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  • History of the Viola's Role in Part-Writing for Chamber Music

    Carolyn Hunter Music 700 November 1‚ 2009 Mini-Research Paper #2 History of the Viola’s Role in Part-Writing for Chamber Music There is considerable debate amongst scholars as to whether the birth of the viola preceded or succeeded that of the violin. However‚ iconographic and documentary evidence indicate that the violin‚ viola‚ and cello most likely evolved together as a family of instruments very early in the sixteenth century and almost certainly in northern Italy. Part-writing

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  • The St. Catharines Chamber Music Society

    The St. Catharines Chamber Music Society was held at the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre of Brock University in Saint Catharines at 7:30 p.m.‚ on Friday‚ 18th January‚ 2013. The four performers mostly showing on the stage‚ Xiaoling Li‚ Andrée Simard‚ Gordon Cleland‚ Karin Di Bella are violinist‚ violist‚ violoncellist‚ pianist respectively. Then‚ the soprano Charlotte Knight joined the performance to present us a wonderful and colorful music. The stage in the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre is surrounded by cambered

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  • Music Analysis

    What is/are the Composers‚ Music Titles and Performers in this CD? By Antonin Dvorak Track 1: Allegro ma non troppo Track 2: Lento Track 3:Molto vivance Track 4: Finale: Vivace‚ ma non troppo By Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky Track 5: Moderato e semplice Track 6: Andante catabile Track 7: Scherzo: Allegro non tanto- Trio Track 8: Finale: Allegro giusto- Allegro vivace By Alexander Borodin Track 9: Allegro moderato Track 10: Scherzo: Allegro Track 11: Notturno: Andante

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  • Symbolism in The Bloody Chamber

    Symbolism in The Bloody Chamber In The Bloody Chamber‚ Carter employs a highly symbolic writing style where several objects attain symbolic meaning. In the metaphor theory‚ these objects are also referred to as vehicles‚ a term which was coined by I. A. Richards (96-97) When a metaphor is used‚ a concept or kind of thing is experienced or described via another one‚ with which it shares similarities or correspondences and‚ thus‚ two different conceptual domains are mapped (Lakoff 206-207). For

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  • Classical Period of Music

    They preferred beauty in simplicity and form. The Classical Era represented a throwback to ancient Rome and Greece. The String Quartet: The string quartet represents one of the first musical forms that could be described as chamber music. In this style of music‚ the composer deals with a small group of instruments and the emphasis is on the blend and interplay between the players. A string quartet usually consists of first and second violins‚ viola and cello. When writing for the string quartet

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  • Music in the Industrial Revolution

    Music in the Industrial Revolution In the Industrial Revolution‚ the invention of the Piano and other more advanced instruments called for the composing of more “refined” music as well‚ and these composers blossomed in Italy‚ France‚ England and Germany. Three Italian families from Cremona made the violin and their work has not been surpassed even to this day. Violin sonatas were written in Italy. Also‚ harpsichords and clavichords had been perfected which were the forerunners of the piano. In

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  • Music App Final

    later years‚ Mozart was financially well off‚ widely acclaimed‚ and sought after by an adoring public. D. Mozart’s trips to Italy enabled him to study and master the current operatic style. 9. Classicism‚ as a stylistic period in western art music‚ roughly encompassed the years A. 1450-1600 B. 1600-1750 C. 1750-1820 D. 1820-1900 10. Composers

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  • Music Report 1

    Chang‚ and cello for Michael Mermagen. There was approximately an audience of two hundred people and most of the seats were occupied. Most audience members were old and some young people also attended. The concert was the 19th season of community chamber concerts‚ aiming to provide the community with a unique musical experience at no charge. The program was composed of three pieces: Variations on a Bavarian Folksong for String Trio “Das Deandl is harb auf mi”‚ String Tiro‚ Op. 9 No. 1 in G Major‚

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  • The Star Chamber

    The Star Chamber The movie‚ The Star Chamber‚ takes a poignant look at our judicial system and forces us to consider what is legally and morally right. The movie stars Michael Douglas as a judge who is discouraged after he sees that one of his cases is dismissed on a technicality. The defendants‚ two men charged with kidnapping and murder‚ are released because the police officers who arrested them did not follow the law when it came to collecting the evidence. Michael Douglas’s character becomes

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  • Music: The Viennese Classical Style

    social and political scene during the late 18th century was hardly a setting for a quiet‚ composed classical age in view of the main revolutionary spirit and imposing rivalry. The revolutionary movement did have a direct effect on music in that music became a new ideal‚ music that directly attracted a large class of unsophisticated people who had previously been excluded from courtly entertainment. The French obsession with lightness‚ gracefulness and decoration was offset by the brutal German affinity

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