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Glossary Psychology- Academic & applied discipline that involves the scientific study of mental functions and the brain. Overt behavior- The behavior that is observable & open to others. Covert behavior- The behavior that is not observable & open to others. Empirical evidence- Information that is acquired by observation or experimentation. Psychologist-A person trained and educated to perform psychological research, testing, and therapy. Academic psychologist- the study of methods of training...

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Psychology 101: Chapter 1

Psych Chapter 1 Notes 1) Four big ideas in psychology: a. Critical thinking is smart thinking b. Behavior is a bio psychosocial event c. We operate with a two-track mind (Dual processing) d. Psychology explores human strengths as well as challenges 2) Why do psychology? e. The limits of intuition and common sense i. Enough to bring forth answers regarding human nature. ii. May aid queries, but are not free of error. iii. Hindsight...

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Idiographic versus nomothetic approaches to psychology

Idiographic versus nomothetic approaches to psychology Nomothetic approach Idiographic approach The approach of investigating large groups of people in order to find general laws of behaviour that apply to everyone Nomos= laws in ancient Greek; this approach assumes that an individual is a complex combination of many universal laws; it is best to study people on a large scale. Quantitative Experimental methods are best to identify the universal laws governing behaviour. The individual...

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An Introduction to the History of Psychology

Ch. 15-16 Assignment: An introduction to the history of psychology, 6th ed. by Hergenhahn By Richard Thripp for Prof. John Beltran, PSY 4604 sec. 0W58, Univ. of Central Fla., Sp. 2013 2013 April 11 Ch. 15: 1. What is mental illness? In your answer, include the criteria that have been used throughout history to define mental illness. Mental illness is a condition characterized by emotions, thoughts, or behavior that are substantially abnormal for a given time and place in history (p. 514)...

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Cognitive Psychology Definition Paper

 Cognitive Psychology Definition Paper Your name PSY/360 Cognitive Psychology August 4, 2014 Cognitive Psychology Definition Paper Cognitive Psychology can be defined as the mental process by which a subject will learn, perceive and think. This process is most frequently used when we attempt to evaluate a subject to establish if they have any mental disorders or diseases, this has been a great asset to medical professional to establish different mental diseases in subject they are...

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Clinical Assessment

Clinical Assessment What other information would you like to learn during the interview with the family? What questions would you ask? 1. Why doesn't the child want to go to preschool? Are other children bullying her, is there a teacher that's doing something inappropriate, etc? 2. A better description of the changes in her sleep and eating patterns. Too much, not enough, etc. 3. What is she throwing temper tantrums over? Bathing, getting ready for bed, sitting down to a meal,...

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Clinical Psychology

Approaches to Clinical Psychology PSY 480 October 25, 2010 Approaches to Clinical Psychology Clinical psychology involves the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illnesses that affect human behavior (Plante, 2005). Of all psychology’s disciplines, clinical psychology is the most intriguing, both for subject matter and diverse employment opportunities. A common thread in clinical psychology is the multiple perspectives that exist to explain how mental processes influence human...

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The Practice of Clinical Psychology

with clinical psychology? Provide an example of a situation that could be legal but unethical. Explain your response. Two legal issues associated with clinical psychology include maintaining records and avoid inappropriate dual relationships. An example of a situation that could be legal but unethical would be for a clinical psychologist to engage in a personal or romantic relationship with a former or current patient. 2. What are at least two ethical issues associated with clinical psychology...

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Legal Aspects of Psychology

Legal Aspects of Professional Psychology Heidi Andrews University of Phoenix – Psych 545 Dr. Meghan Kelley August 2, 2010 Legal Aspects of Professional Psychology The legal aspects and issues are a large part of the world of psychology. This topic covers a vast area such as assessments, testing, diagnosing, HIPPA, confidentiality, written consent, case studies, and many more. Professionals struggle with making sure they are not breaking any laws every day and still caring for every patient...

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Career in Psychology

As one can see, the world of psychiatry is vast and the effects it has had on society are immense! The earliest evidence recorded in history on the subject of psychology dates back to 1550 B.C. where a form of clinical depression was noted. In 460 B.C. those who were mentally ill were thought to have spirits or be demon possessed. By 50 to 123 A.D. doctors were still simply dabbling in the field and "treated" patients by leaving them in the dark, restraining them with chains, frightening the patients...

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