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Bmw Ag The Digital Car Project

1, 2001 STEFAN THOMKE BMW AG: The Digital Car Project (A) “Looks great,” thought Chris Bangle as he walked by a picture of the new BMW 3-Series which was about one year away from its scheduled 1998 launch in Germany. Bangle, a former Wisconsin native, who became the company’s director of worldwide design at age 35, glanced at his watch. In just 30 minutes, he would meet with other senior managers about project recommendations that might revolutionize the way cars had been designed over the...

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BMW AG: The Digital Car Project (A)

12/11/2012 BMW AG: The Digital Car Project (A) Case Summary This case study presents how BMW, a German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company, is trying to reduce development turnaround time using new technologies. To build new development capability three areas of opportunities are emphasized, managing automotive development including exterior styling; process/organizational changes; and adapting new computer-aided technologies. This strategic move is responsible for BMW historically ...

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Bmw Ag: the Digital Car Project

category so the company can be successful. 1. What are the competitive challenges of the automotive industry in 1997 and beyond? How is BMW affected? In general, in the last decade the market has witnessed a power shift from manufacturers to consumers. The automotive industry did not escape this trend. Customers wanted to have more variety of cars, and more affordable ones without sacrificing quality. In order to meet this demand, automakers started focusing heavily on speeding up their...

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Case Study Bmw

Background BMW was founded in 1913, and established as we know it now a day’s BMW AG in 1917. In the beginning BMW produced aircraft motors but after the Second World War they been forced to cease the production of aircrafts, they shift to the production of motorcycles in 1923, and following in 1929 the production of automobiles. The first car that BMW produce successfully was the Dixi. The logo was first used in advertisement in 1929. A huge crisis hit BMW in 1959 there were on a financial difficulty...

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MBW: The Digital Auto Report

 BMW: The Digital Auto Project Case Analysis Report 1. Recommendation 1-1. We recommend 3-series touring wagon development project as a target of Digital Car Project. The ultimate objective of the project is to halve lead time of product development in BMW from 60 months to 30 month. As a result, the firm can incorporate reflect fickle customers’ tastes and the latest technology to their product development quickly and it enable them to fit the market needs strategically. If...

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Bmw Swot Analysis

BMW Company (Bavarian Motor Works) Introduction BMW Company was established in 1913. The person who founded the company was Karl Rapp. Before he worked in a German aircraft company as a director. He started the business in a very small scale. The name was Rapp Motor Works. In 1917 he resigned, led by Austrian engineer Franz-Joseph Popp, who changed the name to Bavarian Motor Works. In the same year Max Frizz, the chief engineer designed the company's first aircraft engine and when the treaty...

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Bmw Project

INTRODUCTION The BMW Group is a manufacturer of luxury automobiles and motorcycles. It has 24 production facilities spread over thirteen countries and the company’s products are sold in more than 140 countries. BMW Group owns three brands namely BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce. This project contains detailed information about the marketing and promotional activities of BMW. It contains the history of BMW, its evolution after the world war and its growth as one of the leading automobile brands. This project also contains...

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Bmw Case

Executive Summary BMW has embarked on a mission to cut its notoriously long product development time in half utilizing a newly developed system code named "Digital Car". Senior management has decided to utilize the new process on the 7-series platform. In order to accomplish this goal, BMW is preparing to take advantage of the latest computer technology in car development. At the forefront of the new plan is a debate over the use of computer-aided-styling (CAS). We recommend that BMW implement the...

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Bmw (Project Proposal on Bmw)

PROJECT PROPOSAL Strategies and Tactics Employed by BMW in Pricing, Production and Resource Utilization using Micro And Macroeconomic Theory MBA Full time Sept. Intake 2012 Course Module Managerial Economics Course Co ordinator Ceyhun Elci ...

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Competition Bmw

Competition BMW faced competitive rivalry in the United Kingdom most especially from Mercedes who are their biggest rivals. Mercedes have the second largest market share of cars in the United Kingdom, hence making them a strong competitor against BMW who are the first in market share in the United Kingdom. Besides that, there are introduction of new entrants into the car manufacturing industry in the United Kingdom. The new competitor that enters into the market was taken over some of the market...

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