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Do You Agree with Disney’s Decision to Pursue a Localization Approach in Emerging Markets?

Hong Kong Disneyland did not provide enough restaurants to serve customer need. Also, the dominant dialect in Hong Kong is Cantonese, while mainland Chinese widely speak Mandarin together with visitors from other parts of the world are expected to use English. Therefore, employees in Hong Kong Disneyland are expected to be fluent in all three languages in which that is the thing that Disneyland Hong Kong lack of. Accordingly, this example provides how Disneyland fails in Hong Kong in term of localization...

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Boundaries in United States and People’s Worldview

with the same worldview were able to get along with each other. Not only people from broader society, but also American college students have their groups often defined by language. Someone goes out with only fixed number of people, and rarely change all the time. Someone is even isolated by others because of his/her language ability. Is that because people are content with their status quo, and do not want to adapt new ideologies or environment? Or, people like to hold stereotype to others. No matter...

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Wayson Choy, Garry Engkent Analysis

generation of immigrants can easily adapt to different languages and cultures compared to an older generation of immigrants. The two essays “I’m a Banana and Proud of It” by Wayson Choy and “Why My Mother Can’t Speak English” by Garry Engkent had similar topics which is the life of Chinese Immigrants in North America. In Choy’s essay he focuses on how he feels left out of his Chinese heritage and how he admits that the younger generation of Chinese immigrants are being influenced on by American/Canadian...

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Shui Fabrics Case Study

Study and its implications on managing in a global environment. The research of case studies gives us the opportunity to understand and apply the lessons we have learned in the course. The case explains that for 10 years, Shanghai Fabric Ltd., a Chinese fabrics company, and Rocky River Industries, a United States textile manufacturer, have been part of a 50-50 joint venture to produce dye and fabric. This venture, called Shui Fabrics, produced dye and coat fabric for domestic and international sportswear...

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Han China vs. Mauryan/Gupta India

Mauryan/Gupta India (320 B.C.E.-550 C.E.) During the Classical period, Han China and Mauryan/Gupta India developed many methods of political control. Although these empires were located in different geographic regions, they both used social hierarchy, language, bureaucracy, and religion as a means of political control. Many of Classical India’s religious beliefs and bureaucratic practices contrasted each other in relation to the ways that they supported the methods of political control. Like Han China...

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Compare and Contrast Between Classical India and China

C.E. There are quite a few similarities and differences between these two civilizations. With regards to cultural traditions and innovations both developed similar technologies in their period. Spoken language was introduced in China during the Zhou Dynasty. Also in India, Sanskrit was the language of educated people.. India and China were similar as agricultural societies. Both civilizations relied on a large peasant class, organized in tight villages with much mutual cooperation. Both societies...

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Pak China Relations

and diplomatic support to Pakistan. However, for the last two years there has been a concerted campaign in the Indian and Western media to malign this relationship by blowing minor issues out of proportion. Chinese aid volume during the 2010 super floods, the pulling out of government owned Chinese bank from Iran-Pakistan pipeline project, the 2011 terrorist attack in Xinjiang in which involvement of Pakistani elements was pointed by China, the withholding of time sensitive funds of Rs 274 billion for...

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"Polite but Thirsty" summarize

Thirsty," Yaping Tang describes her experience as well as the Chinese students's experience when they first arrive in The United States. The purpose of her writing this essay is to give the ESL teachers who work with Chinese students a comprehensive and more judicious look about the differences between Chinese and American cultures. She explains cultural adjustment process and culture shock in terms of five different customs between the Chinese and American cultures: name - calling, directness, giving...

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Diana to become a doctor, but Diana did not want this. The worst sacrifice she made was having a boyfriend (it was not a sacrifice to have a boyfriend), which to her mother was “a big no-no, no boyfriend until after university”. Diana’s boyfriend was Chinese and this was a problem in her mother’s rule books. This sacrifice against her family broke many family rules, and all Diana wanted was to belong in the world as she saw herself as ugly and thought having a boyfriend would solve her problem (she never...

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Select One Year from the Period 1900-97: Analyze Why That Year Became a Turning Point in the Political and Administrative Development in Hong Kong.

was the year when the Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong was signed between the Chinese and British governments. Before then, the speed of the political modernization of Hong Kong was slow. Senior posts and memberships of the Executive and Legislative Councils were dominated by foreigners. Not many democratic elements were shown in the government. The status of Chinese was insignificant. However, after 1984, the pace of political modernization accelerated. Under British administration...

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