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A Role Model

anorexia, and cutting herself and was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Once she checked out of rehab, rather than withdrawing into a shell, demi was determined to stay true to herself and made her story public so as to inspire others suffering from the same disorders to get help. she shared her story about how, during her childhood, she was bullied for being fat, which forced her to be home-schooled, leading to depression and eating disorders. Thus she earned world wide support for her comeback...

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Bipolar Depression

 Bipolar Disorder Victoria Venske Rasmussen College Author Note This paper is being submitted on March 11, 2014, for Mr. Powell’s G148 Section 3 General Psychology Course. Bipolar disorder is also known as manic-depressive illness. This disorder causes unlikely changes in mood, energy, activity level, and carrying out normal daily activities. Symptoms of bipolar disorder are severe and can range from day to day. Not every person goes through these stages in order...

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Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments of Unipolar and Bipolar Disorder

Causes and 2 Unipolar and bipolar disorders are fairly common and they can have devastating effects to an individual. There has been much study and documentation on these disorders. This paper will review the causes of both unipolar and bipolar disorders. The symptoms of both of these disorders will be highlighted and discussed. Treatment options will be reviewed that are available to individuals who find that they are suffering from these disorders. Unipolar disorder is characterized by an individual...

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God Can Change a Person Attitude or Not

and pray nonstop?" I figured that was for the monks, not the mothers with homes and 1/2 a million things to do. I didn't even try. Scary Signs Of Bipolar These 3 Signs Of Depression Are A Clear Sign Of Bipolar. See Now. T h eLifeV ibe.com Sponsor ed Resul ts Related Content About a year later a counselor diagnosed me with Bipolar disorder. My spiritual life had all but ceased Understanding the Need for Prayer to exist. I got out of the habit of praying in the morning and night. Within...

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Abnormal Psych-Evaluation

causes, and treatment process of a disorder • -provides a means of universal communication regarding abnormal behavior • -the product of human invention-disorders can be “constructs” • -reliability is the ability of a measuring device to produce the same result each time. • -validity is when a measurement actually measures what it is supposed to measure. 5 Axes of DSM-IV-TR o Axis I: the clinical syndromes or conditions o Axis II: personality disorders and MR o Axis III: general medical...

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The Effects of Bipolar Disorder on Children and Their Families

and these mood changes have been identified as disorders. One example, bipolar disorder is perhaps one of the oldest known diseases. It has grown into one of the most common illnesses that people of every age, culture, and gender must deal with on an everyday basis. In recent times bipolar disorder has become quite prevalent in children and adolescents causing and increased concern and interest in this area. Bipolar disorder is a lifelong mood disorder, characterized by recurrent manic or hypomanic...

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STDs in Pregnant Women, and Infants' Sensory and Perceptual Capacities

nonpsychotic depression. • This condition occurs in about 10-20% of women, usuallywithina fewmonths of delivery. • Risk factors include previous major depression, psychosocial stress, inadequate social support, and previous premenstrual dysphoric disorder(see premenstrual syndromefor more information). • Symptoms include depressed mood, tearfulness, inability to enjoy pleasurable activities, trouble sleeping, fatigue, appetite problems, suicidal thoughts, feelings of inadequacy as a parent, and...

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Facebook: Friend or Foe?

refused. She would never make that mistake again. Amanda Todd wrote that during the next Christmas break, police informed her at four am that the photo was circulating the Internet. Amanda wrote that she experienced anxiety, depression,  and panic disorder because of this. Her family moved to a new home, where she later stated that she began using drugs and alcohol. A year later, the stranger had reappeared, creating a Facebook profile which used the topless photograph as the profile image, and contacting...

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Research Proposal

hallucinations with the hearing of voices. The voices can be intense, severely impacting their daily functions; suicide and homicide are linked to the disorder (Johnsen, E., Sinkeviciute, I., Løberg, E., Kroken, R. A., Hugdahl, K., & Jørgensen, H. A. (2013). It is important to know that individuals suffering from schizophrenia and other link disorders are diverse. So, to enhance effective treatment in various subcategories, individual drug routines should be a vital goal. Fortunately, there are...

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Unjust Application of Law

sentenced. It was through this that I discovered to never put myself in a position where I could be made an example of. It was more then ten years ago when a close family friend of mine has been at the peak of struggling with manic depression. A bipolar disorder, main depression is a mental illness which is characterized by episodes of mania, excessively intense enthusiasm, interest, or desire, followed by intense episodes of depression. This dramatic change in mental states causes profuse and rapidly...

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