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Chiquita Brands International A

MEMO To: Chiquita Brands International Introduction: For the subject choosing a strategy to overcome effects of EU’s banana policy, I have gone through the whole issue of EU’s banana policy and its effects on the banana business of Latin America in general and Chiquita Brands International in particular. I have also analyzed the way the whole issue has been approached by the company and tried to formulate a plan that may prove successful for the company. Since the present problem is a serious...

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Case Report: Blood Bananas: Chiquita in Colombia

Summer 2013 Case Report: Blood Bananas: Chiquita in Colombia BUSA 4980 Chiquita Brands international was founded in 1899 after the merger of United Fruit Company and the Boston Fruit Company. As bananas be came more of a staple in every home so do Chiquita Bananas. Bananas are know to mainly grown in tropical places like Central America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Chiquita decided to have operations out of Colombia. During this time there was turmoil in Colombia and different terror...

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Chiquita Brands - Porters Five Forces

Case Analysis Outline Case Name: Chiquita Brands International SECTION 2 Industry Analysis: Tools for assessing opportunities and threats in the industry (task) environment. Porter’s 5 Forces Driving Industry Competition: 1. Threat of New Entrants It has proved to be difficult for new companies to enter the banana industry. Therefore, there is no strong threat of new entrants into the market. This is due to several factors and entry barriers that exist. These include: a. Banana...

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Chiquita Banana Case

a. How did the Common Market Organization for Bananas (“CMOB”) affect Chiquita? Six firms dominated the banana industry in the early 1990’s, three from Europe and three from the United States. In 1994, the three United States producers, Chiquita, Dole, and Del Monte, accounted for approximately 72.4% of world banana sales. Chiquita accounted for 48% of worldwide banana sales and 66.4% of banana sales of the three U.S. producers. Prior to 1994, Europe accounted for nearly 40% of world banana...

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Bananas, Chiquita, and Globalization

Bananas, Chiquita and Globalization While globalization is a relatively new phenomenon in theory, but not necessarily in history, as of 2009 it has created transnational corporations linked to government, international economic institutions, and non-government organizations. (Steger 67). With this definition bananas are a textbook example of the globalization of tropical fruit commodities. The transnational corporations of the United States, most notably Chiquita, Dole and Del Monte, have been...

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Chiquita Csr Case Study

Analysis: Litigation & Chiquita This case study deals primarily with the issue of litigation. The case study focuses especially on litigation concerned with U.S. companies being held accountable in U.S. courts for their actions and influences in foreign countries. The main company highlighted within the case study is Chiquita, the largest employer of banana workers in Latin America. This analysis will dive deeper into the actual issue of litigation and will focus on the Alien Tort Statute...

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Chiquita Case

market place( based off the amount of relationships each company has with the buyers) (3) government / FDA regulations on importing, and (4) tariffs imposed on bananas. b) Chiquita did not have a choice about how they conducted business in Colombia because unstable between the government and the guerrillas. Chiquita was faced with deciding how to protect their employees and the livelihood of the overall business. The government of Colombia was no help in this process, which is where the unethical...

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Blood Banana

underlined. Chiquita Brands International Inc., is a leading marketer and distributor of high quality fresh produce. The company is one of the largest banana producers in the world. Like any company operating across boarders, Chiquita was faced with a terrible dilemma. Operating in a country without political stability and high crime, the company was threatened to pay security charges to terrorists in order to continue their business smoothly. The situation that faced Chiquita is very critical...

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Blood Bananas

Abstract: Chiquita Brands International and its leaders learned a very hard lesson about paying off terrorist groups to protect their employees. Over the past 25 years, no place has been more perilous for companies than Colombia, a country that is finally beginning to emerge from the effects its Colombian banana subsidiaries had made protection payments to terrorist groups from 1997 through 2004. The Justice Department began an investigation, focusing on the role and conduct of Chiquita and some of...

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What do you think were the root causes for Chiquita’s actions in Colombia that ultimately led to their conviction

the to fight for a share of the market. Chiquita Brands International was one of the pioneer companies to try and globalize bananas. They took a risk and made some very critical mistakes along the way. Throughout the past several decades, Columbia is known to have been one of the most hazardous countries, due to its recent “deadly civil war and the effects of wide-ranging narco-terrorism”(1). Despite the huge risk associated with this country, Chiquita decided to take the chance, it’s one that...

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