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Cash Crops Of Pakistan

"The crops which are grown in Pakistan in abundance & earn foreign exchange for the country are called cash crops" Introduction: Pakistan is an agricultural country & seventy percent of her population lives on agriculture.These crops not only fulfill the local needs of food but also a great part of them is exported abroad to earn foreign exchange. Types Of Crops: There are basically two types of crops Food Crops & non-food crops The most important crops of Pakistan are, cotton...

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Cash Crops of Pakistan

The main crops of Pakistan are classified into food crops and non-food crops. The food crops include wheat, rice, maize, coarse grains, grams and other pulses. The cash crops are cotton, sugarcane, tobacco, mustard and sesame. The total area, yield and production of each crop is now discussed under separate heads. (A) FOODS CROPS (1) Wheat: Wheat is the principal food crop of the people. It occupies an important position i farming policies. The share of wheat is 3% to GDP. The area under wheat...

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Cash Crops of Pakistan

Cash Crops of Pakistan Outline 1. Introduction. 2. Cotton, rice, oil seeds and fruit, are the major cash crops of Pakistan. 3. Cotton is the silver fiber of cash crops. 4. Rice of Pakistan is liked much in the foreign countries. 5. The world's famous Tobacco Virginia is cultivated in Peshawar. 6. The fruit of Pakistan are famous all over the world. . 7. Government should supply agricultural machinery, seeds and interest-free loans to the farmers,, 8. Conclusion Pakistan is...

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Cash Crops of Pakistan

FreeAuto-hide: on Cash Crops of Pakistan Outline 1. Introduction. 2.Cotton, rice, oil seeds and fruit, are the major cash crops of Pakistan. 3. Cotton is the silver fiber of cash crops. 4. Rice of Pakistan is liked much in the foreign countries. 5.The world's famous Tobacco Virginia is cultivated in Peshawar. 6. The fruit of Pakistan are famous all over the world. . 7.Government should supply agricultural machinery, seeds and interest-free loans to the farmers,, 8. Conclusion Pakistan is an agricultural...

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Cash Crops of Pakistan

Final project WORKING MANAGEMENT CAPITAL OF TEXTILE INDUSTRIES OF PAKISTAN THE UNIVERSITY OF LAHORE [pic] Submitted by: Muhammad Asim Malik Adil Rehman Imran Rabia Riaz Submitted to:- Sir Kashif Mushtaq In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of MBA [pic] Project Supervisor Sir Kashif Mushtaq _________________ Examiner-I Mr. Abdul Gafoor __________________ Examiner-II Mr. Junaid Khalid...

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Cash Crops of Pakistan

CASH CROPS OF PAKISTAN INTRODUCTION Rice is the most important cereal grown globally and the major staple food for about half of the world population, providing 23% of the worldwide calorie intake. Around 600 million tons of rice is produced globally each year. With in the next 20 years, this production needs to increase by 20 to 30% to satisfy the demand of an expanding population in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Hybrid rice is expected to play a major role in breaking the...

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Cash crops of pakistan

Listening is the ability to accurately receive messages in the communication process.  Listening is key to all effective communication, without the ability to listen effectively messages are easily misunderstood – communication breaks down and the sender of the message can easily become frustrated or irritated. Listening is so important that many top employers give regular listening skills training for their employees.  This is not surprising when you consider that good listening skills can lead...

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Cash Crop

TEXT 1 CASH CROP In agriculture, a cash crop is a crop which is grown for profit. The term is used to differentiate from subsistence crops, which are those fed to the producer's own livestock or grown as food for the producer's family. In earlier times cash crops were usually only a small (but vital) part of a farm's total yield, while today, especially in the developed countries, almost all crops are mainly grown for cash. In non-developed nations, cash crops are usually crops which attract...

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Pakistan Introduction With a population of around 180 million, Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world. It is not one of the richest, but World Bank figures show that its economy has grown at 6.6% a year for the past six years, and so it is an important market for many multinational brands. Furthermore, since media deregulation in 2003 an industry of just one state-owned television channel and three or four newspapers has blossomed into one of the largest and most vibrant media...

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Agriculture of Pakistan

agricultural products are cotton, wheat, rice, sugarcane, fruits, and vegetables, in addition to milk, beef, mutton, and eggs. Pakistan depends on one of the world's largest irrigation systems to support production. There are 2 principal seasons. Cotton, rice, and sugarcane are produced during the kharif season, which lasts from May to November. Wheat is the major rabi crop, which extends from November to April. The key to a much-needed improvement of productivity lies in a more efficient use of resources...

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History and Performance of Agriculture in Pakistan

HISTORY AND PERFORMANCE OF AGRICULTURE IN PAKISTAN: HISTORY: Pakistan inherited an agricultural economy at the time of the Partition in 1947. The cultivated area particularly of the Punjab was regarded as the bread basket or granary of the Subcontinent. The development of agriculture was ignored in the initial years inspire of the fact that the agricultural sector was the largest single contributor to the GDP. It employed 80% of the population directly or indirectly, accounted for 73% of the foreign...

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2.4.3 CASH POLICY 1. The amount of cash kept in the office must be kept to a minimum to reduce the risk of fraud or theft. This amount should be determined by the PO or CO Head of Finance on the basis of regular cash requirements. An imprest petty cash system should be implemente (see Annex 2.4.03 Petty Cash Book template, and below Guidelines). 2. The maximum imprest for a petty cash fund should not exceed the equivalent of CHF 2,000. The PO Representative or Country...

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Cash Crops

Remember to use examples and be specific. 1. What factors caused many people to give up farming and move to the city? Fill in the boxes below to explain how each step led many farmers to leave their farms for a life in the city. (7 points)  Cash Crops  In the late 1800's the majority of farmers grew enough food to support themselves, with a small percentage of product for sale to others, and the farmers were making profit. A much higher production drove down the price, which had the effect of...

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1888 The First National Manual Cash Register In 1883 on January the 30th James Ritty receives a Patent for inventing the cash register. Ritty owned a cafe in Dayton in the 1870s it was a popular cafe but somehow always lost money Ritty then blamed the bartenders and other workers for stealing. What Ritty dealt with was very common in the late 1800s. Ritty later went on a vacation on a ship whist on the ship he observed the workings of an automatic device that recorded the revolutions of the ship's...

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program which is based upon philosophy” Ideology of Pakistan Pakistan’s ideology was based on the Islamic principle of “the only sovereign is Allah". Ideology of Pakistan basically means that Pakistan should be a state where the Muslims should have an opportunity to live according to the faith based on the Islamic principles. They should have all the resources at the disposal to enhance Islamic culture and civilization. Quid-e-Azam once said: "Pakistan was created the day the first Indian national...

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Pakistan Problems

 Agricultural problems in Pakistan and their solutions IMPORTANCE: Economy of every state depends upon 3 sectors i.e. agriculture, industry and commerce. These three are interconnected with each other as the progress or retrogress of one sector effects the other two. Pakistan is an agricultural state thus agriculture gains are of much importance than any other sector. Importance of this sector is manifold as it feeds people, provides raw material for industry and is a base for foreign trade...

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Wheat Pakistan

Pakistan‟s wheat production in marketing year (MY) 2012/13 (May/April) is estimated at 23.0 million tons, down five percent relative to previous year‟s record harvest of 24.2 million tons. Wheat area harvested is witnessing a declining trend and has decreased by five percent during the last two years. Last year, the Government of Pakistan (GOP) procured 6.4 million tons of wheat from the local production, but has yet to announce a procurement target for this year‟s harvest. Trade sources estimate...

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Economic System of Pakistan

under the leadership of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, culminated Pakistan on 14th August 1947. She started her journey as a country without many resources, no machinery, no industry, not much educated middle class, a huge problem of refugees and a neighbor always waiting for the kill.   In 63 years Pakistan has come a long way, she is now 27th biggest economy of the world and the only nuclear power in the Muslim world. Pakistan came into being after the division of the sub continent; she consists...

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Livestock Pakistan

Pakistan Dairy Challenges & Opportunities Shamsuddin A. Shaikh agenda Challenges Strategies Opportunities Pakistan Dairy Challenges Quantity, Quality, Price Demand/ Supply Gap S l G • Demand continues to outpace supply • Actual production estimated to be between 20-22 bio Vs 36 bio reported. • Non-commercialized scattered farming NOT geared to achieving fast growth. No where in the world this has worked Pakistan Dairy Challenges Quantity, Quality, Price Poor milk...

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Agriculture Resources of Pakistan

Agriculture RESOURCES OF Pakistan INTRODUCTION Pakistan's principal natural resources are arable land and water. About 25% of Pakistan's total land area is under cultivation and is watered by one of the largest irrigation systems in the world. Pakistan irrigates three times more acres than Russia. Agriculture accounts for about 21.2% of GDP and employs about 43% of the labor force. In Pakistan, the most agricultural province is Punjab where wheat and cotton are the most grown. Some people also...

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Monetary Policy in Pakistan

Monetary policy in Pakistan | By Dr. M. Hanif Akhtar,  Department of Commerce,  B. Z. University, Multan                                                             Aug 28 - Sep 03, 2000Monetary policy in Pakistan has been used in co-ordination with the fiscal policy to achieve both the objectives of macro-economic stability and higher economic growth. The government supervises monetary situation of economy through the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). This article attempts to present an overview...

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Agriculture Problems in Pakistan

Agriculture Problems in Pakistan And Their Solutions Posted March 8, 2010 by sappk in 2010, Poor Farmers. 7 Comments [pic]Post Source: http://www.einfopedia.com By Mohsin Ali [pic] Economy of every state depends on three sectors i.e agriculture, industry and commerce. These three are interrelated with each other as the progress or retrogress of one sector effects the other two. Pakistan is an agricultural state thus agriculture gains are of much importance than any other sector. Importance of...

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Fertlizer Players in Pakistan

nitrogen-release fertilizer. Urea has the highest nitrogen content of all solid nitrogenous fertilizers in common use (46.7%). 2. Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP): It contains 46% P2O5 and 18% N. it is water soluble. It is a good source of P fertilizer for all crops. Good source for problem soils. Overall, it suits to about 90% soil of the country. 3. Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN): Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) contains 27 % N and 20 % of ground limestone. This has a rapid as well as permanent effect. The...

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Spice Crops

SPICE CROPS ONIONS SITE FOR PLANTING ONIONS: 1.) Accessibility to good roads, transportation facilities, and market A good farm-to-market road is practically essential. Bad roads limit the size of loads, increase wear and tear, and cause crops to be bruise. 2.) Well-drained areas A gently sloping land is a good site because it allows for efficient water drainage. The site should not have any depression where water may accumulate. 3.) Soil fertility Spice crops can be grown...

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Corruption in Pakistan

History Pakistan was created as a result of the partition of subcontinent and the British left behind a strong bureaucracy and army. The country was divided again when Eastern Pakistan seceded to form Bangladesh. A factor in this division was that Bengal's elite and ruling class had been Hindus who were displaced by the partition, while the Punjab's rich land-owning class were Muslims and so had retained power.[9] [edit] Recent events According to calculations performed by Transparency...

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Flood in Pakistan

million dollars to cover the next 90 days and UN chief Ban Ki-moon visited Pakistan at the weekend, calling on the world to quicken its aid pledges. Pak-Iran On 12th Sep. 2010 the Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, called the devastating floods in Pakistan which have left about 20 million homeless the most urgent issue of the Islamic world and called for an immediate humanitarian assistance to Pakistan by Muslim nations and governments including Iran. On 5th Sept. 2010, Pakistan’s...

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Structural Adjustment of Pakistan

ISSUES OF PAKISTAN ECONOMY ASSIGNMENT TOPIC: STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENT PROGRAMMES SUBMITTED TO Ms. Ayesha SUBMITTED BY Syeda Sasha Sohail BSc. Economics Semester VII-A DATE OF SUBMISSION 23th September, 2013 KINNAIRD COLLEGE FOR WOMEN Structural Adjustment Programs Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs) are economic policies for developing countries that have been promoted by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) since the early 1980s. Structural...

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Agricultural Problems in Pakistan

Agriculture and Its Problems in Pakistan Introduction From time Immemorial,agriculture has been the major occupation of the people of Pakistan.Even today agriculture is a major sector and occupies a very important place in the economy of Pakistan.It not only provides food for our growing population but is a source of raw materials for our principal industries as well as a source of foreign exchange for our government. 32% of our gross domestic products belong to this sector.It engages...

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Tobacco Inndustry in Pakistan

Tobacco Industry in Pakistan A SWOT Analysis The Tobacco Industry The tobacco industry is a source of revenues, employment and foreign exchange for the country. The industry has to pay very high excise and sales tax while complying with various strict rules and regulations of the government. During 2004-2005, it contributed above Rs. 28 billion as Central Excise Duty and Sales Tax. Despite its contribution to the economy, the industry is highly criticized for its negative impacts on the society...

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Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash came from humble beginnings and overcome personal destruction to become an influential and successful artist. Johnny Cash was born on February 26, 1932 in Kingsland, Arkansas; he was one of seven children born to Ray and Carrie Cash. His family moved to Dyess, Arkansas when he was three, so that his father could farm. They bought a five bedroom house and farmed twenty acres of cotton and other crops. The son of Southern Baptist sharecroppers, Cash began playing guitar and writing songs...

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Future Scope of Horticulture Crops: Pakistan

Present status and future scope of horticultural crops Submitted To: Dr. Imran Hassan Submitted by: SOHAIB ISMAIL Present status and future scope of Horticultural crops: In Pakistan: The total geographical area of Pakistan is about 796,096 sq. km. Most of the areas in the Punjab and Sindh provinces are comprised of plain land, formed by the River Indus. Pakistan is known for its excellent network of canals and rich agricultural...

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Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash Johnny Cash was born John R. Cash on February 26, 1932 in Kingsland, Arkansas. John came from a family of sharecroppers who had 7 children. Throughout Johnnys childhood he spent the bulk of it working in the farm fields with family and workers. The Cash family lived in a five room house with 20 acres of crops. While spending his time in the fields, Johnny would hear folk songs, and working music from workers. Music was a pastime that everyone in the Cash family did at the time...

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Cash Crop of Pakistan

Statement 1: The type of research that we recommend is exploratory research as we only have to forecast the sales volume for the next five years. Delieverable: As exploratory research only can clarify the ambiguios situation or can discover ideas that may be potential business opportunities so we can use another research that is casual research in this research we can increase the volume of the sales by adding some new equipments that are more easy to use for the customer or which customer can...

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The Agricultural and Industrial Development of Pakistan

AGRICULTURAL AND INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT OF PAKISTAN When Pakistan was formed in 1947 most of the work had to be started from scratch. Most of the land was agricultural land and it had a very few industries. Most of the land was occupied by landlords. There were few semi-handcraft industries. While heavy industry was almost extinct. When sub-continent divided, the country industry and trade were largely under the influence of Hindus, who at the time of division migrated towards Indian territory...

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GM Crops

The Help of GM Crops Norman Borlaug was one of the most influential individuals that no one has ever heard of. His genetic research in Mexico, India, and Pakistan led to the creation of disease resistant, high-yield crops that saved more lives from starvation than the number of those lost in both world wars combined. His pioneering work earned him a Nobel prize in 1970 along with the title, “The Man Who Saved a Billion Lives” (Wilson). Scientists have since expanded his research into the field of...

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Johnny Cash

Theory – Johnny Cash Johnny Cash, the Great Man Thomas Carlyle’s popular theory of the great man is defined as one who was highly influential due to their personal charisma, intelligence, wisdom or political skill, utilizing one or many of these skills to change or create a path in history . Johnny Cash can be defined by Thomas Carlyle’s great man theory due to his influential impact on the history of music through his unique voice and continuous disrespect for authorities. Cash challenged Carlyle’s...

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Rice Industry of Pakistan

of Pakistan where the food, beverages, and tobacco (HS 2002 sections 0+1), of which it is a part, accounted for 16.8% of Pakistan’s total exported goods in 2008 (ITSY, 2008). In the same year, UK imported $56,207.0 million worth of food, beverages, and tobacco with an average share of 8.9% of total imports. Rice falls in division 10 according to HS 2002 (Appendix A13) and 04 under SITC rev.3 under cereals and cereal preparations . Its prominent position as second highest export from Pakistan was...

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Cash and Cash Equivalent

Cash and Cash Equivalents Cash This includes money and other negotiable instrument that is payable in money and acceptable by the bank for deposit and immediate credit. Examples are bills and coins, checks, bank drafts and money orders. To be included or considered as cash, it must be unrestricted as to use, meaning, it must be readily available for use or payment of current obligations, thus, not subject to contractual or legal restrictions. The following items are included in “cash”: ...

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Pakistan Flood 2010

The Pakistan flood of 2010 happened on Monday the 26th July 2010 in the villages Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan. Causes The heavy rains were caused by a monsoon depression (also called a monsoon low) that formed over the Bay of Bengal on July 24, crossed over India, and reached Pakistan on July 27 Climate change – There was unusually heavy monsoon rains which caused widespread flooding in Pakistan, whilst coinciding in Russia unusually high temperatures...

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pakistan is a poor country

Pakistan is not a poor Country but in fact; a Poorly Managed Country Pakistan is a great country with tremendous resources regarding minerals, fertile, water resources, land, good industries, strong manpower, flourishing weather and all those blessings which any developed country can have but false policies and poorly managed plans let it down to the borderline of third world country. An Overview Pakistan is situated in a region where bulk of natural resources is found in its surroundings....

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Gm Crops

Do transgenic crops (Genetically Modified) pose an unacceptable threat to the environment and the maintenance of biodiversity or are they a necessary response to meeting the twin challenges of climate change and sustainability? The population of the world is predicted to reach 19.9 billion by 2025 (United Nations Population Information Network, 2011). According to Purchase (2005), this increase in population will bring along with it the problem of food security. The priority for the world...

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Pakistan and its natural resources

Pakistan and natural resources Synopsis 1. Introduction 2. The available natural resources 3. The bottlenecks in exploiting available natural resources 4. Valuable strategies to clinch benefits from the endowed natural resources 5. Conclusion I. Introduction Resources are defined as a means of meeting a need, particularly an economic or social need, of the people. The term usually refers to natural resources like land, water, air. Natural resources are largely unchanged materials of the...

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Energy Crises in Pakistan

contributing to unrest. But the country has options. Pakistan is in the midst of one of the worst energy crises in its history. This is both slowing the pace of economic activity and causing public unrest with prolonged outages of electricity and gas. Capacity utilization in some key industries has fallen to nearly 50 percent. Worst affected is the fertilizer industry, which faces interruptions to its gas supply and forced closures. Pakistan has the capacity to produce more than one million tons...

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Cotton Industry of Pakistan

COTTON FACT SHEET PAKISTAN Pakistan has the 26th largest economy in the world with a GDP of USD504.3 billion and a GDP per capita of USD 2,600. It has a population of approximately 176.2 million people (2008 estimates). OVERVIEW Pakistan is the 4th largest cotton producer and consumer (preceded by China (Mainland), India and the USA). The cotton industry is an integral aspect of the economy. This is also true of the textile sector on which the economy is heavily dependent. As such cotton is a principal...

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Foreign Exchage Reserve of Pakistan

FOREIGN EXCHANGE RESERVES OF PAKISTAN INTRODUCTION Foreign exchange reserves are the assets of central bank and other monetary authorities in the form of US dollar, pound, euro and Japanese yen. Foreign exchange reserves are also called the reserves assets and it is used to pay back its liabilities, e.g. local currency issued and various bank reserves deposited with the state bank by government .Before the end of gold standard it was kept only in the form of gold only. The reserve assets can...

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Taxes in Pakistan

directly on personal or corporate income, then it is a direct tax. If tax is levied on the price of a good or service, then it is called an indirect tax. Who collects tax? There is a major organization working to safeguard the collection of taxes in Pakistan 1. Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) By the enactment of FBR Act 2007 in July 2007 the Central Boards of Revenue has now become Federal Board of Revenue. Their work is to enhance the capability of the tax system to collect due taxes through application...

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GMO Crops

Genetically modified crops aka transgenic crops are crops that have had their DNA modified using genetic engineering. The reason for genetically modified crops is to introduce a new trait which does not occur naturally in that species, causing the plant to be more productive, repel pests, grow faster, endure environmental conditions, etc. Genetically modified crops are actually found commonly in everyday food items and sold in grocery stores. Approximately 60 - 70% of foods sold in grocery stores...

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Genetically Modified Crops

Improved nutrition The GM oilseed crops on the market today offer improved oil profiles for processing or healthier edible oils.[58] The GM crops in development offer a wider array of environmental and consumer benefits such as nutritional enhancement and drought and stress tolerance. GM plants are being developed by both private companies and public research institutions such as CIMMYT, the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre.[59] Other examples include a genetically modified cassava...

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Fmcg Sector of Pakistan

FMCG Sector of Pakistan Trends, Issues & Opportunities Consumer Goods Industry of Pakistan Products which have a quick turnover and relatively low cost are known as Fast Moving consumer Goods (FMCG). FMCG products are those that get replaced within a year or less and the purchase cycle is relatively small as compared to other products and consumer durables. Examples of FMCG products include a wide range of frequently purchased products such as toiletries, soaps, cosmetics, tooth cleaning, shaving...

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The Islamic Republic of Pakistan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is bordered in the north-west by Afghanistan, north by the former USSR and China, east by India and south by the Arabian Sea. The Muslim state that emerged from partition of British India on 14 August 1947 included an eastern wing comprising mainly the eastern half of Bengal province and parts of Assam. (The name Pakistan is coinage representing 'Punjab, the Afghan border states, Kashmir, Sing and Baluchistan') For nine years Pakistan remained a dominion. It was...

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energy crisis in pakistan

Energy Crisis in Pakistan -Introduction. Exhausting of Energy Resources of the world . Shortage of energy in Pakistan. Leading Factors. Govt. Initiatives to abate energy crisis-Kinds of Energy.Renewable*Wind*Sunlight.Non Renewable*Petroleum*Gas*Coal*Nuclear Energy-Energy Crisis in Pakistan.Electricity Short fall.Gas Load-shedding-Causes of Energy Crisis .Circular Debt.Inefficient Management .Governance Issue.Corruption .Stealing of Energy-Implication on Economy.Textile Industry .Cottage Industry...

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Tea Production Potential in Pakistan

potential in Pakistan By Mohammed Arifeen Tea is the world’s most favored beverage due to its general acceptability, comparative cheapness and advantageous effects. It is the second most drank beverage after water. The tea plant originated from South East China and slowly spread to Indo-Pak subcontinent, Sri Lanka and further into tropical and sub tropical countries Pakistan was a bulk producer and exporter of tea until 1970 but after the loss of its eastern wing (than known as East Pakistan) it turned...

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Avicular Controls and Pakistan Airlines

FINC 667 - CASE ASSIGNMENT - AVICULAR CONTROLS AND PAKISTAN AIRLINES BACKGROUND International projects present multinational corporations with many complexities in organizing a profitable transaction structure.Foreign exchange risk is an underlying problem. Credit risk presents another challenge. Payment terms and the certainty of realizing them can be difficult points. Negotiations with foreign corporations and governments, and with agents and intermediaries, present additional challenges. An...

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inter provincial water conflict in pakistan

conflict in PAKISTAN HASSAN SHER TAWEEBA HASSAN Geography 133, section A Professor SOHAIL AHMED UMER November 16, 2013 It is obvious that conflicts arises on non-renewable natural recourses like petrol, gas, coal, e.t.c because of their economic value but today in modern world conflicts arising on renewable recourses like water. Pakistan is a country facing serious shortage of fresh water recourses in the country. Things get worse as Pakistan is securing...

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Trade Pattern of Pakistan

TRADE PATTERN OF PAKISTAN TRADE At the international level, trade means both export and import. The word 'Export' can be defined as commercial sale of goods, services and financial assets in the international market. Export refers to the value of goods and non-factor services that one country produces and sells to the rest of the world. It includes merchandise, freight, insurance, travel, and other non-factor services whereas the repetition of the same phenomena with the intention of purchasing...

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Agriculture and Pakistan

true with reference to Pakistan? Write a comprehensive essay. Agriculture in Pakistan(achievements) * Pakistan ranks eighth worldwide in farm output, according to the List of countries by GDP sector * The most important crops are wheat, sugarcane, cotton, and rice, which together account for more than 75% of the value of total crop output. * Pakistan's largest food crop is wheat. In 2005, Pakistan produced 21,591,400...

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Edible Oil Industry in Pakistan

Case: Edible Oils Industry in Pakistan Analysis of the case This case provides thorough understanding of the Edible oil industry in Pakistan and how it has changed and evolved down the years. The case highlights different macro and micro environment factors which have an influence in shaping up the market of edible oils. Initially, Desi ghee was the most widely used edible oil in Pakistan. However, with the passage of time, there was a shift in trend from desi ghee to vanaspati ghee because...

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Disaster Management in Pakistan

management in Pakistan By Irshad Ali Sodhar (FSP) Outline 1. Introduction 2. Disaster; definition and types 3. Disaster management 4. Phases of disaster management; a. Mitigation b. Preparedness c. Response d. Recovery 5. History of disasters in Pakistan 6. Disaster in the wake of recent floods 7. Structure of disaster management in Pakistan 8. Role of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) 9. Abysmal state of disaster preparedness and management in Pakistan 10. Impacts...

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Marriage in Pakistan

Marriage in Pakistan Pakistan is a place of thousands of cultured faces, when there is a wedding its full of its traditions and influenced by foreign customs. When you know there is Pakistani wedding be ready to participate with passion and enthusiasm. There are several steps among Muslim wedding, and they include mangni , mayoo, mehndi, nikah, and valima. Mangni is a formal ceremony to mark the couple of the engagement. This event usually takes place at home and not a lot of people are invited...

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An Entrepreneur Air-Express Company in Pakistan

This case introduces Khalid Awan, co-founder of TCS, an entrepreneurial air-express company in Pakistan. Awan has succeeded in building a sizeable company despite serious obstacles, including pressure from the public postal system, an environment prone to corruption, and a nonexistent market for venture capital. The firm largely made extensive use of leasing contracts to expand with small initial cash deposits. However, in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, Awan is now faced with a number of questions...

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