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Criminal Justice System Case Study

Introduction This week’s assignment which involves a scenario on criminal law where as an officer (Jones) was approached by a female saying she was robbed and beaten. The victim told the officer Jones that the perpetrator was wearing white pants with a red shirt but she could not see their face because they were wearing a ski mask. She had no idea of the sex but did believe they were about 5’8” tall and they had a gun. She told the officer Jones this had only happened about a minute or two ago...

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Civil Liability and Private Police

Civil Liability and Private Police Civil Liability and Private Police The police forces’ assignment - to preserve order and peace - is an unsubstantiated one convoluted by innumerable factors that appear exceptional to all situations officers have to manage, whether controlling a commotion or arresting suspects. In this case, the officers every so often are obliged to make use of force throughout their responsibilities, whether throughout an arrest or protecting the public, themselves...

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Evaluate the Significance of the Bus Boycott to the Civil Rights Movement

Modern Extended responses b) Evaluate the significance of one of the following in the civil rights movement 2. The bus boycott The events and outcomes of the bus boycott are significant in assistance to the civil rights movement. It was the introduction of direct action and non violence, the beginning of Martin Luther's campaign in the movement and the achievements. The boycott began on the 1st December 1955 with Rosa Parks in Montgomery, Alabama, with Rosa Parks. She refused to give up her...

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Educational Law

Education Law and Regulation (ED 674) – FINAL EXAM Question 1 Breaking down the first case of Stew Starr at Caldwellia High School his provocative web page advocating the recreational use of illegal drugs by students was clearly something that did not belong in the educational environment. In the landmark decision of 1969, the U.S. Supreme Court in Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District declared that students “shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression...

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The Cause Of Civil Disobedience In The United States

there are times when members of a society do not agree with the views of their governing body. At times like those, society has been known to occasionally resort to civil disobedience. The act of peacefully opposing what one deems as an unjust law seems to be controversial among society members. Some argue that it is wrong to oppose a law because that would negatively impact society, perhaps by creating distrust between a nation’s government and its society. Others argue that it is the right of Americans...

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Research Paper Criteria

interested in the juicy issues of LIABILITY and its role in Criminal (Public law) and Civil (Private law) realms here is a brief overview: I want to start with a repetition of what Prof Naylor said about criminal acts: to be convicted there needs to be proof of the ACT and the INTENTION (Actus Reus and Mens Rhea in latin if you want to sound smart…). This applies to liability. So there are 2 main veins of LIABILITY applicable to law (which as a concept is loosely defined as something disadvantageous...

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Employment Law

Week Five Assignment Employee Safety, Health, and Welfare Law Paper MGMT 434 Employment Law December 19, 2007 Employee Safety, Health, and Welfare Law Introduction The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) for eligible employees and is obligated by federal law to do so when the situation warrants. The policy contains specific information on how this leave is to be applied for the employer and employees. The employer has the responsibility to notify employees about their right to Family...

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Public Law

08th October 2008 Tort-Obligations II Tutorial 1 1. What is Tort law for? ▪The law of tort- The word derives from the French for ‘Wrong’. ▪ The civil action for damages aims at compensation as opposed to criminal prosecution. Restoring the status quo. ▪Appeasement- the object of early law is to prevent disruption of society by disputes arising from the infliction of injury. The victim’s vengeance is bought off by compensation, which gives him satisfaction in 2 ways; he is comforted to receive...

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Civil Disobedience: Non-Violent Protest

ways and forms that people use to protest against laws and rules that they don’t like or find unjust. Forms both violent and not, that achieve their goals in very different ways and with varying results. Among these is civil disobedience, which is the act of opposing a law one considers unjust and peacefully disobeying it while accepting the consequences and is perhaps the most effective form of non-violent protest, though it is not without fault. Civil disobedience, like all forms of protest, can positively...

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Securing America and Protecting Civil Liberties

Securing America and Protecting Civil Liberties Mia A. Rapier POL 201: American National Government Instructor Scott Wilson December 12, 2011 Civil liberties can be defined as “the personal guarantees and freedoms that the government cannot abridge by law, constitution, or judicial interpretation” (O’Connor et al, 2011). In the wake of the terrorist attacks in September 2011, the American government passed the USA Patriot Act into law. The Patriot Act in short gave law enforcement agencies increased...

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