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intertwined relationship between ecology and economics set a precedent in the New World that established an unsustainable reliance on natural goods to promote the European standard of wealth. Under those circumstances, the exploitation of American beaver and bison populations provides concrete, albeit incomplete, examples that can be explored to reveal how the increasingly capitalistic attitudes of Americans, both Euro and Native, lead to an implausibly high rate of consumption of the abundant resources...

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Tropic Cascade

tremuloides) and willow (Salix spp.) (Ripple and Beschta 2012). Without the elk decimating woody plants populations they were able to regenerate. This resulted in an increase in multiple species native to the park. These species included bison (Bison bison), beaver (Castor canadensis), and bears (Ursus arctos). The relative abundance and richness of 6/7 species of songbirds also increased because of the increased recruitment (Ripple and Beschta 2012). The wolves also have a positive effect on the age/sex structure...

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Response to Gung Ho

employees. Three reassessment guideposts are spirit of the squirrel, way of the beaver, and gift of the goose. As I read the book, I evaluated myself, whether the 3 principles are applicable to my life or my church is applying the 3 principles. At first, I thought this book was for businessmen only, but I thought the book could be applied in every aspect of my life. According to the authors, spirit of the beaver represents principle worthwhile work driven by goals and values. This means everyone...

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Government Involvement in the Protection and Promotion of Canadian Identity

Canada was originally inhabited by native North Americans, until European settlers came and “discovered” the land. So technically, true Canadian culture would be those of the aboriginal peoples. The beaver, a common symbol of Canadian identity, is printed on our coins. A large factor to why the beaver is so significant is because of the fur trade a couple centuries ago. These fur trades were governed by the European settlers and explorers, and the furs were used in Europe. If one was to be historically...

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Benefits of Trapping

heavy rains but a well built line of mud, rocks and logs 200 feet long that crossed the river near his property. Beavers were the cause of this years crop failure. Farmer Johnson decided the best thing he could do was call the county trapper. The trapper came and removed most of the beavers and opened up the dam. The beavers, upon seeing the broken dam and losing the other beavers, decided to build downstream further where no one would be plagued by excess water. This shows just one example...

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American Fur Trading Case

demand for beaver was falling, as the fashion trends that made every European and American gentleman want a beaver hat waned. Silk hats took over. Also, new ways of felting hats without using fibrous underhair from beaver pelts had developed, and nutria pelts from South America were entering the market. Worldwide choler epidemic hit and people though the disease was spread on transported furs. Beaver populations were depleted. Companies against Astor tried to eliminate beavers to keep his...

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Methods of Capturing River Otters

extremely difficult to monitor. Otters are extremely wary and trap shy, they are also very quick and powerful. Traps for otters must be heavy, fast, and strong ( Journal of the American Statistical Association 1937). CONTRAST OF METHODS Hancock live beaver traps modified to capture river otter (Lutra Canadensis) have been used successfully in a number of locations including: Idaho, Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta, and Newfoundland. A similar trap known as the Bailey trap, has been used in Ontario...

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Centennial “the Yellow Apron”

very good at trading with the Indians. While trading he meets many new people, he also meets his new partner Mckeg and both his wives Lise and Clay Basket. He and his new partner face many obstacles on their journeys but always return home with many beaver pelts which made them very wealthy. Pasquinel and Mckeg’s friendship took a pause when Mckeg was attacked by one of Pasquinels sons. In the end Mckeg and Clay Basket finally get to be together. Pasquinel is the main character in the chapter....

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Contrast Between Anishinaabe And Iroquois Mythology

 to resolve a conflict that originally did  not involve him. Also, in the Anishinaabe story of ​ Nanabush and the Giant Beaver Nanabush was quarreling with ​ Waub­Ameek, ​ the Giant Beaver. With the help of his  grandmother, Nokomis, they realized Waub­Ameek ended up creating a giant dam  between what we now know as Lake Huron and Lake Superior, which ends up toppling  down. Even though Nokomis almost caught Waub­Ameek, the Beaver managed to  break free of her grasp when the dam fell down. Nanabush ends up saving the day by ...

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beaver butt

 Beaver Butts Emit Goo Used for Vanilla Flavoring Beaver hind regions secrete goo called castoreum, which the animals use to mark their territory. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration lists castoreum as a “generally regarded as safe” additive, and manufacturers have been using it extensively in perfumes and foods for at least 80 years, according to a 2007 study in the International Journal of Toxicology. “I lift up the animal’s tail,” said Joanne Crawford, a wildlife ecologist...

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