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Bidding For Hertz Leveraged Buyout

Bidding for Hertz: Leveraged Buyout Case The dual-track process used by Ford to initiate “consideration of strategic alternatives” makes the bidding process for Hertz more difficult. The bidding group has to spend more time to gather more information required for the process. To be able to give out an acceptable price, which maximizes the value for Ford, the cost the group has to put to buyout is also higher. Longer time to collect the information means the group lose its competitive advantages...

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Private Equity and Hertz

SSRN Inspection UVA-F-1560 Bidding For Hertz: Leveraged Buyout TO ACCESS THIS DOCUMENT This is a protected document. The first two pages are available for everyone to see, but only faculty members who have verified faculty status with Darden Business Publishing are able to view this entire inspection copy. Username: Submit VERIFIED FACULTY If you have verified faculty status with Darden Business Publishing, simply enter the same username that you use on the Darden Business Publishing...

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Hertz Lbo

Appendix VI: Hertz Corp. Case Study Overview: The Hertz buyout is one of the largest private equity deals. It drew criticism in the media and from union members, after the company’s new owners paid themselves $1.3 billion in dividends not long after the transaction closed and ultimately financed the payments by selling stock to the public. The company has realized hundreds of millions of dollars in improved financial results annually, but also has cut thousands of jobs as it has sought to make...

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Hertz Lbo

After evaluating Hertz, we recommend that Carlyle Group purchase Hertz for at least $2.3 billion. If they want to achieve a 20% return, they should offer $5.2 billion. A higher offer price is recommended due to the competitive nature of the dual-track process. The dual-track process has created a rather interesting environment for potential investors. Not only are investors competing with each other, but if the case that a deal is not worked out then Ford has made provisions for the company to be...

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Uva-F-1560, Hertz

The bidding process for Hertz began when William Ford Jr. announced plans to explore “strategic alternatives” for Hertz in April 2005. Two months later in June, an S-1 registration statement was filed setting up a “dual track process” that would result in a Hertz IPO should other sale prospects fail. This decision affects the bidding process in multiple ways. For one there is less time for the two bidding groups to come up with a price and resulting agreement. They are forced to act quickly and find...

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Hertz Ipo

1. Why are the private equity sponsors pursuing an IPO of Hertz at this time – that is, what is the purpose of the IPO? The sponsors wanted cash in order fund another special dividend. They felt that even though they had only owned the company for short time, they were in the perfect position to sell it. There are several reasons why 2006 was an opportune time for the IPO of Hertz. The market was on the rise with the S&P up over 10% on the year. The IPO market itself was incredibly strong, outperforming...

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Leveraged Buyouts

(Table of Contents) 1. 2. 3.LBO 4.TXU 5. LBO 6. (Overview of Leveraged Buyouts) (Mechanics of an LBO Analysis) (LBO Best Practices) (TXU Case Study) (LBO Modeling) (Homework Assignment) (Appendix) 1. Overview of Leveraged Buyouts (LBO) Overview of Leveraged Buyouts An LBO is the acquisition of a company or division of a company using debt for a majority of the purchase price and equity for the remainder. The buyer (the LBO Sponsor or Equity Sponsor) borrows the debt portion of...

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specific item within the specific timeframe. Beside, bid also called as an auction that makes an offer of a specific amount of money in exchange for products and services. Lelong.com.my has provide the bid system for the buyer to bid in normal day bidding either in the Superbid event. 1.1 login/register into Lelong.com.my Firstly, if the user is willing to bid in lelong.com.my, he must register as member of lelong.com.my. Because the bid in lelong.com.my is open for all lelong.com.my members who...

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Hertz Lbo

Hertz A: 1. CD&R pursued Hertz for three years only to find itself facing an auction and a complicated deal. Is it worth it? • It is worth it. Because hertz is a mature company with predictable cash flows. Such acquisition provides a great opportunity to generate decent return on equity to sponsors • CD&R had access to available debt avenues to make the company grow • CD&R was able to make operating changes and improve the companies efficiency 2. What are the...

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Management Buyout Case Study: Kinder Morgan

potential transaction. It was not until two months had passed, and Goldman had done their due diligence on potential debt ratings, that the management group proposing this leveraged buyout brought the deal before the board of directors. The agency conflict with this LBO is clear, as concern from shareholders that this management-led buyout would enrich management at shareholder expense. The key point of dissension is price. Management’s incentive to pay the lowest possible price as possible buyers conflicted...

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Hertz Situation Analysis

Principles of Marketing Bay FM 130 Marketing Plan: Hertz Situation Analysis The concept of car rental in North America has grown rapidly since Chicago native, Walter L. Jacobs, founded the first service in 1918, later known as Hertz Corporation (Hertz.com). Starting with only a dozen Ford Model T cars, Jacobs sold his operation in 1923 to John D. Hertz, president of Yellow Cab and Yellow Truck and Coach Manufacturing Company, who renamed it, Hertz Drive-Ur-Self System. The company has passed through...

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The Leveraged Buyout of Cheek Products, Inc

Chapter 17 Mini Case The Leveraged Buyout of Cheek Products, Inc (in millions) 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 PV of UCF 2007-2011 at 14% Sales $1,627 $1,824 $1,965 $2,012 $2,106 = (1,735/1.14)+(1,519/1.142)+(1,188/1.143)+(1,192/1.144)+(1,251/1.145) Costs 432 568 597 645 680 4,848 Depreciation 287 305 318 334 340 EBT 908 951 1,050 1,033 1,086 UTV Less taxes (363) (380) (420) (413) (434) = (1...

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Hertz Case

BIDDING FOR HERTZ November 19, 2012 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In April 2005, Ford announced its intention to investigate possible strategic alternatives for Hertz. At the same time, Ford’s stock price went down significantly. This negative reaction from the market shows Ford’s lack of confidence in its future operation, since Hertz is one of the strongest subsidiaries and revenue sources for Ford. Even though Ford would lose significant value of itself in this transaction, the slump in Ford’s...

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Leveraged Recap

Case2: Leveraged Recapitalization Client: Sealed Air Corporation I.Executive Summary Founded in 1960, Sealed Air grew rapidly during its first twenty-five years because many products had strong patent protection. By the mid-1980s, the patent of air cellular had run out and competition was getting fiercer. The managers started to pay attention to manufacturing. Therefore, the Sealed Air launched World Class Manufacturing to promote manufacturing performance. After a year...

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Running Head: LEVERAGE BUYOUT (LBO) OF PRIVATE EQUITY COMPANIES Leverage Buyout (LBO) of Private Equity companies [Writer Name] [Institute Name] [Subject] [Date] Leverage Buyout (LBO) of Private Equity companies Introduction The acquisition of any other organization utilizing an important part of borrowed money (loans or bonds) to meet the cost of acquisition. Frequently, the assets of the organization being developed are utilized as collateral for the loans additionally to...

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Hertz case

1) Hertz makes five adjustments (ignoring ‘Other adjustments’) to net income before including the changes in operating assets and liabilities. List each of these five items and explain why each of these items is added (subtracted) from net income to calculate Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities. Answer: The five adjustments to net income before including the changes in operating assets and liabilities in the consolidated statement of cash flows of Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. are listed...

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Hertz Lbo

higher than those in the US. CD&R proposed that efficiencies from this source would be $33M per year. d. US RAC fleet costs: Hertz had higher fleet costs as compared to its competition. However, this advantage that the competition held over Hertz was expected to go away soon, which would result in a more level playing field. e. US RAC Nonfleet capital expenditures: Hertz spent more on capital expenses than its competitors. Reducing this to comparable levels with Avis would result in savings of $57M...

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bidding for antamina

Questions for Bidding for Anatamina EGADE LUIS MENDEZ 1. In what way is the development of a copper mine like Antamina a real option? In what way is the bidding structure put in place by the Peruvian government an option? The mine had a valuable real option component, in the form of the right to develop the mine after completing exploration. The Peruvian government requested the bidders to state both the premium that they would pay and exercise price (development expenditure) they would...

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Hertz: Depreciation and Present Value

fleet of 25 cars to Hertz. Hertz fully depreciates all of its rental cars over five years using the straight-line method. The firm expects the fleet of 25 cars to generate $100,000 per year in earnings before taxes and depreciation for five years. Hertz is an all-equity firm in the 34-percent tax bracket. The required return on the firm’s unlevered equity is 10 percent, and the new fleet will not add to the risk of the firm. a. What is the maximum price that Hertz should be willing to...

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Hertz Goes Wireless

CHAPTER 6 : WIRELESS DEVICES AND THEIR APPLICATIONS MINICASE 1: HERTZ GOES WIRELESS Q1. Which of these applications are intra business in nature? A1. Intrabusiness defined in this case study as m-commerce applications mainly conducted within an organization. In this case, Hertz has used some mobile applications in several services it has provided. It has used wireless intra business applications for quick services and communication amongst its employees. Wireless applications in the non-environment...

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Hertz Goes Wireless

We have chosen minicase Hertz goes Wireless from chapter seven which describes how information systems provided to employees facilities by wireless technology Which improves their performance and productivity. INTRODUCTION In a competitive world, Hertz is a company that rents cars. It is the world´s largest enterprise and competes against thousands of companies in hundreds of countries. Hertz is operating approximately in 8,100 in 145 countries worldwide. Its goal is to pay attention on customer...

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Case Study Nabisco

July 20, 2013 One of the most famous leveraged buyouts (LBOs) that have has been studied is the RJR Nabisco LBO. There was also a movie made about this LBO entitled Barbarians at the Gate, which you may be interested in watching. Review this case study in Chapter 7 of your text and conduct your own research. In a 3–4-page case study, address the following: 1. Discuss the background of the case. Who were the players? What prompted this leveraged buyout (LBO)? 2. What made this LBO feasible...

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Seagate Case Study

Case 9 & 10 Analysis Seagate Technology Buyout The Hertz Corporation Advanced Corporate Finance MW 2:00-3:15 PM Question 1 On page 1, the “value-gap” is two-fold. It signifies an under-valuation of Seagate’s core disk drive operating assets due to unfavorable public market investor preferences. Furthermore, the value of the Veritas share price has caused the Veritas stake to far outweigh the value of Seagate’s stand-alone market capitalization. Since Seagate does not own at least 80%...

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Seagate Technology Buyout

56/(1.0981)^6 + 1440/(1.0981)^ 7 + 1581.82/(1.0981)^8 = 129.5+ 594.3 + 703.8 + 650.4 + 724.52 + 775.5 + 778.68 + 748.2 = $5.1069 Billion. Seagate is rated as BBB in the credit rating, EBIT coverage in the year 1999 is 8.9%, as per the history of buyout the debt to equity ratio is over 6; 4, since this debt ratio is used to be associated with optimally low cost of overall cost of capital in the technology sector data given. Question 5 The debt is borrowed between BB and B rated securities, assume...

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Barbarians at the Gate

By Bryan Burrough and John Helyar Barbarians at the Gate has been called one of the most influential business books of all time - the definitive account of the frenzy that overtook Wall Street in October and November of 1988 from the leveraged buyout of RJR Nabisco, Inc. by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. for $24.9 billion. It was the largest takeover in Wall Street history. It was co-written by Bryan Burrough and John Helyar, both journalists for the Wall Street Journal. They wrote a series...

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Seagate Buyout

Seagate Technology Buyout March 22, 2006 By: Rachel Cluck Beth Crocker Heather Preston Jessica Seal Table of Contents Introduction............................................................................3 Objectives ..............................................................................3 Overview................................................................................4 Alternatives – How to Address Seagate’s Low Stock Price ..5 Do Nothing...........................

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Sealed Air Corporation's Leveraged Capitalisation

HBS Case Study No. 9-294-122 Strategic Financial Management. Dividend Policy related Sealed Air Corporation' s Leveraged Capitalisation (A) Sealed Air undertook a leveraged recapitalisation in order to provide funds necessary to pay • the special dividend, • refinance certain existing indebtedness, • pay related fees and expenses and • provide working capital A leveraged recapitalisation by Sealed Air Corp in our opinion was a good idea because the corp. has reached a stage where they...

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Rjr Nabisco

Capital. The key advantage with the use of the CCF method is that the valuations do not require Year over Year changes in the discount rate if the capital structure of a company is projected to change. In particular, it is useful when valuing Leveraged Buyout Scenarios because the discount rate for each year is the same even though a firm’s capital structure may be go from being extremely to lowly levered over the investment horizon. As shown in Exhibit 1, 2, and 3, the enterprise values of RJR...

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Strategic Plan-Hertz

Strategic Plan for the Hertz Corporation February 18, 2011 Table of Contents Introduction of Team and Assignment 4 Company Profile 6 Mission Statement 6 Vision and Values 7 Economic conditions 7 Strategic Analysis 9 SWOC Analysis: Strengths 10 SWOC Analysis: Weaknesses 13 SWOC Analysis: Opportunities 17 Internal Actions 17 Opportunities 18 SWOC Analysis: Challenges 20 Dependence on the United States Automobile Industry 20 Technological Changes and Advances 20 Competitive...

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BlackBerry v. Co-founders Buyout

even though not the final contract, would act as commitments since both sides are well-known and need reputations. Are the parties monolithic? No. The CEO of BlackBerry concerns more about whether a deal can be made and the change of control after buyout, where the amount of his salary and equity awards depend, while the board considers time and price of the sale because it is at the same position as the shareholders. Are the negotiations public or private? The negotiation result needs to be publicized...

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Ducati & Texas Pacific Group – a ”Wild Ride” Leveraged Buyout

Ducati & Texas Pacific Group – A ”Wild Ride” Leveraged Buyout 1. What is the nature of the opportunity? Could the Ducati brand be expanded beyond motorcycles? Why or why not? TPG strategy is to invest in undervalued firms’ that usually have been poorly managed. The investments are made in privately hold firms that are either unlisted from the beginning or that is being delisted from the stock exchange under the LBO process. TPG wants to invest in firms with a “healthy” basis but that are experience...

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Spring: Hertz and Hooke S Law

shape. Amplitude is the maximum displacement or the greatest distance from the equilibrium point. Period is the time, in seconds, required to complete one cycle, and frequency is the number of cycles per second. Frequency is generally specified as Hertz (Hz) where 1 HZ = 1 cycle per second. Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to manipulate and apply the concepts of Hooke’s law and determine the spring constant with the formula: Procedure 1. Gather all your materials needed for the experiment...

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The use of Electronic Bidding Process Platform

The use of Electronic Bidding Process Platform Introduction For quite some time in the Nigerian oil and gas industry, the pre-qualification of contractors/ oil services providers was tedious. It was also regarded as money and time consuming. The process and procedure involved was inefficient. Then came the NIPEX Portal (Nigerian Petroleum Exchange Portal) which provided a single electronic platform to enable interactions between the upstream operating companies in the country, suppliers and the...

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Barbarians at the Gates Report

1. What is the movie about? The movie is based on the best seller of Bryan Burrough and John Helyar, is about the real case of the biggest leveraged buyout of the RJR Nabisco Company. In the movie we can se Ross Johnson from his early childhood to his adulthood being a really good salesman and worker. Later on, he becomes the CEO of RJR Nabisco and while he is very excited about the release of a new product tall the shareholders are watching him closely and are very anxious about the success...

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Leveraged Acquisitions

American Lawyer 2d yr full time possible exam – 1-1.5 on last day ------------------------------------------------- Jan. 10, 2012 Why take this class? * Reason 1: Leveraged acquisitions (LAs) aren’t going away * Lots of decline in 2007, 08, 09 * 10, 11, 12 little better * M&A isn’t going anywhere * LA and PE isn’t going anywhere – may decrease, but doubtful * Over 1 tril. avail. * Big factor: big institutional investors (pension funds...

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Hertz Case A&B

% of Hertz’ domestic fleet and 74 % of its international fleet were program cars. Program cars will become more expensive in the future due to the fact that Ford and GM adopted new market strategies that deemphasized lower-margin sales of program cars Risk cars exposed the company to residual value risk. Generally less expensive than program cars. What could be the possible motivations for CD&R to buy (syndicated) Hertz? • Under exploiting of the firm’s potential due to mismanagement. Hertz managers...

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Heinrich Hertz

Heinrich Hertz Hertz, in 1886, constructed a series of experiments to verify J.C. Maxwell’s predictions on the electromagnetic spectrum. Heinrich Hertz's First Transmitter from 1886 The instrument used by Hertz incorporated an induction coil to produce an extremely high voltage. This was connected to a circuit with a very small opening, with small copper balls on each end. Capacitor plates were used to adjust the capacity of the circuit for resonance. A ring of copper wire with a small...

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Explain Why Companies Use Competitive Bidding and Explain the Advantage of Using It.

Title: Explain why companies use competitive bidding and explain the advantage of using it. Introduction In the modern businesses, selecting the qualified suppliers becomes more and more important activities for the companies. Lots of companies use the method of competitive bidding, which is commonly used for selecting suppliers. Transparent procurement method in which bids from competing contractors, suppliers, or vendors are invited by openly advertising the scope, specifications, and terms...

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Del;l Discussion

debate over Dell Inc. (DELL)’s leveraged buyout. He’s also pushing for a $9 per share special dividend and offering loans to help the company with a leveraged recapitalization. He also wants Dell to add a vote to its annual shareholder meeting, allowing them to choose between his proposal and the go-private deal being offered by founder Michael Dell. If the company doesn’t, he threatens “years of litigation.” inShare0 Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL)’s proposed leveraged buyout deal just keeps sinking further...

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Bidding for Antamina

University of Oregon Lundquist College of Business Fin 462 Professor John Chalmers jchalmer@oregon.uoregon.edu Anstett 393F, 346-3337 Case 2: Bidding for Antamina I want each group to submit a sealed bid for the Antamina project to me at the beginning of class. Make sure that your bid conforms to bidding structure set forth in the case. Then prepare a memo addressing the following questions: 1) How would we express the right to develop a mine as an option? a. What is the...

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Conrail Bidding

method: Something worth attention is that, under the intense bidding war, it was likely that either CSX or Norfolk would get Conrail. If Norfolk wins the competition, CSX would suffer a loss in operating income almost for sure in the subsequent years (Exhibit 6b Case B). So the acquisition premium that CSX willing to pay would be even higher than what we saw from Exhibit 6b Case B. Q4. How much is Conrail worth? In a bidding war, who should be willing to pay more, Norfolk Southern or CSX? ...

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competitive bidding

promoter’s description of its requirements and an invitation to suppliers to indicate their interest in the contract and their professional capacity to fulfil it. The promoter then identifies potential suppliers and invites them to submit bids. After the bidding phase, most procurement systems require a public declaration of the competitors’ names and their bid prices and, ultimately, of the successful bidder. There is a wide variety of procurement procedures available for use in tendering when it comes...

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Caso Scott and Sons Company

their leveraged buyout. Provides the opportunity for students to discuss the effects of high leverage on management decision making, and the differences between operating as a small subsidiary of a large conglomerate and as a free-standing company. Focuses on the role of the LBO sponsor in the management of the company, the role of restrictive debt covenants, and the effect of changes in the compensation system at the company. - See more at: http://www.iesep.com/es/o-m-scott-sons-co-leveraged-buyout-13961...

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bidding proposals

Brian Sandoval Bruce H. Breslow Director Governor 555 Wright Way Carson City, Nevada 89711-0900 Telephone (775) 684-4368 www.dmvnv.com February 2, 2011 TO: All Interested Vendors RE: Self-Service Terminal (Kiosk) Technology Conference The State of Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is requesting information regarding self-service terminals (kiosks) prior to issuing an RFP for a new 10-year kiosk vendor contract (four years with three 2-year renewal options). ...

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5 Berkshire Partners Bidding For Carter S

9-205-058 REV: AUGUST 19, 2011 MALCOLM BAKER JAMES QUINN Berrkshire e Partne ers: Bid dding ffor Cartter’s In the spring of o 2001, Bostton-based priivate equity firm Berkshiire Partners w was considerring a levera aged buyout (LBO) of the William Cartter Co., a lead ding producerr of infant, baaby, and child dren’s apparrel in the Un nited States. Berkshire B Parrtners, which h had extensiive experiencce investing iin the retail and manufaccturing sectorrs, was initia ally drawn to o Carter’s...

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Berkshire Partners: Bidding for Carter’s

Corporate Valuation Berkshire Partners: Bidding for Carter’s 1. Berkshire brought expertise in finding the right financing structure and operational and strategy related to the retail and manufacturing industry. Berkshire managers believed that the equity portion of a capital structure should be at least 25% to order to achieve the desired results as far as return and to show true commitment to the lending base. When determining the capital structure, they also seriously...

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is Burgmaster Corp., a Los Angeles-area machine tool maker founded in 1944 by Czechoslovakian immigrant Fred Burg. Holland covers the 1944 founding of Burg Tool, its transformation into Burgmaster Corporation, the Houdaille takeover, the 1979 leveraged buyout, the campaign for protection against Japanese competition, and, finally, the auction of Burgmaster property in 1986. 2. Statement of the problem encountered Too many machine tool and auto parts factories are silent; too many U.S. industries...

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Sealed Bidding and Negotiation

used by the government from a pricing standpoint. The two that I will explore in this paper are Sealed Bidding and Negotiation. Sealed bidding is used when the contracting officer decides that adequate price competition exists and that the specification or statement of work is well defined to enable offerors to bid on a fixed-price basis. On the other hand negotiation is used when sealed bidding is inappropriate, such as instances when the specification or statement of work may not be well-defined...

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Bce Cast Study

share and the value of the bonds were around $122. In April 2007, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan(Teachers’) filed a Statement of Beneficial Ownership (Schedule 13D) notifying the Securities and Exchange Commission of their intentions to attempt a leveraged buy out of BCE. Once it was made public that BCE was a LBO target the stock and bond markets reacted drastically and inversely of each other. The stock price soared to $39 per share, a 21% increase in value. Meanwhile the bonds suffered a sharp...

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Hertz Corporation

settlement charges 58 (1,329) (1,398) Pension plan contributions (514) (209) Pension provisions and postretirement, net 85 122 Other 90 121 Financial services Deferred income tax benefit (1,270) PMCC leveraged lease charges 7 Decrease to allowance for losses (10) Other liabilities (income taxes) 1,437 Other (529) 490 — 505 (21) See notes to condensed consolidated financial statements. Continued - 10- 23 (85) Net...

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Competitive Bidding and Sealed Proposals

Sealed bidding and competitive proposals are the two methods used to acquire competitive prices from bidders. Sealed bidding is “a process by which government needs are made known by a solicitation called and Invitation for Bids. The government will use sealed bidding when (1) it feels confident that award can be made to the lowest price offeror who is responsive and responsible and (2) the government’s requirement is reasonably well defined in the form of drawings and specifications”(Murphy, 2009)...

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Hertz: Car Rental Companies

Hertz Global Holdings Inc. Introduction: Hertz operates its car rental business through the Hertz, Dollar and Thrifty brands from approximately 10,400 corporate, licensee and franchisee locations in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and New Zealand.   Hertz is the largest worldwide airport general use car rental brand, operating from approximately 8,800 corporate and licensee locations in approximately 150 countries. Hertz is the number one airport...

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Finance and Leverage Buyout


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A Summary of "Bye Bye Buyout

A Summary of "Bye Bye Buyout: Michaels Stores Jumps Onto IPO Bandwagon" By Anna L. Bell The authors, Dezember and Zimmerman (2012) report that almost six years after being purchased by private groups in 2006, Michaels Stores Inc. has plans to take the retailer public again. Currently owned by the private-equity firms Blackstone Group LP and Bain Capital LLC, Michaels no longer has equity securities listed on the New York Stock Exchange after going private. While private-equity firms have...

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Contraction Transactions

company. 4.3 Leveraged Buyout (LBO)—A leveraged buyout is a situation in which a group of investors (usually a private equity firm) acquire a controlling interest in a given company's equity by borrowing a large portion of the capital necessary to finance the transaction. The acquired company's assets are often used as collateral against the borrowed capital. In a leveraged buyout situation, a combination of debt instruments from bank and capital markets are deployed. Leveraged buyouts use a highly...

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Seagate Case

Seagate Technology Buyout Hard disk drives make up the largest sector of the information storage industry in 1999. The hard disk drive market can be classified into three separate categories, desktop, enterprise, and mobile. The mobile and desktop markets are expected to converge in the long run. While the desktop market represents approximately 58% of the $25 billion total hard disk drive market, enterprise margins were nearly double the margins in the desktop sector (10-15%). Since 1997, the number...

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RJR Nabisco case study

Nabisco was an American conglomerate selling tobacco and food products. It was formed in the year 1985 by the merger of Nabisco Brands and R J Reynolds Tobacco Company. The case given discusses the leveraged buy out of the company, which was at that time the largest LBO in history. A leveraged buyout can be defined as a situation where an investor group, which often includes some of the target company’s top managers, borrows billions to try to take the company private by buying its stock from the...

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Why Bollenbach Opened His Bidding at $55 per Share

1. Why might Bollenbach have opened his bidding for ITT at $55 per share? What was his likely strategy? The $55 value is on the lower range of the analyst eztimates, with a best guess estimate of $67.94. Since the value of the stock had been below $45 for 4 months, the offer of 55 dollars represented a 29% premium to investors. Bollenbach knew that management would be resistant of any attempt to be acquired, regardless of price, because of failed previous attempts to negotiate a friendly...

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Congoleum Corporation Question

inputs to your analysis before you proceed to present your results. The following questions should be addressed in your report, and will serve to organize your discussion: 1. What characteristics of Congoleum make it a likely candidate for a leveraged buyout? 2. How would you go about estimating the borrowing cost in the LBO years and the borrowing cost in the post-1984 period? In particular, it would probably not be legitimate to use the coupon rates on the new LBO debts as rD in the LBO years...

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Bidding for Antamina Project

------------------------------------------------- Bidding for antaminA Prepared By: Fiona Wang This case introduces us to real option valuation in a bidding context. We are helping RTZ-CRA to determine the value of Antamina and to recommend how RTZ-CRA should bid in the upcoming auction under the non-traditional bidding rules set by the Peruvian government. Contents Executive Summary 1 Introduction 1 External Environmental Analysis 1 Internal Situation Analysis 2 Reasons to Bid...

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