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  • Athens Vs. Sparta

    Athens vs Sparta All cities around the world have individualized customs and laws to specifically benefit their society. One would assume that two cities within close proximity would share many of these customs. With only 150 miles in between‚ it would be hard to imagine that Athens and Sparta could be so abundant in differences. Yet‚ with the information learned‚ few similarities are exhibited. There are many differences between Spartan and Athenian civilizations with regards to their government

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  • Athens Vs Sparta

    The two Greek city-states of Athens and Sparta were different in many ways. Though they may be geographically similar on the map‚ the two Greek city-states could not be any more different; from the way they run their government to the way they educate their children‚ to their country’s ancestry. These are only some of the way that Athens and Sparta are different. The two city-states are also similar in some ways‚ as well. Both of the city-states had partially elected governments and both strongly

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  • The difference between Classical Athens and Han China

    Mr. Behnke AP World History‚ 3rd period 19/September/2013 Classical Athens and Han China: How Great Were the Differences? As the young Rudyard Kipling once wrote‚ “Oh East is East‚ And West is West‚ And never the twain shall meet”. Right you are‚ good sir. In this case‚ our east is the great Han China with Athens being our west. Winter and summer‚ black and white‚ the differences of the hilariously outweigh the similarities. While both

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  • Democracy in Athens

    Democracy in Athens What does the Classical Greece’s heritage consist in? In 431 B.C‚ war erupted in Greece as two very different Greek city-states‚ Athens and Sparta‚ fought for domination of the Greek world. In the first winter of the war held a public funeral to honor those who had died in battle. As was the custom in Athens‚ one leading citizen was asked to address the crowd‚ and on this day it was Pericles who spoke to the people. In this famous Funeral Oration‚ Pericles gave voice to

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  • Spartan Civilizations Vs Athens

    Have you ever wondered about life in Ancient Greece’s most famous civilizations? To be more specific‚ life in Athens or Sparta? My essay will give you information on both civilizations-like sparta’s cruelty‚ or Athens smarts. As well as information on how they are alike- such as their religion Let’s start with Sparta‚ the strong‚ the tough‚ and the brutalest of civilizations. Being the most war liking of the of the two‚ Sparta’s slogan was “Come back ether holding your shield high or on your shield…

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  • The Peloponnesian War: Athens The Instigator

    Athens the Instigator “If we do go to war‚ have no thought that you went to war over a trivial affair” (Thucydides‚ in Hunt 101). The Peloponnesian War lasted longer than any other pervious war in Greece. The war began in 431 BCE with Sparta’s invasion of Athens. The Athenians sacrificed the destruction of their private property in order to hide in the safety of their city. The Long Walls of Athens protected its citizens and preserved its population. The Spartans however had the upper hand in infantry

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  • Athens and Sparta

    Athens and Sparta Athens and Sparta had many similarities and differences. They were both city-states in Greece‚ although they had very different characteristics. Athens and Sparta had different forms of government‚ economies‚ and interests. Athens was a lot more laid back and about the individual. They had artists and writers where Sparta had soldiers. Sparta was all about what was good for Sparta. Athens had one of the first Democracies. This was huge because before Democracy their

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  • Athens and Sparta Compare and Contrast

    Athens and Sparta Athens and Sparta were two of the mightiest‚ most prominent‚ and famous city-states in Ancient Greece. Within these two city-states there were very many similarities and differences whether that is culturally‚ politically‚ or generally. The main similarities and differences between Athens and Sparta are in their military‚ the role of males and females in society‚ and their type of government. One of the biggest differences between Athens and Sparta was their military and their

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  • Similarities Between Athens And Sparta

    Only adult male citizens played a political role in ancient Athens. Men rich or poor could vote‚ as long as they were qualified citizens‚ but usually the richest ones held the most political clout as Athens was a class based society. In contrast‚ Sparta was an oligarchy and could also be viewed as a military dictatorship in which all men served to defend the state. Both societies had an organized form of government‚ although the political structure was different. The cultures of the Athenians

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  • Similarities Between Sparta And Athens

    (Plutarch‚ 100) In Ancient Greece‚ the two reigning powers were Athens and Sparta. Yet each of them‚ despite sharing common roots‚ developed very different methods of governance. Athens was the first‚ and arguably the last‚ direct Democracy. Sparta‚ by contrast‚ was something of a mix between Republic‚ Monarchy and Oligarchy. Examining the similarities of their governments is the best way to observe the differences. Both Sparta and Athens were ruled initially by a land-owning aristocracy. Governance

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