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Biovail Question 1

Biovail Case, Question 1 1. How many truckloads of product are actually required to carry $10 million of  product? Show your calculations. Given: a. 1 Wellbutrin XL tablet is estimated to be 1.5 cm3 (this includes the packing space) b. A 18-wheeler trailer dimensions are: 17m x 4.5m x 2.5m Since the tablet and the trailer are using different units of measurements we need to convert the trailer dimensions to centimeters before we can calculate the volumes. To convert meters into centimeters...

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Biovail Case

Assignment Questions: 1. How many truckloads of product are actually required to carry $10 million of product? Show your calculations. Given: a. 1 Wellbutrin XL tablet is estimated to be 1.5 cm3 (this includes the packing space) b. 1 18-wheeler trailer’s dimensions are: 17m x 4.5m x 2.5m Since the tablet and the trailer are using different units of measurements we need to convert the trailer dimensions to centimeters before we can calculate the volumes. a. To convert meters into...

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Biovail Case

Biovail Case Part 1: Assumptions: 1. The mark-up is from the Distributor to the Wholesaler, and the margin is from the Wholesaler to the Retailer Biovail Distributor purchase price Wholesaler purchase price = Distributor purchase price + 400% mark-up Retailer price = Wholesaler price + 35% margin 2. We don’t know the excess space needed in the truck for the 64 gallon drums so we assumed that the 1.00 cm3 accounts for the excess space...

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Biovail Corporation: Revenue Recognition

product? Show your calculations. The Wellbutrin XL tablet include the packaging space that stated in the question was. Dimensions of a 18 wheeler trailer was 17m x 4.5m x 2.5m Solution: Firstly, change the unit of the 18 wheeler trailer because different unit of measurement cannot calculate the volumes so the dimension of 18 wheeler trailer has change to centimeters. a. To convert the unit of measurement 1 meter (m) = 100 centimeters (cm) Dimensions of 18 wheeler trailer = 17m x 4.5m x 2.5m 17m = 1700cm...

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Question 1

MIS 589 Chapter 1 Questions 7. How do local area networks (LANs) differ from metropolitan area networks (MANs), wide area networks (WANs), and backbone networks (BNs)? Local area networks (LANs) consist of microcomputers located in a same general area. LANs usually share circuits where computers take turns using the same circuit. In a metropolitan area networks (MANs), a network usually covers a citywide area. Wide area networks (WANs) span a large geographical area. WANs span a larger area...

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Speech Questions Chapter 1

CH 1 Discussion Questions 1-1. What are the three differences between casual conversation and public speaking? -The three differences between casual conversation and public speaking are: Public speaking is more formal, the speaker is more prepared to talk, and the audience is not usually intended to talk back to the speaker in the middle of what they are saying. 1-2. What are the roles of the source and the receiver in the communication process? -The source is the person/speaker who...

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httpwenkubaiducomviewf3d4df2fed630b1c59eeb547html 11 Question 1 1 out

سوال 11 غلط عندي Question 1 1 out of 1 points Which of the following statements might be made by an interviewer in a job-related interview? Selected Answer: "Can you tell me about a time in the past when you used leadership skills to handle a difficult situation?" Question 2 1 out of 1 points Which type of interview could also be described as somewhat like a general conversation? Selected Answer: non-directive Question 3 1 out of 1 points Which question below is an example...

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Cognitive Essay Question 1

Cognitive Essay 2012-13 The coursework essays are built on independent reading. To answer the essay questions you will have to read original journal papers (not textbooks), understand the main argument, evaluate the empirical findings and compare different views of the topic. Based on that you should try to find a (preliminary) answer to the question or make clear why the question remains open. Provide empirical evidence for your arguments. When you describe the empirical evidence it is important...

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Midterm 1 Review Questions

Midterm 1 Review Questions 1. What is the inverse demand of QD = 20 – 4P? 2. If the demand function is QD = 20 – 4P and the government imposes a tax of $2 on consumers. What is the new demand curve? 3. What does the supply curve look like when there is a max quantity that can be supplied? 4. In the market for pizza what will happen if a. Worker’s wages increase. b. Income increases c. The price of cheese decreases. 5. The inverse demand for movies is P = 8 – (1/2)Q. Graph the demand curve...

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hamlet synthesis questions 1

Hamlet synthesis questions. Below are a list of questions we will be discussing next week (depending on your class day). You will be assigned one questions will serve both as a quiz grade AND a basis for our class discussion. This assignment has two parts: 1. A brief research portion, where you will paraphrase a critic’s point 2. Your own opinion of the question with at least 5 quotes to back up your position. Remember, we are going to look at the entire play—your response should include a...

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