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History the Mob Boss

Accel Ms. Gutierrez History Personified History the Mob Boss Arundhati Roy personifies history as a mob boss, with Baby Kochamma, Chacko, Inspector Thomas Matthew, Comrade Pillai, even Vellya Paapen acting has the mob boss’s thugs, who maintained order and came to collect what you owe when you don’t follow the rules. When you owe the mob money, the boss’s thugs will come for you. Roy uses the personification of owing the mob boss to show what happens when you don’t maintain the natural order...

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Boss and Employee Relationship

BOSS/EMPLOYEE RELATIONSHIP: 7 THINGS TO AVOID A big part of maintaining the Boss/Employee relationship is to never allow a boss to think you dislike your work. THAT’S NOT MY JOB You know what? Several bosses are simple souls who think your job is to do what’s asked of you. So even if you are assigned a task that is indeed, not your job, refrain from saying so. Instead, try to find out why your boss is assigning you this task-there may be a valid reason. If you believe that doing the...

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Empowerment-If You Were the Boss

Workplace Ethics and Expectations 10 EMPOWERMENT and its impact on organizational success “IF YOU WERE THE BOSS” Danielle St. Pierre “IF YOU WERE THE BOSS” Week 9 Writing Assignment If you were the Boss......pg 107 of the text. Answer the four questions in at least 2 pages, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman size 12 font. 1. How can you get employees excited about assuming additional responsibilities? Empower and Equip Them! Although my Director of Property Management...

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Learning from Your Boss

Learning From your Boss I had the opportunity to work with a company for twenty eight years so I went through multiple management/Leadership. The lessons about management/leadership that I learned from my manager are the following: • Goal Setting - Setting goals is a very important first step on the path to becoming a more effective leader. While managers surely set goals and work to achieve those goals, leaders operationalize goals through teamwork. Accomplishing goals becomes more than a...

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Younger Boss Old Employee Problem

Being a young boss dealing with employees who are older then you is not an easy task and imposes many problems in today’s workplace. In the article “The young-boss-older-employee dilemma”, Weiss tells the story of Jim Schneider who recounts his experience with going from boss of his own work to an old employee managed by a younger supervisor. Back when he was the Boss he “viewed old workers as dead weight”; he thought they are no longer productive or ambitious. Now that he is on the other side, he...

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Are You a Good Boss or a Great One

ARE YOU A GOOD BOSS-OR A GREAT ONE 1. What are the pitfalls that plague managers? Ans. Many managers underestimate the transformational challenges of their roles. Managers in new assignments start out as receptive to change but as the managers start to settle in an organization they lose their fear of imminent failure and often grow complacent. Most bosses reach a level of proficiency and stop there-short of what they could and should have become, they stop growing and improving. Most often managers...

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strategy managing your boss

Analysis of “Managing Your Boss” This article emphasize on the importance of managing your boss. The authors initially stated what “Managing your boss” means, then they support their idea of managing your boss by giving the credible studies sources. They also gave a “sad but telling story” about how this person who got fired because of his poor management between him and his boss. After that, the authors further stress the importance of managing your boss by pointing out the mutual dependence...

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Challenge Boss or Stand Down

Challenge the Boss or Stand Down THOMAS set predictable problems that he failed to forestall. Instead of further poisoning his relationship with his boss by seeking to “expose” him, Tom should now start to repair the damage he’s done to both his professional relationships and his career prospects. Tom’s first mistake was in neglecting to consider that he was not his boss’s choice for the position of senior marketing specialist. From the outset he should have recognized the significance of that initial...

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A Book Review of Managing Your Boss: Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management - Book Review “Managing Your Boss” by John J. Gabarro and John P. Kotter Harvard Business Review, 2005 Introduction People sometimes do not realize how much their bosses depend on them and many people also do not realize how much they depend on their boss. For example bosses need honesty from manager’s direct reports. People can managing their bosses for very good reasons: to get resources to do the best job, not only for their-selves but also for their bosses and...

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What Are Some Important Qualities of a Good Supervisor (Boss)?

reveal that the relationship between the boss and staff is not good. They seldom talk to one another. Most of the staff say that their bosses are bad tempered and their boss always scold them without reasons. Thus, they are unwilling to communicate with their boss. How can the situation be improved? The boss should improve themselves and to have a good quality. In this essay, I am going to state three qualities that are important for being a good boss. A good boss should have good-mannered. When the...

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