more‚ it was an advancement of the Roman’s architecture in function

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  • Constantinople Notes

    the eastern part of the empire. With now two capitals competing for resources and attention‚ one had to be neglected over time‚ and since Constantinople was the hub of all commerce from the Far East and the western world‚ Rome lost the prestige it once had. Also Rome. Population also was affected by this move‚ Byzantium (which ultimately became Constantinople) was just a village before Constantine had his "vision" to build another capital there‚ after the administrative workers and artisans and merchants

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  • Why Did Byzantine Civilization Survive For So Long?

    everything from the Roman Empire to include traditions‚ institutions‚ and even called themselves “Romans” Which was located at Constantinople.it must be noted that this Empire continued its run for about a millennium‚ but would fall in 1453 after Constantinople was attack by the Ottoman Empire and conquered. However‚ before this collapsed‚ one might wonder how this civilization survive for this long and what were they most important achievements? In this paper I will try my best to answer these questions

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  • Byzantine Empire

    DBQ 5: Byzantine Empire under Justinian When Justinian became emperor in 527‚ he wanted to build a new Rome by incorporating the ancient Roman Empire. He made Constantinople the capital of the Byzantine Empire and kept the Roman culture along with the Greek culture for more than a thousand years. Justinian helped rebuild the Roman Empire by the many contributions he gave to the empire; he was able to rule a well-structured empire. Justinian was known partly for rebuilding the Roman Empire;

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  • Byzantine Empire

    Homework #13 cont.d a. The Byzantine Empire acted as a shield against the Arabs and Turks‚ preventing them from wilder invasions and conquests in Europe. Classical Greek and Roman texts were used during the rule of the Byzantine Empire after the fall of the Roman Empire (in the west). When the Crusades came‚ the crusaders brought a grand quantity of important Europeans into close contact with the wealthier and sophisticated Byzantine culture. The European texts that were supposedly lost or forgotten

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  • How Did The Church Influence The Roman Empire

    In 1453 the great city of Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Empire‚ marking the end of the Byzantine Rule. During the Ottoman Rule‚ the Orthodox Church took the responsibility of governing the people of Orthodox faith. Greece was under the rule of the Patriarch of Constantinople‚ who was under the rule of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. It is said that their involvement in the Greek community helped preserve the Greek culture but their corruption and abuse of power caused more harm than good.

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  • Constantine The Great And Christianity Essay

    God’s powers‚ and the ethical concept regarding the Lord’s prayer and the Golden Rule. Constantine I‚ also known as Constantine the Great‚ was the first Christian Roman Emperor to begin the Christianity religion among his own establishment‚ Constantinople

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