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and having a career. Norms on a bus, is behaving properly or/ and follow the rules given. Most people in our society do follow the guidelines. When choosing a location to do my observation, I chose to ride the TARC bus to see the different types of groups interacting with one another. There were multiple people getting on and off the bus. Also, there was not just subculture on the bus, but also counterculture on the bus. There were younger people using the TARC bus than older people. So, an older...

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London Congestion Charge Zone

London congestion charge zone is a solution to avoid traffic-jams. It fulfills its aims by reducing the number of cars entering the zone, indeed it is 21% lower than pre-charge level, i.e 70000 fewer cars a day. There has been a six per cent increase in bus passengers during charging hours. Congestion charging will help people change their travel habits and extend real transport choice. People with a car will be able to leave it at home for many of their trips. It deters people from using their car and...

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Business Research Part 1

1.2 Company Profile Yellow Bus Line (YBL), then a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Mr. Antonio C. Yap, was granted a certificate of public Utility Buses for the transport of passengers and freight for six (6) units servicing the routes from Marbel to Cagayan de Oro and vice versa. At the start of its operations in 1958, the YBL had only three (3) buses and had to compete with several bus operators in the same area such as: Mindanao Bus Company, the Rojas Transportation and Bayoneta...

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Ensuring Safe Andaccessible Road Transportation for the Disabled in Lagos State

Many disabled Nigerians today rely on public transport such as bus train or taxi. They usually can’t afford a car and are really thankful for these options; but the only problem is that these means of transportation and the barriers on the road are not convenient for their physical defects. Barriers in the environment Include hawkers, bad traffic management and construction at the wrong places. It is entirely not their fault. Since Bus stops are located in the centre of the sidewalks, it forces including...

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Disadvantages of Public Transportation

construct”(1). Price is a regulatory device in any type of market. Because we are accustomed to our current systems of public transportation, it is hard to imagine a system that does not involve the use of fares and standard rate practices. We step on the bus, we pay our fare or swipe our card, take our seat, then arrive at our destination. Without the immediate pay and receive factor, the user might feel uninvolved or detached from something they were once so involved in. Public transportation...

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School Bus Seatbelts; Are They Really a Good Idea?

School Bus Seatbelts; Are they really a good idea? School buses today always seem to be upgrading with different safety features. But the question I’m asking is if these features are really as safe as they are said to be. There are many parents worried about the need for seat belts on a school bus and why they are not enforced and required like they are in other vehicles. Seats are higher now, with significantly thicker padding, and that padding now extends around the entire seat, eliminating...

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Outdoor Activity

colony. My journey to “BHIVPURI” in a BUS started at 7:45 AM. In the BUS, I came across two friends, “ATHARVA & PRATHIK”. Atharva is studying in 8th Standard and Prathik in 7th. It was a coincidence that I was the senior most in the BUS (Studying in 9th standard). In the mean while we were served Breakfast “Vada Pav”. It was very Yummy. During the journey we three (myself, Atharva & Prathik) made some bunch of Paper rockets and flied them inside & outside the BUS. For some time we talked about the...

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Narrative Essay About Racial Discrimination

It was the second day of second grade. I was on the school bus sitting next to my best friend when the bus suddenly halted, making a loud SCREECH. I looked out the window to see the reason why. There was a metro bus, green, long, and making me late to school. As I was staring at the bus and the line of people that seemed to stretch out for miles, one person, in particular, caught my eye. It was a woman she looked young, probably 19, but she looked foreign. Foreign to the average American, but not...

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Stakeholder Analysis Case Study

Stakeholder Analysis Case Study: BYDauto Enter HK’s Electric Taxi / Bus Market Hui Qiu, EMBA 18 ESC Rennes Case background Hong Kong (HK) is one of the most crowded cities in the world, with almost the highest vehicle density. It has long been criticized for its bad air quality compared to its advanced economy. With the recently hazardous air pollution in China mainland, HK has been affected as well for its geographic neighborhood. The Air quality readings recently (PM2.5: 60µg/m³) have exceeded...

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leadership case study

location by company provided shuttle busses; bus loads are drop off at the rental counter, where rental agents will assist with the necessary paper work to rent a vehicle. Rental agents will decide what car goes to each customer. The customer service team will assist the customer with directions where the car is located, where to return the car and inspect the car to ensure it is to the customer’s standard. During the “rush” of the day, there are bus load of fifteen to twenty customers, which they...

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