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Childcare Level 3 Unit 2 C1

touch or look at everything around them. | 1-2 years | Are eager to be independent. | Will want to do things for themselves for example dressing themselves. | Use trial-and-error methods to learn about objects. | If they touch an object and it is hot, they won’t touch it again. | 2-3 years | May got to the toilet independently. | May go to the toilet when they need it with few accidents. | Know their full name. | Will be able to say their full name. | 3-4 years | Make friends and are interested...

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level 3 childcare unit 3

E1 1. Children act 1989 2. Disability discrimination act 1995 (DDA) 3. Children act 2004 4. Human rights act 1995 5. Equality act 2006 E2 The children act 1989 has influenced some settings by bringing together several sets of guidance and provided the foundation for many of the standards practitioners sustain and maintain when working with children. The act requires that settings work together in the best interests of the child and form partnerships with parents or carers. It requires settings...

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unit 2 assignment childcare level 3

understanding the different numbers. We can do this by planning activities to help gain numeracy skills, which are appropriate to the age and stage, and suggest that at home they practise counting and recognising numbers to progress onto the same or a similar level as the expected rate. Child A also showed that he was able to use both hands and equal strength when colouring in and was able to use good hand eye co-ordination, to encourage his to use his leading hand, which was picked up as the right when using...

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childcare level 3 unit 3

Rights of the Child 1989/1991 o Children Act 1989/2004 o Childcare Act 2006 o Every Child Matters 2004 o Disability Discrimination Act 1995 E2. Children Act 2004 - This Act was introduced as a result of the death of Victoria Climbie and was the introduction of 'Every Child Matters' which ensures the wellbeing of children through its five outcomes. The Every Child Matters framework has influenced settings by giving them and other childcare settings a duty to find new ways of working together by...

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Level 3 Childcare - Unit 3

Unit 3 - Supporting Children. E1.. The five pieces of legislation I have chosen are:-   * The United Nations on the Rights of the Child  * Human Rights Act 1998  * Children Act 1989  * Data Protection Act 1998  * Framework for Assessment of Children in Need and their Families 2000  E2..  The United Nations on the rights of the child will influence working practices in the setting by ensuring that all children have a safe, happy childhood despite of their sex, religion, social origin...

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Childcare Level 3 Unit 0.53

Unit 053 053.1. a) Diversity – The differences in individuals ie ethnic origin, religious background, gender, sexuality, appearance. b) Equality – Everyone has the same opportunities in life. c)Inclusion – Identifying, understanding and breaking down barriers to participation and belonging. Participation – the act of taking part or sharing in something. In the setting this is giving children and families a say in how provision is made for them. Discrimination can effect the individual...

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Childcare level 3

Level 3 childcare offers a range of skills to be achieved. BbhLevel 3 childcare offers a range of skills to be achieved. BbhLevel 3 childcare offers a range of skills to be achieved. BbhLevel 3 childcare offers a range of skills to be achieved. BbhLevel 3 childcare offers a range of skills to be achieved. BbhLevel 3 childcare offers a range of skills to be achieved. BbhLevel 3 childcare offers a range of skills to be achieved. BbhLevel 3 childcare offers a range of skills to be achieved. BbhLevel...

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unit 025 childcare level 3

 Unit 4227-025 1.1 Outline current legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures within own UK home nation affecting the safeguarding of children and young people. Many things are in place to make sure every child is safe and is been given the best start in life. At my setting our safeguarding policy includes what to do if you have a concern about a child and who to go to. The children act 2004 focus on 5 outcomes (from Every Child Matters); being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving...

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Unit 7 - Childcare and Education Level 3 Cache

states that all children’s wants and learning needs should be met. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has 4 cores principles and they are: Non-discrimination regardless of race, sex, gender, religion, disability and any other reason (Article 2), the best interest of the child for example; prevent child from being separated from their families unless separate on is necessary for the best interest of the child, the right to live, survival and development, freedom of speech and thought etc.....

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Unit 1 Cache Childcare Level 2

Unit 1 Assignment. Introduction. In my assignment I will be looking at an introduction to working with children, which will include showing a positive attitude, showing diversity and inclusive practice while working with children, and the policies and regulations that must be understood and upheld when working in placements. I will also be looking at creating good first impressions, the importance of first impressions towards placement and other professional settings, as well as an understanding...

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