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Commercial Bank

A commercial bank (or business bank) is a type of financial institution and intermediary. It is a bank that provides transactional, savings, and money market accounts and that accepts time deposits. After the implementation of the Glass–Steagall Act, the U.S. Congress required that banks engage only in banking activities, whereas investment banks were limited to capital market activities. As the two no longer have to be under separate ownership under U.S. law, some use the term "commercial bank"...

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commercial banks

responsibility. This project report contains the meaning of CSR which includes the advantage of CSR towards bank, society, responsibility of corporate houses, objective of CSR, motive of CSR, responsibility towards customer. This document is all about multidimensional growth of customers for which the bank liable for their service selling. This process leads to upliftment of people life. The banks are not bind to do so but the do these kind of activities for creating a goodwill sense among their customer...

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United Commercial Bank

1. United Commercial Bank is amongst the largest banks that serve the Asian-American community in the San Francisco region. The main focus is on Chinese community and thus it has 46 branches in California and offices and branch in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. The vision and mission of the bank since its establishment has been time deposits and is spread all over San Francisco and Los Angeles as the largest bank to Asian community. The main focus is on loans of which majority loans are for real estate...

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Functions of Commercial Banks

33.3 Functions of Commercial Banks The functions of a commercial banks are divided into two categories: i) Primary functions, and ii) Secondary functions including agency functions. i) Primary functions: The primary functions of a commercial bank include: a) accepting deposits; and b) granting loans and advances; a) Accepting deposits The most important activity of a commercial bank is to mobilise deposits from the public. People who have surplus income and savings find it convenient to...

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Role of Commercial Banks in Economic Development

Role of Commercial Banks in Economic Development According to Kent: “An organization whose principal operations are concerned with the accumulation of the temporarily idle money of the general public for the purpose of advancing to others for expenditure.” Various economists have different views about the role of commercial banks in economic development. Schumpeter says, “It is the banking system which serves as a key agent along with the entrepreneur in the process of economic development”...

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United Commercial Bank and El Banco

Question 1: Compare and contrast the strategic service vision of United Commercial Bank and El Banco. The strategic service vision entails four pillars, which consist of target market segment, service concept, operating strategy, and service delivery system. In essence, the pillars are utilized to improve or modify current services. The first pillar, target market segment is essentially the discovery stage. The point of this stage is to determine whom the company is serving and to whose needs...

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El Banco and United Commercial Bank

1. Compare and contrast the strategic service vision of El Banco and United Commercial Bank. Strategic Service Vision Element Service Delivery System Providing informal atmosphere to differentiate services Due to focus on the Hispanic customers, El Banco allocated the branch at a more convenient location for a easy accessible to the community Hire employees based on Spanish-speaking Operating Strategy Focused on fee-based services, such as cash third party checks Offers home mortgage financing to...

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Role of Commercial Bank in Economic Development in India

INTRODUCTION:- Every country needs the services of financial institutions for accelerating the pace of development. Commercial banks have played a critical role in the economic development of a country. Now a day’s commercial banks are important not just from the point of view of economic growth, but also financial stability. In emerging economies, commercial banks are special for three important reasons. First, they take a leading role in developing other financial intermediaries and markets...

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Bangladesh Commercial Bank

Bangladesh Commercial Banking Report Q3 2009 Description: Bangladesh Commercial Banking Report provides industry professionals and strategists, corporate analysts, banking associations, government departments and regulatory bodies with independent forecasts and competitive intelligence on Bangladesh's commercial banking industry. This report follows a rigorous approach to analysing commercial banking sectors around the world. We have collated data relevant to national commercial banking sectors...

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Role of Commercial Banks in the Economic Development of a Country:

Role of Commercial Banks in the Economic Development of a Country: Commercial banks are one of the three primary agents which help circulating funds in the market. Commercial banks provide loans and corporate bonds to the households, new start ups and small medium enterprises to run their businesses. It also obtains money from the households and invests that money to other profitable investments. The money held as customer account then accrues interest which is given to the customer in the form...

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