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Nick s essay Autosaved

learning my language” by Amy Choi, explains how positive example can influence a person, particularly an adolescent. This happens between Amy and her grandfather. Amy’s grandfather is an elderly man, but she presents him to her readers as an artistic person, a poet and a fine calligrapher: “My grandfather wrote poetry on great rolls of thin white paper with a paintbrush.” Unfortunately, at the time, Amy is unwilling to learn from his example. Perhaps she feels embarrassed by his love of Chinese things...

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Lifes of Rizal in Hongkong and Macao

Hong Kong Rizal stayed in Hong Kong for two weeks. There he studied the Chinese way of life, language, drama and customs. Rizal noticed some experiences and wrote them in his diary. Some of them include the noisy celebration of the Chinese New Year which lasted from February 11th to 13th. There were continuous explosion of firecrackers and he himself fired many at the window of his hotel. He also observed the boisterous Chinese theater, the marathon Lauriat party, which was the longest meal in the...

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You Get Stronger While Facing Difficulties

race, more than 90% of Hong Kong people are Chinese. However, since Hong Kong was a British colony before 1997, our national identity was not clear. According to my mother, every time she traveled to another place, she had to say her nationality was British, although her race is Chinese. She always said “這很奇怪。” [It is strange.] She added “我住在一個地方,這個地方大多數人口是中國人。然而,這個地方被另一個國家統治。我就像是住在國外。” [I was living in a place where the majority of the populations are Chinese. However, this place was ruled by another...

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What panasonic learned in china

as being efficient on worldwide scale. The authors of “What Panasonic Learned in China” describe the process of Panasonics integration in Chinese Markets. At first Panasonic aimed at using China for their lower costs of manufacturing and the output gained in China was mostly destined for export. Besides this, little effort was made to understand the Chinese market. However, the leaders of Panasonic saw slow growth in China, thus they realized that they needed to engage more deeply with customers...

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Compare and Contrast the Lifestyle in Macau and Hong Kong

used to follow the system in England to a certain extent. Furthermore, it is often described as a place where “East meets West”, implying the mixture of Chinese and British influence in its cultural characteristics. In addition, the citizens utilize different official languages, just like Portuguese and Chinese in Macau, while English and Chinese in Hong Kong. This can also be concluded under the influence of the colonization of a different nation in the earlier times, and in turn affect the lifestyle...

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A Cross-Cultural Comparison on Work Value between the U.S. and China

articles and theories by different authors; now I know what differences industrialization is making in societies. Chinese culture is different than American culture which is influenced by the domestic policy, for example the one child policy. On the values of young Chinese adults, the one child policy has not affected the family structure but also the adult’s value system. The Chinese adults depend upon outside resources more than the family resources, and they respect their parents and ancestors...

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Target Market

Consumers seeking quality merchandise Younger professional 18-30 SHANGHAI TANG Current Market Segment Upper middle class Professional, Managers, Executives, Businessmen (PMEBs) Age:25-39 especially high-income chinese women between 30-35 Now attract Westerners who are interested in Chinese tradition PMEBs Lifestyle Spendthrifts, willing to spend up to 90% of their disposable income Hectic, mobile and extremely fast paced lifestyle E-commerce: They enjoy online shopping due to convenience Esteem...

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How Does Yiyun Li Present the Theme of Capitalism in "A Thousand Years of Good Prayers"?

hiding secrecies from his family, to “A new person, a rocket scientist, a good conversationalist, a loving father, a happy man.” Mr. Shi’s daughter states similarly, “If you grew up in a language hat you never used to express your feelings, it would be easier to take up another language and talk more in the new language. It makes you a new person.” Both Mr. Shi and his daughter feel that America has given them a new identity, because it has given them the freedom to become what they want to. Likewise...

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Personal Narrative Essay: Being An Outsider In America

decided to challenge myself and go there. Living in America make me feel like an outsider. America is a totally strange place to me. People here speak different Language, environment here was different from what I came from and people here even have different culture and believe. The most difficult one for me is to learn a new language. I remember when I first came here, I only knew some words of English, and I barely can talk to anyone. However I was too self confidence with my English, Because...

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Benedict Anderson's Theory Of Imagined Community In Hong Kong

Hongkongers still view it as independent from China and resist the symbols of Chinese sovereignty appearing in Hong Kong. According to the survey conducted in 1996, the icons of People’s Libration Army and Public Security, symbolizing the sovereignty of China, made 30.3% and 38.9% of respondents uncomfortable (Chan 176). Although there are transformations about their attitude, overall Hongkongers still approve less Chinese sovereign symbols than cultural and historic icons (177). Fourthly, despite...

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