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Assignment Brief Cover Sheet Course Title BTEC Extended Diploma In Sport and Exercise Sciences | Learner Name | | Class NDSPES 1 | Assessor | Laura Morgan | Unit Number: | 16 | Unit title: Sports Coaching | Assessment Title | The Successful Sports Coach | Vocational Evidence | Task No | Review Date | Date Due | Date submitted | Lecturer Initials | 1 | | | | | 2 | | | | | 3 | | | | | ...

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High School Swimming Research Paper

shaped me to become who I am today. Although most of my coaches didn’t realize it, I looked up to them more than my teachers, parents and peers. They have become apart of an influential seasonal family, instilling their beliefs upon me through their coaching. I will never forget my first year I joined the swim team. It was the middle of the season and my coach was fed up with the amount of girls who were missing swimming because they were falling behind in school. Just like we did everyday, we changed...

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Questions to ask about career

becoming a coach or trainer? 2. What was your starting salary out of university or college? 3. What were the first few coaching/training jobs you had after university or college? 4. Of all the skills needed in coaching/training which did you find most important? 5. What are the opportunities for advancement in this field? 6. What would a typical day be like in the coaching and training field? 7. What is the flexibility of work hours, dress codes, and vacation time for this field? 8. On average...

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the importance of Leadership Group Coaching in the current fast-paced face of business world. He reasoned out that traditional psychological contract between employer and employee has been broken due to continuous downsizing and reengineering. Organizations now rely on networking structures that put much higher demands on the “emotional intelligence (EQ)” of executives and pressurize executives’ decision making process to accommodate present realities. Coaching and commitment based cultures have...

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hardships, etc. 3 Sportsmanship *Role model for behavior, promotion of positive aspects with regards to sports competition, encouraging others, etc. 3 Leadership Role *Team Captain, mentor to others, fundraising, Assistant to coaching staff, management and Team spirit 3 Other Contributions *Recruiting, tutoring, promoting AEHS sports, providing team management, public relations, etc. 3 By signing below, I certify that the information in this application...

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Wegmans Leadership Development Focus

she has never been happier. THE PROCESS “XLR8 YOU!!! Leadership Excellence” program is an 18 to 24 month executive coaching and leadership development process. Selfassessments (such as DISC and Tri-Metrix) are conducted to begin a self-awareness process. These are reviewed before the weeklong Kick-off Leadership Experience and are an integral element in establishing a solid coaching relationship. Participants are also given a wide range of reading materials that not only discuss leadership issues...

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Mentoring In Teachers Training

As a result, mentoring is the kind of relationship in which learning benefits everyone involved. Peer coaching Peer coaching, according to Sullivan and Glanz (2000), is defined as “teachers helping teachers reflect on and improve teaching practice and/or implement particular teaching skills needed to implement knowledge gained through faculty or curriculum development” (p. 215). The term coaching is introduced to characterize practice and feedback following staff development sessions. According to...

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Active Listening Skills. Essay

Active Listening Skills Selena Samuel EDL/531 August 18, 2013 Troy Cox  Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Sciba are the two senior corporate trainers interview during the focus group discussion about the use cognitive coaching skills when developing new trainers. Sciba has over 10-years of supervisory experience and training, and Mrs. Harris has five-years of training experience, both are accountable for mentoring new trainers hired by the financial institution for the first year of their career...

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Developing Coaching and Mentoring within Organisations CIPD Membership Number 23141918 Introduction This report has been written to aid the development of coaching and mentoring within a leading banking and financial service company. As public sector organisations implement severe cuts and the private sector faces increased competition, all having to manage 'more with less', an increasing number of organisations are turning coaching and mentoring...

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A Personal Perspective: Personal Reflections on Followership and Leadership

benefit the organization, and used this as a model to develop opportunities and relationships that benefit the organization and church. Goleman (2000) identified six leadership styles: coercive, reflective, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting and coaching. Goleman and Gupta explain good leaders use all of the leadership styles; however, they consistently use only four of the leadership styles. Not all of the styles produce positive results and a positive work climate (Goleman, 82). I was able to...

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