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Comparatives and Superlatives Age: Young Adult- Adult Level: Beginners Length: Up to 1 hour Vocab: Basic adjectives, comparatives and superlatives Focus: Comparing things, reading, writing and speaking. 1. Start by drawing some basic characters on the board, a tall thin one, a small fat one and a normal one. Give them names that your students will be familiar with and invite students to compare them. John is fatter than Paul, Jim is taller than William etc… 2. Give out worksheet and have students...

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AP World History Comparative Essay Generic Rubric Overview Basic Core Historical skills and knowledge required to show competence. Expanded Core Historical skills and knowledge required to show excellence. 1. Has acceptable thesis. 1 Point (addresses comparison of the issues or themes specified) 2. Addresses all parts of the 2 Points of the question, though not necessarily evenly or thoroughly. (Addresses most parts of...

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Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan In English (The Degrees Of Comparison ) I. Objective *Use the positive, comparative and superlative degrees of regular and irregular adjectives *student should be able to create their own sentences using the degrees of comparison II. Subject Matter a. Focus skill: Degrees of comparison of adjectives b. Materials: pictures, charts, objects and persons to be compared, projector c. Reference: ( English Grammar reference book) III. Procedure A. Preliminary Activities 1. Spelling ...

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Compare the Management of a Public Service in the Uk to That of One Other Country of Your Choice. What Does the Comparison Tell You About the Factors That Shape Public Management in Each Country?

BMAN 31051 International and Comparative Public Management Guidance notes: Assignment – 3,000 word essay Title: Compare the management of a public service in the UK to that of one other country of your choice. What does the comparison tell you about the factors that shape public management in each country? Key points to remember: The tutorial discussions will act as a basis for at least part of the essay. The tutorials are directly related to the lecture topics: |TOPIC...

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Comparison of Adjective

of comparison: - positive - comparative - superlative A - Comparison with -er/-est clean - cleaner - (the) cleanest We use -er/-est with the following adjectives: 1) Adjectives with one syllable positive | comparative | superlative | clean | cleaner | cleanest | new | newer | newest | cheap | cheaper | cheapest | 2) Adjectives with two syllables and the following endings: 2 - 1) Adjectives with two syllables, ending in -y positive | comparative | superlative | dirty | dirtier...

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Adjective Excercise

Adjectives - Comparison - Exercise 1 Fill in the comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives Comparative Superlative 1 old __________ __________ 2 bad __________ __________ 3 difficult __________ __________ 4 large __________ __________ 5 good __________ __________ 6 big __________ __________ 7 easy __________ __________ 8 much __________ __________ 9 little __________ __________ 10 interesting __________ __________ ...

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Compare And Contrast Language 1

 Compare and contrast Language Objectives: Identify and practice comparative language in three forms: comparatives & superlatives, similarities, sentence connectors Form One: *Comparatives & superlatives 1. Text A is longer than text B 2. Text C is the longest 3. Text A is more informal 4. Text B uses more difficult language 5. Text C is the most academic *See appendix A for grammar rules Form Two Similarities – both, each, either and neither Text A and text B are both published online Both...

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Adjectives: Adverb and Descriptive Adjective Noun

 'a nervous person' or 'amusical speaking voice') Qualitative adjective An adjective used to identify the qualities or features of a person or thing. In contrast to classifying adjectives, qualitative adjectives are usually gradable--that is, they have positive, comparative and superlative forms. Quantitative adjective it means word/s that are countable to describe things... quantitative adjectives - some , much , little , enough , all , no , any ,whole  For example: 1. Give me some food. 2. I do not have...

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Comparative Advantage

The theory of comparative advantage is perhaps the most important concept in international trade theory. As the economies that exist in our world our becoming increasingly more intertwined, it is becoming even more important. Nearly every country in the world depends on other countries to supply them with goods that they cannot produce in their own country. I believe that comparative in necessary in today's economy. In this paper I am going to discuss comparative advantage and it's effect on globalization...

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brightest) in the family. 9. Ralph is (strong, stronger, strongest). 10. Our house is (old, older, oldest) in our barangay. V. ASSIGNMENT Make a table composed of 3 rows and 21 columns and give at least 20 adjectives and write in the table their comparative and superlative degrees. FOR DISCUSSION Tom and Jack, would you please stand up? (To the whole class): Compare them in height. S: Tom is taller than Jack. Jack is shorter than Tom. T: Good. How about the...

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