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  • Millenium Project - British Museum

    report is based on The British Museum Queen Elizabeth II Great Court‚ which is the largest covered square in Europe and it is part of the Millennium Commission Projects (Millennium Commission‚ n.d.). The paper includes background and history of the museum explaining how it was decided to reconstruct The Great Court‚ what was it aim and who it was designed from. Then‚ will analyse the cost of the project including money invested‚ what is believed to be beneficial for the British Museum and what might be

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  • Cobb Museum

    Anthropology Dr. Jean Marcus November 16‚ 2012 Cobb Museum Paper The Cobb Institute Museum at Mississippi State University displays items from the Old World and the New World. When I visited the museum I noticed a wide variety of artifacts. The Old world side contained pieces from many Old World countries‚ while the New World side featured a lot of pieces that are from local areas. Since there was such a vast number of artifacts at the Cobb Museum‚ I have decided to focus on the clay vessels and

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  • Benin Antiquities At The British Museum Analysis

    Read the following extract from reading 2.2 ‘Benin antiquities at the British Museum’ and look at Plates 3.1.14 British officers of the Benin punitive expedition with bronzes and ivories taken from the royal compound‚ Benin City‚ 1897 and 3.2.24 Display of Benin bronzes in the Sainsbury African Galleries‚ the British Museum‚ 2005 in the AA100 Illustration Book. How do the different contexts of display reflect different attitudes to the art of Benin? At the end of the 19th century‚ Africa was

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  • Universal Museum

    The Universal Museum – a valid model for the 21st century? Introduction In October 2002‚ the International Group of Organisers of Largescale Exhibitions‚ also known as the Bizot Group — a forum comprising directors of 40 of the world’s major museums and galleries — gathered in Munich for their annual informal discussion.1 The meeting was convened specifically to address the problem of how to confront the growing number of requests for repatriation of objects from ‘universal’ museums and in particular

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  • Museums

    Museum Museum‚ institution dedicated to helping people understand and appreciate the natural world‚ the history of civilizations‚ and the record of humanity’s artistic‚ scientific‚ and technological achievements. Museums collect objects of scientific‚ aesthetic‚ or historical importance; care for them; and study‚ interpret‚ and exhibit them for the purposes of public education and the advancement of knowledge. There are museums in almost every major city in the world and in many smaller communities

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  • Why The Parthenon Marbles Should Stay At Their Museum?

    marble figures should be located. Although these famous statues originated in Greece‚ for the past two centuries‚ these historical pieces of artwork were not located in their homeland. Currently‚ they are being preserved and stored within the British Museum where they are displayed for many tourists and travelers from all around the world to see. Greece has requested to have them returned‚ which has in turn created an international conflict between England and Greece. Just like any conflict‚ there

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  • Benin Art Museum Essay

    themselves betray the assumptions of the past about human social evolution’. Some which are on loan to the Museum (Archive of the collection after the arrival of the totem poles 1998 267.95.3.) (Pitt Rivers‚ 1904). Plate 3.2.25: The display of Benin bronzes at the Horniman Museum is viewed now as works of art instead of pieces of anthropology as they were in 1903 a ‘war booty’. Bronze commemorative heads representing ancient sovereigns‚ ceremonial costumes‚ insignias and royal personal objects

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  • Cilicia Museum Case Study

    4.2 Comparative Parallels The study of different religious and/or historical museum is important to be able to study the future storyline and visitors’ path of Cilicia Museum. Hence‚ studying the displays‚ their panels and their methods of engaging with their audience is essential. The parallels were chosen‚ amongst a very large number of museums visited. during cultural trips. The four following museums have many similarities in themes and/or in the richness of their collection‚ but the difference

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  • Ap Synthesis Essay: Museums

    Museums have long served a purpose as cultural staples. For every museum‚ big and small‚ careful consideration is used in selecting its contents. When securing new items for a museum‚ it is most important to consider public appeal‚ educational value‚ and cost-effectiveness. What makes a museum different from a billionaire’s private collection is patronage. Thus‚ a museum must be able to attract visitors interested in its displays. This captivation of interest should be for the purpose of entertainment

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  • Museum Theatre

    The last decades‚ museum studies and practice are marked by a shift in traditional museum views that emerged from a strong critique towards the narratives‚ values and‚ finally‚ the very definition of museums in contemporary western society. The emergence of New Museology was decisive in theorizing and putting this turn into a larger context that involved ideological‚ political and aesthetic dimensions. Museums‚ far from being neutral spaces of knowledge have a significant function in the mediation

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