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  • Chinese Art

    Chinese Art The Chinese culture is a very interesting topic to learn about. They have many beliefs‚ customs and traditions that make them unique. Art was very important to the Chinese culture. It was a way to express or symbolize emotions. The Chinese display many different styles as well as techniques to express who they truly are and believe. Art began in China in stone structures. Large carvings were carried out by families rather than one particular person. Throughout the years‚ Chinese

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  • Animals in Indian and Chinese Art

    Animals in Indian and Chinese Art Animals‚ as subject matter‚ have undoubtedly been the emphasis of generations of art for as far back as we can date. Some of history’s oldest surviving Paleolithic cave paintings depict various species of animals in great detail and abundance. When noting the tremendous importance of animals to man‚ not only as a source of food but also as a material resource and means of labor‚ it is no surprise that they recurrently make appearances in art as leading subject matter

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  • Extended Essay - Comparing Rise of Chinese and Islamic Art

    Art Extended Essay The Rise in Popularity of Islamic Moroccan Art and Chinese Art To what extent is the recent rise in popularity of Islamic Moroccan art similar to that of Chinese art? By: November 1st‚ 2012 Candidate Number: Word Count: Abstract Word Count: Table of Contents Introduction………………………………………………………….……………..4-5 Rise in popularity of Islamic Moroccan

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  • Chinese martial arts

    Civilization 12/06/13 Martial Arts Tradition in Contemporary China The start of martial arts in China came about for the same reasons it did in every other culture. In order to aid in hunting activities and to protect against enemies. Along with this‚ evidence of martial techniques‚ including those tied to weapons go back thousands of years. It said that the China’s Yellow Emperor Hung Di‚ who took the throne in 2698 B.C.‚ began to create these arts. He invented a form of wrestling taught

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  • Chinese Martial Arts

    martial------------------------------------------------- Chinese martial arts From Wikipedia‚ the free encyclopedia "Kung fu" redirects here. For other uses‚ see Kung fu (disambiguation). | This article contains Chinesetext. Without proper rendering support‚ you may see question marks‚ boxes‚ or other symbolsinstead of Chinese characters. | Wushu | Traditional Chinese | 武術 | Literal meaning | martial art | [show]Transcriptions | | Part of a series on | Chinese martial arts | | List of Chinese martial arts | Terms[show]

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  • Chinese Martial Arts

    We commonly call Chinese martial art’s kung-fu but literally that means hard work for those that doesn’t know. The term kung-fu was made popular during the Bruce Lee era in which the westerners were first exposed to his amazing fighting abilities. The correct terms for Chinese martial arts are either wushu‚ which means martial art‚ or koushu‚ which translates to national or military art. The first written history of Chinese martial arts comes from the reign of Huangdi‚ the Yellow Emperor of the

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  • An Introduction to the Growth Factors of the Chinese Art Market

    ISP Chapter Chiu Yau Wai The Chinese possess the longest continuous cultural history of any of the peoples of the world (Sickman. L‚ 1968). In recent years‚ pushed by the huge economic growth in Asia‚ the fine art market rise sharply within Asia‚ especially China‚ changed the geographical structure of the global art market. The Chinese government set up some preferential policies to promote the fine art market because they see the great economic potential in this flied. In 2011‚ China has

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  • Chinese Mythology

    (Lansford 1). Every culture has its own myth that explains about the nature of that particular culture. The Chinese culture has been around for many centuries‚ its myths have accumulated into varies stories of gods and their culture. China is the world’s oldest continuous civilization (Cotterel 9). Evidence show the earliest Chinese civilization to be found around 1650 B.C. The beginnings of Chinese mythology‚ started around the Wei and Jin Dynasties. Influenced by alchemist ideas‚ Taoist and Buddhist

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  • The Influence of Buddhism in Chinese Martial Arts

    Gutowski 1 BrandonGutowski Carrie Morris Narration of Asia 30 January 2012 The Influence of Buddhism In Chinese Martial Arts Since first introduced During the Han Dynasty‚ Buddhism has played a major role in Chinese art and culture. This is especially true in the traditions that surround the art of Shaolin Kung-Fu‚ and their strong belief in Chan (Zen) Buddhism. Kung-Fu was Influenced by the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama and focuses heavily on the belief that enlightenment is attained through

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  • Chinese Painting

    Chinese Painting is one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world‚ it is also known in Chinese as Guohua. Traditional painting involves essentially the same techniques as calligraphy which is done with a brush dipped in black or colored ink. Compared with the western style of painting‚ oils are not used in Chinese Painting. Chinese paintings were usually painted on paper or silk; Traditional painting can also be done on album sheets‚ walls‚ folding screens‚ and other media. Chinese

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