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  • managed investment scheme

    variety of investments which include managed investment schemes (MIS) and direct investment which consist of shares‚ debt and hybrid securities. Each investment scheme will a set of corporation act to protect its investor‚ as it is important to make investors feel confident and secure. Investors can choose the types of investments to invest in depending on their personal traits and ambition as the different investment contains different characteristic. We will dive in more on MIS‚ direct investment and

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  • Investment

    money in a right way. The idea behind unit trust is the better investment through collective investing.

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  • law of investment

    economic loses usually easy to attest as breach of duty of care. Denise as financial advisor did not have the professional skills to provide the legible investment suggestion to Charlie‚ this is failed to do what a reasonable person would have done in the situation and result in Charlie suffer the property damages. Denise advises the unclear investment products to Charlie‚ which breaches his professional business

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  • Investment Law Au

    BACHELOR OF BUSINESS (ECONOMICS AND FINANCE) Law of Investment and Financial Markets LAW 2460 Group Report Issues Through an anonymous letter‚ Mandy was induced into attending a seminar held by Warren Hopkins. Mandy trusted the advices given by Warren and the professional investment managers and signed up for Investbank. However‚ months later she found out that the Investbank system was a scam. There are several issues to be addressed‚ mainly with regards to whether did Warren owe Mandy

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  • Financial Investment Opportunities

    A report on Senior Personal Financial Consultant Cousin Phuong & Company Prepared for: Ms Lai Chong Yee (Lecturer) Unit 39: Financial Investment Opportunities Banking Academy‚ Hanoi BTEC HND in Business (Finance) Prepared by: Đào Kim Tuyến – Sally – Class F04A Registration No.: ITP F04-193 Submission Date: 10 January 2013 Financial Investment Opportunities Đào Kim Tuyến – Sally – F04-193 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION ................................................................

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  • Introduction to Investment Banking

    An investment bank is a financial institution that assists individuals‚ corporations‚ and governments in raising capital by underwriting and/or acting as the client’s agent in the issuance of securities. An investment bank may also assist companies involved in mergers and acquisitions‚ and provide ancillary services such as market making‚ trading of derivatives‚ fixed income instruments‚ foreign exchange‚ commodities‚ and equity securities. Unlike commercial banks and retail banks‚ investment banks

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  • Questions: Alternative Investments

    FTX4086F ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS TIME: 180 MINUTES 4 June 2012 MARKS: 140 PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY: 1. PLEASE DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE OVER UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO. 2. Ensure that your name and student number appears on the cover of each Answer Book. Please complete this before the test commences. 3. Each Section is to be answered in a separate answer book and the answer book must be clearly marked. 4. All Answers must be done in ink‚

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  • Term Paper on Investment Mangement

    efficient and effective their working condition or make the organization profitable through investment and taking so many challenges. Along with this they are also very much concerned about the products of the company and their position in the market. The Mutual fund is one of them who are performing their works very effectively. As we are the students of BBA department‚ we have to learn about the mutual fund investment system analysis of a firm. That’s why we have decided to analysis on mutual fund that

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  • Midterm: Investment and Law Firm

    *MGSC 1205* MIDTERM EXAM Winter 2013 Wednesday Feb. 27‚ 2013 TIME ALLOWED 75 min. Please read the questions carefully! Show your methodology‚ final answers carry near zero points. There are 6 pages including the cover page in this exam. Please make sure all pages are attached. TURN YOUR CELL PHONE OFF!! Student Name: ___________________________________________ Student number: ____________________________ Section: _____ Question | Maximum mark |

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  • Incorporation of overseas investment company in Mauritius

    INCORPORATION OF OVERSEAS INVESTMENT COMPANY IN MAURITIUS We want to incorporate an Overseas Investment Company to be used as a Vehicle for investing our funds in companies engaged in business abroad. The criteria for selection of the location are: 1. No Tax or Minimum Tax on Income 2. Ease of Operation 3. Asset Protection 4. Scope for Raising Additional Funds The salient features of overseas companies to be incorporated in various countries / locations such as Mauritius‚ Singapore

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