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CHOIRchoir is a group of singers who perform together, with or without accompaniment from musical instruments. You may also hear a choir referred to as a chorus. Choirs around the world are incredibly varied, from casual secular groups which meet and perform periodically to highly organized church choirs featuring an array of very disciplined singers. Both secular and religious music is composed for the choir, and some choirs also adapt existing musical pieces for performance. The history...

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Campaign Speech

fine arts credit needed for graduation from Princeton Senior High School. This course also provides the training and enhancement of vocal skills necessary for participation in Chorus II-IV, Ladies Ensemble, Madrigal Singers, and CENTERSTAGE show choir. These are auditioned groups to students in grades 10 through 12. The grading policy for this class is as follows: 20% = tests/quizzes EXAMPLE: 95 = q/t average 40% = daily vocal and written...

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Choir More Than a Fun Activity- Speech

English IV 28 January 2014 Choir: More than a fun activity.             Its first period and I’m not quite awake yet. It’s too early for conversation and too early to think. As my classroom fills up all the girls greet me because we all know each other in this class. We've become like a little family of crazy giggling girls, and I’m like the Soprano I section leader here in the Women’s Honor Choir as well as the only senior. The bell rings and we get to singing, and something magical happens- well...

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Johann Haydn

Haydn was baptized on September 14, 1737, in Rohrau, Lower Austria, the exact date of his birth is unknown... Five years after his famous brother Joseph, their parents being a wheelwright and a cook. Michael Haydn left home around 1745 to attend the choir school at St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, where he received instruction in singing, keyboard and violin. It was at St. Stephen's that Haydn gained a reputation for his unusually clear and beautiful voice, as well as for its extremely large range...

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Lord of the Flies chapter 1-3 Summary

around 6, there are no adults. There was also a boys’ choir who dressed in black gowns and was led by a boy named Jack. Piggy gets teased by the choir and some the other boys. The group of boys decide to vote for a leader between Ralph and Jack. Ralph wins the vote but allows Jack to lead the choir as the hunters. Ralph decides that the boys must first determine if it was an island and if it was inhabited. Ralph chooses Jack and another choir member named Simon. Piggy is ignored and not allowed...

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club sponsored activities. Advisor: Need Someone Concert Choir The SHS Concert Choir is a one-credit curricular class that consists of students in grades 9-12. Students are expected to build sight-reading skills, vocal technique, and to experience a wide variety of choral music. Acceptance into the group is by audition only and continued membership is contingent upon basic performing skills and mature conduct. The Concert Choir performs at the annual winter and spring concerts, as well as...

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concert report

parents handed him over to a choir master by the name of Johann Matthias Frankh who would now become Franz’s new guardian. Franz moved 7 miles to Haingburg with Matthias where he was trained as a boy soprano and also sang as a soloist in the church choir for the next two years. At the age of eight years old Franz was recruited to sing in the choir at St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna. Later he learned to play the keyboard and the violin. Also, after he leaves the choir, he supported himself by teaching...

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Jack Change In Lord Of The Flies

being taken away from the strict structure of English society, the character of Jack changes most through the course of the novel from the leader of the choir to a somewhat savage leader. When the boys first landed Jack can be described as the leader of the choir. He was dressed in a choir gown with a frilly cap on his head, and he led the choir boys all the way to the congregation of the other boys. During an argument for who should be the leader or chief Jack said “I’m chapter chorister and head...

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Creative paper

Mrs. Lang English 101 26 September 2013 The Real Choir Life What is choir life all about? Well I can tell you that it is more than classical music and tuxedoes! Choir is a great group to join, and it is a great way to make friends and have fun. I know all of this because I sang in my church choir and high school choir for years, and with that experience I can tell you the truth about choir. However, many people have their own ideas about choir that are mostly untrue. They have various reasons...

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Information Systems

are no keys to relate the members and the music • Information is listed in the wrong columns 2. The following two tables could be used to store the data in Figure 5-15 in a database: • Redraw the data in Figure 5-15 into this two-table format. Choir Member Table Member ID Last Name First Name Email Phone Part 1 Ashley Jane JA@somewhere.com 703.555.1234 Soprano 2 Davidson Kaye KD@somewhere.com 703.555.2236 Soprano 3 Ching Kam Hoong KHC@overhere.com 703.555.2236 Soprano 4 Menstell Lori Lee...

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