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Invictus Review

nation is never quite complete. Such is the problem with much of Invictus, a movie filled with many moments that do work, struggling mightily against heavy, heavy clunkers that do not. As evidenced very much in last year's Gran Torino, director Clint Eastwood doesn't exactly have a light touch when it comes to race relations, so the Mandela portion of his film often features scenes so transparent, the director may as well step on the screen and proclaim "Why can't we all just get along?" As for the...

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An Analysis of Struggle

addition, the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures named “Changeling” one of the 10 best films of 2008, as did the International Press Academy, which presents the annual Satellite Awards. “Changeling” is a 2008 American drama film directed by Clint Eastwood and written by J. Michael Straczynski. Based on real life events in 1928 in Los Angeles, a single parent, Christine Collins (Angelina Jolie) is a supervisor at the local telephone exchange who having returned home late from having to work overtime...

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Gender Roles

There is a borderline within gender that should not be crossed. In a 2004 film entitled “Million Dollar Baby” directed by Clint Eastwood he is trying to define the rules of gender. Eastwood creates a movie where the main character is a female and the female is trying to dominate a male dominated sport, boxing. The movie “ Million Dollar Baby” portrays that Clinton Eastwood is trying to protect male masculinity in the sporting world by showing the rise and fall of women in a male dominated sport...

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Revising Genre Western

valiant. In McCabe and Mrs. Miller we get another very different ending. Our hero dies as society looks the other way. This more realistic, dark, and less glamorous approach is in essence what makes the revisionist western. Unforgiven, starring Clint Eastwood, is another film that has been categorized as a revisionist western. This film, as with the others, depicts a more realistic western story, showing flaws in characters and inverting character stereotypes. Our hero in Unforgiven is William Munny...

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Western Film Genre

elements and things such as cowboys, Indians, robberies, gunman, sheriffs, and other things make up the Western genre. Through several examples such as High Noon (1952) by Fred Zinneman, Stagecoach (1939) by John Ford, and Unforgiven (1992) by Clint Eastwood, the different styles and the iconography of American Western are portrayed. Though each of these movies may have completely different plots, setting, conflicts, and style, all three movies can be considered to be part of the Western genre because...

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acceptance,having security, fulfilment and a connection with something bigger than just an individual. These essential components of belonging are portrayed through the poems of Peter Skrzynecki and another additional text the film Invictus directed by Clint Eastwood about the uniting of South Africa through the efforts of Nelson Mandella. Feeling a sense of connectedness Wether this be on a physical,social,spiritual or emotional level to something or someone allows for an individual to feel a sense...

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Who moved my cheese

needed to look for a job that they could get hired on at 18 years old and retire from that organization at age 65.  In today's society individuals must be willing to constantly learn and use situational awareness.  I use the famous saying in the Clint Eastwood movie "Heartbreak Ridge" when he tells his Marine Recon personnel to adjust and adapt. My dad would always and to this day express how important it is to stay current with technology and education. I felt like it was important, but it was just...

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Invictus: President Nelson Mandela's Use of Rugby Team to Unite South Africa

segregation and white supremacy. Mandela’s work of bringing South Africa to democracy is retold and glorified in Director Clint Eastwood’s Oscar-nominated film, Invictus. Clint Eastwood molds Mandela’s unique character into a soft- spoken, yet powerful leader, who employs the universal language of sports to unite post- apartheid South Africa. Director Eastwood balances this film with an equal combination of historical significance and Hollywood drama, so as to keep viewers enticed...

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Belonging Essay

Texts 1. “The Crucible” By Arthur Miller – Goes into depth of how important an individual needs a tight bond with someone to feel like they belong OR Shows the difficulties someone faces when they don’t belong to a place 2. “Gran Torino” By Clint Eastwood – Shows how an individual can struggle with not belonging to a place and with the people around him. Body Paragraph 1 – The Crucible (John Proctor) Thesis Statement: Relationships by nature embody ideas of a connection between two people...

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movies should be shown in History class (Flags of our Fathers)

Do you know who set the flag on mount Suribachi on February 23, 1945? If not you should watch the movie, Flags of our fathers. The director of this movie is Clint Eastwood and our starring actors are Ryan Philippe, Jesse Bradford, Adam Beach, John Benjamin Hickey, John Slattery, Barry Pepper, Jamie Bell, Paul Walker Robert Patrick and Neal McDonough. This film was released on October 20, 2006. Flags of our Fathers should be shown in class because this historical event has many action, drama and...

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