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The Borneo Rainforest is located in Borneo which is the third largest island in the world and is located north of Java, Indonesia, at the geographic centre of Maritime Southeast Asia. The Rainforest is 130 million years old, which makes it the oldest rainforest in the world. The Borneo rainforest is one of the only remaining natural habitats for the endangered Bornean Orangutan. It is an important refuge for many endemic forest species, including the Asian Elephant, the Sumatran Rhinoceros, the...

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Sabah Borneo

Adventure in Sabah Good morning to all wise judges, the teachers, friends and to all pupils. Today, I would like to talk about the many adventures in Sabah that we can proud of and as a destination for visiting. Sabah is located at the northern tip of Borneo, the third’s largest island. It has a long coastline that washed by the South China Sea on the West and the Sulu Sea and the Celebes Sea on the East. It has some of the beautiful beaches and islands in the world. Sabah is also known as “The Land Below...

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Example Company Background

1.0 Company’s background Borneo Poultry Sdn. Bhd is a company that focusing on production of chicken’s meat which will soon to be one of the companies responsible in supplying poultry products in Sabah, specifically in Kota Kinabalu district. Borneo Poultry farm is located in sub-urban industrialised area in Jalan Tuaran, Inanam. The company have three business partners and aided with three experienced workers. Chicken’s farming is a lucrative business since chicken’s meat are consumed by universal...

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The Exotic Ethnic Culture of Sarawak

the Iban in Tourism in Borneo – The Second Biennial International Conference, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, July 1992, Borneo Research Council Proceedings Series, pp 67-90 Loose, S and Lamb, R. (1990) Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. The Travellers´Guide. Huddersfield: Springfield Books Kedit, P. & Sabang, C.L. (1992) Tourism Report: A re-study of Skrang Longhouse Tourism in Tourism in Borneo – The Second Biennial International Conference, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, 1992, Borneo Research Council Proceedings...

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Why the Sumatran Rhinoceros Will be Extinct

not know that rhino horn comes from poached rhinos. Even though the use of rhino horn for medicine has been banned in most countries, investigations show that it is still used today. In addition, since these rhinos (particularly from the island of Borneo) are living in small forest pockets, they often enter adjacent oil palm plantations to search food, which makes poaching an even greater danger. A final major threat that will cause Sumatran rhinos to be extinct during our lifetime is genetic loss...

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high blood pressure

Games Manage indoor games Learn about on how to plan and manage game. July 2010(Semester 2-6): Member of Falcon Rugby club of Polytechnic Mukah Sarawak Representing Polytechnic Mukah Sarawak for 8th Borneo Touch Rugby Tournament year 2011 Representing Polytechnic Mukah Sarawak for 9th Borneo Touch Rugby Tournament year 2012 SKILLS Competent in the use of Microsoft Office package such as Word, Power Point and Excel. Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia, English (writing and speaking) Competent in the...

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Philippine Territory Island

They also introduced adult educationprogrammes. In return, the Calayanos offered gifts to the soldiers such as ancient jars, sea shells and handicrafts. When In 1881, the syndicate represented by Overbeck and Dent was chartered as British North Borneo Co. (BNBC). In 1898, under the Treaty of Paris, Spain sold the Philippines to the United States. The treaty boundaries allegedly did not include Sabah. During World War II, the Japanese occupied Brunei. After the war, in 1946, the British Crown granted...

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Orangutans endangered dues to palm oil plantations

threatened and has lead experts to estimate Orangutans have lost about 50% of their natural forest cover since 1985. There are extremely low numbers of Orangutans in the Sumatran wild left with less than 6,600 left in Sumatra, and less than 54,000 in Borneo. The Sumatran Tiger with 500 left in the wild, the Sumatran elephant with 3000 left in the wild and the Sumatran rhino are all also Critically Endangered, indicating the highest level of threat to their survival. Palm oil is derived from palm fruit...

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Forest". Orangutans are found in the tropical forests of Sumatra and Borneo. They are the most arboreal of the great apes and move amongst the safety of the trees from one feeding site to the next. They are so well adapted to arboreal life that they cannot place their feet on the ground, instead they walk on the outside of their curved foot. There is a scattered population of orangutan in Indonesian Borneo, Malaysia Borneo and northern Sumatra. The different habitats have isolated the orangutan...

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southernmost point of Eurasia, and Malaysian Borneo (East Malaysia), which is on the island of Borneo. Malaysia is bordered by Thailand on the peninsula, and Indonesia and Brunei on the island of Borneo. Malaysia covers an area of 329,847 square kilometers (127,355 square miles). Malaysia is divided into two regions, with a total of thirteen states based on Malay Kingdoms, and three federal territories. East Malaysia, or the part of the country on the island of Borneo, is home to the states of Sabah, Sarawak...

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