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Bic Pen Corporation

Ricardo Carter Jan 16, 2013 SCM 371 BIC Pen: Case Study This value chain analysis of the BIC Corporation is occurring to provide individual with the knowledge of the thought process that businessman/businesswomen in the supply chain field use every day when deciding what company to purchase a certain product from. This process includes the breaking down of the company’s financial report and whether the product is eco-friendly. Financial report of any company usually includes material cost, manufacturing...

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Bic Overall Analysis

1947, Bic has gained world recognition for its disposable products such as lighters, razors, and of course their ballpoint pen the Bic crystal. Their motto has not been change, but, little change and keeping the products disposable. Throughout the years Bic has entered Italy (1950), Brazil (1956), UK , Oceania, South Africa , USA(1958) , Scandinavia(1959) , Middle East(1960), Africa, Japan, and finally Mexico(1965). Soon, after Bic listed on the Paris Stock Exchange in 1972. During the 70s Bic expanded...

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Bic case study

 BIC – Linking promotional activity to the product life cycle Products for consumers at affordable prices BIC was founded in 1950 by Marcel Bich with the introduction of the first high quality ballpoint pen at an affordable price. In 1975 BIC launched the first one-piece shaver and become a market leader within that sector too. In the early days, BIC concentrated on a core range of products which mainly included: BIC Cristal® and Orange Ball Pen and the Classic Shaver. In the 1990s the company...

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Ball Point Pen

A study on working of Ball pen By Sunil kumar . S Std .X. A Nithin kumar. P.V Std. X. A Musamil . F.K Std IX. A Govt: Boys H.S.S .KARAMANA THIRUVANANTHAPURAM. Guide: Smt. Abida Beevi History of the Ballpoint Hungarian journalist Laszlo Biro was well aware of the problems with normal pens. Biro believed that the idea of a pen using a quick-drying ink instead of India ink came to him while visiting a newspaper. The newspaper's...

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Ballpoint Pen

with him, also every secretary, and most especially every journalist. What is it? A ballpoint pen, or commonly known as ball pen. Pen, from the Latin word pinna which means feather, is a long, thin, rounded device used to apply ink to a surface usually paper for the purpose of writing or drawing. There are several different types of pen, including ballpoint, roller ball, fountain, and felt-tip. A ballpoint pen dispenses viscous oil-based ink by rolling a small hard sphere, usually 0.7–1.2 mm and made...

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the corporation

Reaction Essay: The Corporation The documentary The Corporation, directed by Jennifer Abbott and Mark Achbar and produced in 2004, although bias, opens many doors for discussion in regard to capitalism and the role of corporations in our lives. I found the documentary to be presented professionally, and filled with legitimate facts more so than extreme opinion. The documentary truly outlines the "all-pervasive" role the corporation has taken as the "world's dominant institution". The film opens...

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Corporation – A separate legal entity that has an existence at law that is separable from those who form it. It is a separate legal entity in the sense that it has an existence at law, but no material existence. * It is separate and distinct from its shareholders * A properly authorized agent may bind the corporation in contract with third parties. * Shareholders possess limited liability for the debts of the corporation, and creditors may look only to the assets of the corporation to...

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Bic Versus Gillette

Bic Versus Gillette: The Disposable Wars ABOUT HALF OF ALL WESTERN men get up each morning, confront their stubble in the bathroom mirror and reach for a cheap disposable plastic razor. Schiek, Bic, Gillette, Wilkinson or whatever, most men think that one brand does as well as the next. Also, the razor makers seem always to have them on sale, so you can scoop up a dozen of them for next to nothing. The Gillette Company does not like this sort of thinking. Of course, women...

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The Corporation

Business Ethics The Corporation ‘The Corporation’ had a specific aim to portray the problems of not just one corporation, but corporations as a whole, as is evident from the beginning of the film as a multitude of big business logos flashed across the screen. The film proceeded to highlight the issues surrounding: globalization and consumerism, environmental pollution and disregard for the planet, unethical marketing, and dishonest media. Personally, I feel that I’m quite open-minded when it...

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Luxor Pens

food and hospitality industry from its current business of manufacturing of premium pens. INTRODUCTION Luxor Writing Instruments Private Limited (LWIPL) is the market leader of the premium pens segment in India .It has a market share of 60%; it has been in existence since the last four decades & consisted the widest range of pens with leading brands including Luxor, pilot, paper mate & parker. The pens industry in India had passed through various phases with the changing tastes and preferences...

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