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Components Mental Status Examination

Importance of Case History Taking and Mental Status Examination Case history is the record of patient’s life. The history is a patient’s life story told to the psychiatrist in the patient’s own words from his or her own point o view. It allows the psychiatrist to understand the patient and also helps in prognosis of the case. The history also includes information about the patient obtain from other sources such as parents or spouse. Getting the comprehensive history from a patient or from other...

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Mental Status Examination 1

Mental Status Exam Mental status is the total expression of a person’s emotional responses, mood, cognitive function, and personality It is closely linked to the individual’s executive functioning, i.e. motivation, initiative, goal formation, planning and performing, self-monitoring, and integration of feedback The MSE is one component of an exam and may be viewed as the psychological equivalent of the physical exam It is an important component to a neurological evaluation Mental Status Exam:...

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Mental Status Exam

Thuy Huynh November 16, 2012 Mental Status Exam 1) Appearance (unkempt, unclean, clothing disheveled, atypical clothing, well-groomed, drab, meticulous, obese, underweight, etc.) -clothing were disheveled, unshaven-ed beard, unclean, unkempt attire 2) Attitude (resistive, cooperative, complacent, detached, resentful, suspicious, uncooperative, overly compliant, provocative, other symptom) -detached from surrounding environment, seemed to be on guard at all times ...

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Holden's Mental Instabilities

Holden’s Mental Instabilities At some points in life, everyone experiences some types of sadness, loneliness, and self-deception. In Catcher in the Rye, by J.D Salinger, the character Holden faces these issues constantly but is unable to overcome the adversities and, subsequently, he is sent to a sanatarium. The first motif, Holden’s loneliness, causes him to feel unhappy and makes him go crazy when he reaches out to random people. The second motif, Holden’s depression, becomes so deep that it...

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Comprehensive Mental Health Assessment

Comprehensive Mental Health Assessment II Derek W. Booth Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis I: Identifying Data. Ashley K. is a 23-year old white female who was admitted to Warner Transitional Services on 11/21/12. II: Chief Complaint. “ I am a little anxious and upset right now. IDTC in Lafayette could not do anything for me”. III: Informants. Assessment information was provided by patient. Interview was conducted in a private room along with psychiatrist, and lead clinician...

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Nature of Nursing

and the care manager had contacted Iris’s GP. This in turn led to an emergency referral for an immediate home visit to deal with the after effects of the incident. A home visit was arranged for the Consultant and CPN to assess the change in Iris’s mental state and the findings were not good. Since being referred to the team Iris had begun to suffer psychotic symptoms associated with her dementia. Immediate treatment was put in place and an anti-psychotic drug was prescribed. This essay will also...

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NRSG210 IBL Tutorial Week 1

NRSG210 – IBL Tutorial Week 1- Stigma & Mental State Examination Learning Outcomes: 1. Outline social, developmental and cultural factors that impact on mental health and wellness; (GA4) 3. Reflect critically on the experiences of mental illness from consumer and carer perspectives; (GA4) Critical Reflection Activity 1 You will need to reflect on the SDL activity information, consider your own experiences and seek additional information to complete the activity below. From the circles, choose one...

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Case study #6

Acetylcholine alterations, plaques & tangles, head trauma, genetic factors. 10. A number of diagnostic tests have been ordered for K. B. From the tests listed below, Which would be used to diagnose dementia? • Mental status examinations • Toxicology screen • Mini-Mental State Examination • ECG • CMP • CBC with differential • Thyroid function tests • Colonoscopy • RPR • Serum B12 • Bleeding time • HIV screening • CT • MRI Case Study Progress K. B. was diagnosed with Alzheimer's...

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Assessment Tool Analysis

interpersonal relationships. The purpose of this paper is to examine various assessment tools that evaluate on physical measures. The assessment tools that will be examined throughout this paper are • Beck Depression Inventory • Mini-Mental State Examination • Social Support Questionnaire Beck Depression Inventory The Beck Depression Inventory was created by Dr. Aaron Beck in 1961. The test is given by a psychologist or counselor to individuals to assess the extent of his or her current...

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an interview or questionnaire to identify past medical problems. Physical examination: might include blood and urine tests designed to help eliminate other possible conditions. These will measure things like blood count, thyroid and liver function, and levels of glucose and other blood-based indicators of illness. A depression screening should also be conducted.  Neuropsychological testing: The Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) is the most commonly used test for complaints of memory problems or...

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