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Basics Of Installing Setting Up And Configuring A Switch

CONFIGURING A SWITCH AND ROUTER IT/242 INTRO TO WAN TECHNOLOGY Date: 12/23/2012 Switches are layer 2 devices and this makes them easier to configure than routers. Most of the time, the default configuration with switches will enable it to connect to PCs and servers together easily. These are the steps to begin configuring your switch: 1. Connect a console terminal to the console interface of your supervisor engine. 2. After a...

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Router and Switch Configuration

Router and Switch Configuration 1 Running head: Configuration of Routers and Switches Router and Switch Configuration Router and Switch Configuration Pg 2 Router and Switch Configuration The vital components in the computer networking are routers and switches; however, plugging them in is not nearly enough. In order for routers and switches to operate properly, they must be installed and configured. This is an overview of the proper installation, setup, and configuration of the...

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Router and Switch Configuration

Router and Switch Configuration When installing, setting, and configuring a switch it is important to know what kind of switch is needed and installed in the network. For this purpose I have chosen the Cisco switches main line, which is the Catalyst Switches, which is one of the popular series and models. They include fixed-configuration desktop models, configurable plug-and-play modular chassis models and packages with high-speed buses into which many cards can be inserted. To configure...

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How to Configure a Switch and Router

Configure a Switch and Router Michael Anthony Horton University of Phoenix June 16th, 2013 Instructor: John Tinney How to Configure a Switch and Router Switches and routers are a vital part of computer networking but it takes much more than just plugging them in. In order to get them to properly operate, they must be properly installed as well as properly configured. Having said the above, after completing week 6 toolwire labs which was starting a switch and starting...

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How to Set Up a Wi-Fi Network

isn’t just a plug and play set up we're talking here. There are a lot of security measures that must be considered when implementing a wireless network. There will be an assumption made that the budget for this network isn’t a concerned as long as the equipment being used is justified. Wireless Network Proposal 3 The objective is to implement a wireless network in the CIP room in a clean, organized and efficient fashion. When setting up the wireless network, I must consider...

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Installing/Upgrading an Operating System

Installing/Upgrading an Operating System Installing/upgrading an operating system or OS, is a rather simple procedure; however, any mistakes can have a profound effect on the computer’s ability to operate. Typically, most users do not have to deal with their computer’s OS as pre-built computers will have the OS already installed and rarely find the need or opportunity to upgrade it. There are a few circumstances that require a fresh install or upgrade for the OS such as installing newer...

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Configuring IP Address Restrictions

Lab 3-1 70-643 worksheet Configuring IIS7 Exercise 3-1-2 Configuring IP Address Restrictions Overview In this exercise, you control access to a Web site based on the IP addresses of the client computers. Completion time 15 minutes Question 1 What happens? The IIS7 Welcome page pops up. Question 2 What is the result? The IIS7 Welcome page pops up. Question 3 What can you infer from these results about the default settings of the IP and Domain Restrictions role service? Two things: First,...

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Setting up curriculum

Setting up Curriculum During elementary school, my teachers focused on preparing my class for taking standardized tests. My education of multiple choices, fill in the blank, and short answer tests did not prepare me for college or how to think critically. The years of elementary school are important for a child. Children who learn early are able to retain more information when they are older. Elementary education should focus on preparing students for entering higher education institutions. The...

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Installing Windows XP Professional

Exam Objectives for Installing Windows XP Professional (Exam 70-270)  Perform and troubleshoot an attended installation of Windows XP Professional.  Perform and troubleshoot an unattended installation of Windows XP Professional. o Install Windows XP Professional by using Remote Installation Services (RIS). o Install Windows XP Professional by using the System Preparation Tool. o Create unattended answer files by using Setup Manager to automate the installation of Windows XP Professional. ...

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How to Set Up a Home Network

In the world of computers, networking is the practice of linking two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data. Some people ask why should I need to set up a home network. There are several advantages to setting up a home network. Often you might want a file or program they've downloaded from the Net to be available to all of the computers at home. With a home network files can be shared more conveniently, faster eliminating passing files around on floppies or CD and...

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Installing an Embroidery Machine System Software


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Setting Up a Tent

Setting Up A Tent One of my favorite things I like to do in my spare time is go backpacking and hiking, mostly on the AT (Appalachian Trail). I normally like to go out for trips lasting multiple days. I carry all the supplies I need and equipment necessary for surviving the weather and hiking the terrain. One of the important pieces of equipment to have for extended backpacking trips is my tent. Setting up my tent has made a difference between a comfortable night’s stay and a night I did not...

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Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 Lab Manual

Lab 1 Installing Servers This lab contains the following exercises and activities: Exercise 1.1 Exercise 1.2 Exercise 1.3 Lab Challenge Performing a Clean Installation Performing an Upgrade Installation Installing Windows Server Migration Tools (WSMT) Accessing a WSMT Distribution Point Exercise 1.1 Performing a Clean Installation Overview In this exercise, you install Windows Server 2012 on a new computer with no previously installed operating system. Mindset In many cases...

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Setting Up Business in Dubai

Setting Up Business in Dubai Dubai is one of the best places to set up business operations. The conditions, rules and laws for the same are very liberal and attractive as compared to many other countries. Thus Dubai has established itself as a great economic force, attracting more and more organizations, entrepreneurs and investors to set up their businesses here. There are many options for foreign or international corporations wanting to start operations or initiate new businesses in Dubai. They...

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Installing Openmrs

simplified installation option with an embedded database and web server. It is a great way to evaluate and explore OpenMRS, letting you get a local version up and running within minutes, and includes download options with sample data. OpenMRS Standalone should run fine for smaller installations (fewer than 10,000 patient records), but if you are setting up a larger installation, we recommend using the Enterprise installation. If you are not sure which makes sense, you can start with a standalone installation...

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Setting Up Business Globally

would have to actually go there in person. Before arriving you should find at least two local headhunter firms, rather than putting all your eggs into one basket. They would have local Ukrainian candidates for leadership and management positions lined up, and ready to interview upon arrival. To be successful recruiting and keeping good talent the leadership roles should be locals. They should not be US expatriates running the office. After doing a bit of research it is has been found that too often...

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Performing Switch Startup and Initial Configuration: vLab

Performing Switch Startup and Initial Configuration vLab (20 points) Write a paragraph (a minimum of five college-level sentences) below that summarizes what was accomplished in this lab, what you learned by performing it, how it relates to this week’s TCOs and other course material, and just as importantly, how you feel it will benefit you in your academic and professional career. (8 points) in this lab I am performing a switch start up and initial configuration. This lab showed me how to set up a motd...

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1. Setting Up a Cosmetic Business

TABLE OF CONTENT -INTRODUCTION -SETTING UP A BUSINESS -PROCEDURES AND REQUIREMENTS 1. Company Name 2. Determining the business type 3. License and legal permits 4. Business plan 5. Raising money 6. Finding the site 7. Registration 8. Training/Hiring employees 9. Getting started -EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS a) Economic Environment b) Social and Cultural Environment c) Technological Environment d) Political and Legal Environment e) Ecological/Natural Environment -THE MARKETING...

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Setting Up and Maintaining a Saltwater Aquarium

SETTING UP AND MAINTAINING A SALTWATER AQUARIUM IN THE HOME By Sarah M. Burgett BIOG 159 Fall, 2011 When one makes the choice to install a saltwater aquarium in their home, all the prospects can be overwhelming. Much thought must go into the setup and upkeep of an aquarium in one’s home. It is important to make wise choices in regards to the tank itself, as well as all the other components that will become a part of the marine environment. By making wise decisions, the aquarium owner can take...

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Setting Up a Network at a New Office

1.1 General Setting up a new network at a new office will require the purchase of new workstations, installing a new server, or implementing network security and virus protection systems network wide. LC Comm primary goal is to translate the technology needs of your building into an industry standard solution that produces clear, tangible results for the business. It is also my goal to educate and help you understand some of the more technical aspects of your network upgrade by putting it into...

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Setting up a PHP Development Environment

Additional Requirements XAMPP (if you have Windows) • Learn more MAMP (if you have Mac OS X) • Learn more This tutorial describes how to set up a development environment on a Windows or a Macintosh computer for building PHP web applications with Adobe Dreamweaver and a MySQL database server. Setting up a PHP development environment for Dreamweaver requires a web server (such as Apache or IIS), PHP, and a MySQL database. Although you can install all three separately, it's usually...

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Setting Up Sophos: Site-to-Site Access VPN

used to separate non-virtual networks implemented in the laboratory activity. 6. Configuration of Firewall Functionalities/Services and Rules (methodology) – process done via web GUI and configurations implemented on DHCP Settings, IP Masquerading, Firewall Settings and DNS Settings. These configurations would allow a certain host to connect to the internet even without a router or modem. Results: Figure 1-1. Created a new DHCP Server This service is not one of the...

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Router and Switch Configuration

Router and Switch configuration Bryan Metzger IT/242 8.11.2013 Mr. Masters Switch and Router configuration. When you are installing a switch, there are some basic things that you need to follow. The connecting of the switch (which is physical) and the configuring of the switch which is done from the console is the beginning step. Making sure that you have all the cables connected and the switch is good to go; then connecting the console cable is a MUST. At this point, connecting...

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CCENT Study Guide Vir Lab 2 Lab Mapping

Configuration 6.5 Setting Passwords 6.6 Setting the Hostname, Descriptions, IP Address, and Clock Rate 1.3 Erasing an Existing Configuration 1.4 Exploring User Privileged and Configuration Modes 1.6 Using the Help and Editing 1.9 Saving a Configuration 1.10 Setting Passwords 1.12 Setting Hostnames and More Chapter 7 Managing a Cisco Internetwork 7.1 Backing Up the Router Configuration 7.2 Using the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) 7.3 Using Telnet 7.4 Resolving Hostnames 2.1 Backing Up The Router 2.3...

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Installing Linux

when Linux was new, installing and using the alternative OS was best left to propeller-head nerds with oodles of free time. Indeed, just getting Linux up and running on a machine required several hours, just the right mix of supported hardware, and then several more hours. If you were dealing with cutting-edge hardware, it would take a couple days of tinkering to achieve a working install with a graphical interface and a reliable Internet connection. These days, installing Linux is a piece of...

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BASIC WORKOUTS INSTRUCTIONS 1. Determine your 1 Set Max and create a personalized workout - see “Customize Your Workout” below 2. Review the Checklist before each workout for proper form and breathing 3. Follow the schedule to Get Ripped! The Pullup Perfected Traditional pullups can be intimidating. That’s why we created the Perfect Pullup. With its unique adjustable Swing Arm, now anyone can do a pullup and benefit from the great upper body and core exercise. The Perfect Pullup adjusts...

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A+ Guide to Hardware Chapter 10 Answers

Reviewing the Basics 1. Place the following networking technologies in the order of their highest speed, from slowest to fastest: Fiber optic, dial-up networking, cable modem, Fast Ethernet Dial-up networking, cable modem, fiber-optic, Fast Ethernet 2. What is the difference between ADSL and SDSL? ADSL uses one upload speed from the consumer to an ISP and a faster download speed. SDSL uses equal bandwidths in both directions. 3. Among satellite, cable modem, and DSL, which technology...

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Computer Basics

Computer Basics Ty Christian English Allied American University Short Response Discuss where a computer stores its basic hardware settings, why it does so, and what some of those settings are. A computer is a very complex and complicated piece of equipment that take teams of professional’s to manage. What people seem to forget is even this enigma of hardware also have a very basic system that fires it up. This is called the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System). As the name suggests...

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Setting Up an Office Network

which is based in Auckland, New Zealand. In order to run a smooth operation the company has closely to 700 employees. The company undertakes janitor services in most of the government and private companies and growing as more organizations are signing up with them. Due to the increased customer base the company has decided to move its operational task to Sri Lanka which is cheaper than operating in New Zealand. Due to this factor the company can be a very competitive and give low rates than the other...

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Setting up Calculator

The Basics: CASIO fx-83GT PLUS 1 Common functions and where to find them The Basics: CASIO fx-83GT PLUS Not all models have a solar cell ALPHA REPLAY SHIFT MODE / SETUP Power of two Powers Convert fraction or square root to decimal Square root Negative number Clear screen Delete last entry Use previous answer 2 Common functions The Basics: CASIO fx-83GT PLUS BUTTON NAME FUNCTION SHIFT Access functions in yellow text above buttons. ALPHA ...

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NT2640 Lab Outline

Lab 1. Switch CLI Exec Mode Page 1 Unit 2 Lab 1. Switch CLI Exec Mode Page 5 2. Switch CLI Configuration Process I Page 8 3. Switch CLI Configuration Process II Page 10 4. Router CLI Exec Mode I Page 13 5. Router CLI Exec Mode II Page 15 6. Route CLI Configuration Process Page 18 7. Setting Switch Passwords Page 20 8. Setting Router Passwords Page 23 9. Configuring Hostnames Page 25 10. Subnetting Lab 1 11. Subnetting Lab 2 Unit 3 1. Setting Router passwords Page 29 2. Configuring Router IP...

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Basics of Ict

DEGREE/CERTIFICATE, IF FOUND AT ANY STAGE. 2. SUBMITTING ASSIGNMENTS BORROWED OR STOLEN FROM OTHER(S) AS ONE’S OWN WILL BE PENALIZED AS DEFINED IN “AIOU PLAGIARISM POLICY”. Course: Basics of ICT (1431) Semester: Spring, 2013 Level: B.A Total Marks: 100 ASSIGNMENT No. 1 Note: All questions carry equal marks. Q. 1 Describe the basic concept of ICT. Also explain and exemplify different applications of ICT. Q. 2 Define the term “computer” in detail and describe different generations of computer. ...

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Switches and Routers

Assignment: Router and Switch Configuration   •         Due Date: Day 7   •         Describe how to configure a switch and router in a 350- to 750-word paper in APA format. Be sure to include the following: o    Basics of installing, setting up, and configuring a switch o    User interface console and the purpose of each menu item o    Configuring VLANs and spanning tree protocol o    Basics of installing, setting up, and configuring a router ...

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Computer Basics

the screen that you were using. Jump Lists Jump Lists are a new feature in Windows 7 that replace the Recent Documents Start Menu entry  In the taskbar, you can access a Jump List by right-clicking a application icon/button. When you do so, a pop-up list of related options appears. For example, Microsoft Word will show a list of recently opened documents. RECYCLE BIN to store file that have been deleted ( file that have not been permanently deleted) from the computer, this is in order to make...

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Basic Switch Commands

Basic Switch Commands Command(s) | Result | Switch#show mac-address-table | Used to display the MAC address table on the switch. | Switch>enable Switch#config term Switch(config)#hostname NY-SW1 NY-SW1(config)# | Used to change the hostname on the switch. | NY-SW1>enable NY-SW1#config term NY-SW1(config)#interface vlan1 NY-SW1(config-if)#ip address NY-SW1(config-if)#no shutdown NY-SW1(config-if)#exit NY-SW1(config)#ip default-gateway | Configures...

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Table Setting

Table setting and Table skirting What is Table Table setting or place setting refers setting? to the way to set a table with tableware—such as eating utensils and for serving and eating. Table setting refers to the way the table appointments and the food are arranged in the dining table. By knowing and following the rules, you can enjoy your meals and impress your guests. 7 Basic Principles in Table Setting 1. Table appointments include materials for setting the table such as the tablecloth...

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Setting Up a New Business: Business and Marketing Plan

Setting up a new business: Introduction to Entrepreneursh April 27, 2012 Setting up a new business: Business & marketing plan Marketing plan is a document with marketing objectives in itself. It may be long term or short term. It is essential when starting a new business venture. It describes how to implement a marketing strategy showing vision and mission of the business. The plan gives actions to apply to reach marketing goals. The main objective of making a marketing plan is to ensure...

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Setting up Security and Monitoring for Applications

Setting up Security and Monitoring for Applications You have managed application updates using various tools to ensure that the applications distributed across the network computers are up-to-date and secured. In an enterprise network, it is crucial to protect the applications and other critical data from malicious access by unauthorized users. Various security features provided by Windows Server 2012 helps you to protect applications and other critical data from unauthorized access. Familiarizing...

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Lab Worksheet: Configuring IIS7

Lab 3-1 70-643 worksheet Configuring IIS7 This lab contains the following exercises: Exercise 3-1-1 Installing the Web Server (IIS) Role Exercise 3-1-2 Configuring IP Address Restrictions Exercise 3-1-3 Configuring Anonymous Authentication Exercise 3-1-4 Using Basic and Windows Authentication Exercise 3-1-5 Configuring SSL Lab Review: Questions Lab Challenge: Building a Secure Website Estimated lab time: 80 minutes BEFORE YOU BEGIN The classroom network consists of Windows Server 2008 student...

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Environmental Guidelines for Setting Up Stone Crushing Plant

ENVIRONMENTAL GUIDELINES FOR SETTING UP STONE CRUSHING PLANT Stone Crushing Industry is an important industrial sector in the State engaged in producing crushed stone which is raw material for various construction activities like construction of Roads, Highways, Bridges, Buildings, Canals, etc. Transportation of stone over long distances adds to cost of the crushed stone products, crushers need to be necessarily located nearer to the demand centers such as Cities, Bridges, Highways, Canals, etc....

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Table Setting

Table setting or place setting refers to the way to set a table with tableware—such as eating utensils and dishes for serving and eating. The arrangement for a single diner is called a place setting. 2 types of table settings * Informal * Formal Informal setting is easier, involving the least amount of tableware as there are fewer courses involved. This is your basic everyday table setting, one that you might already set each night for dinner in your own home. Rules for a proper...

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motion sensor based switch

CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION I.1 Goals and Objectives The main objective of our project is to build a small circuitry using the presently available basic technology which can be used to fulfill two needs, to save energy and to provide a sense of safety and security. The purpose of the project is to provide an automation system for the automatic switching of loads by observing the presence of human body or automatically raise an alarm observing the presence of same human body This system...

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Networking basics

thinking, describe additional skills desirable in the networking field According to Dean (2010, p. 16), the following skills are desirable to have when it comes to dealing with computer networks: • Installing, configuring, and troubleshooting network server software and hardware • Installing, configuring, and troubleshooting network client software and hardware • Understanding the characteristics of different transmission media • Understanding network design • Understanding network protocols •...

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Agenda Setting

By: Trevor Agenda Setting in the Internet The 2000 Presidential Elections are upon us and who do we turn to for information regarding the candidates? What issues will be the hot topics for the election race? For that matter, what will be the hot topics in the media for next week? Just as this paper must be structured, organized, and center around a main idea, so must all information presented to an audience. Information can only be easily processed if it contains some kind of structure. This...

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Project Charter: Setting Up a Virtual Private Network

ComputersBrief Project DescriptionSetting up a LAN/WAN for a small computer repair shop that has two shops within ninety miles of each which will have repairs, sales and networking for home users and small to medium business in the surrounding metro areas of Waynesville and St Roberts Missouri.Prepared ByDate 9/13/14Version1 Project Objective The client is a new computer repair shop in Waynesville and St Robert Missouri and is requiring a network from the ground up including all operating system software...

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Local Area Network (Lan) Basic Components

is home to sheer bandwidth and countless client server applications. Different companies have radically different networks; some have a single PC and others have hundreds of locations and thousands of computers. This page is intended to explain the basic principles and components frequently found on the LAN. The internal network is usually built with the highest bandwidth available. It is then connected to a tiny internet connection which is almost always a bottle neck for internet traffic. Most businesses...

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Ethics Essay: Engineer Setting Up Established Firm

EEE4006F: Ethics Essay Assignment March 2013 A Professional Engineer setting up a newly established engineering firm in Cape Town HLYCOU001 Courtney Healey As a professional engineer setting up a newly established firm, I am challenged with various ethical issues and conflicts of interest. I decide to choose company X as my supplier for electrical components. After making my order, I receive complimentary rugby tickets from a representative at the company. I am faced with the ethical...

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Configuring Mobile Options

Lab 16 CONFIGURING MOBILE OPTIONS |Exercise 16.1 |Configuring Power Options | |Overview |In Exercise 16.1, you examine the power settings used in the default power plans provided in Windows 7.| | | | |Completion time |20 minutes...

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Configuring Hostnames

Configuring Hostnames Arshin Khodaei Sunday, January 25, 2015 11:25:53 AM Score 100% Reason You configured the devices as per the lab exercise. Configuration Performance This section gives you an overview of how you performed in configuring the devices as required by the lab. This section only evaluates your entry of config commands that relate to actual device configuration. Executed Commands R1 ip host R2-serial ip host R2-LAN Configuration Steps (Press enter) Password:...

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2x2 Switch Simulation in Matlaab

2x2 Packet Switch Simulation Using Matlab Interim Report Contention, output-buffer, queuing process, analytical analysis, simulation Student Name: Deniz Ozdemir Email: ec09502@eecs.qmul.ac.u Supervisor: Dr John Schormans Deniz Ozdemir ec09502 Interim report Contents Page 1.1 Aim 1.2 Methodology 1.3 Objectives 2. Background 2.1 Performance Evaluation 2.1.1 Measurement 2.1.2 Analysis/Simulation 2.2 Packet Switched Networks 3. Introduction 4. Theory 4.1 Queuing Theory 4.1.1 Queuing...

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Industrial Control Devices: Switch, Relay, Solenoid and Timer

CONTROL DEVICES Switch Abbreviations NO (Normally Open) and NC (Normally Closed) represent the electrical state of this switch contacts when the switch is not actuated. Manually Operated Switches - Switch is controlled by hand. - Forms of switches i) Toggle switch (Types of switches:- ➢ Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) ➢ Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) ➢ Double Pole Single Throw (DPST) ➢ Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) ( Electrical ratings...

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Setting Archetypes

 ARCHETYPAL SETTINGS 1. The River – Almost any source of water will focus on the importance of life. Without water there is no life. A journey on or down a river is often a metaphor for life’s journey or a character’s journey, especially if the river is shown as a road or means of travel – pulling or pushing a character through changes. (Twain’s Huck Finn) Rivers can also be a metaphor for the passage of time (Big Fish) or the stages of a human life (creek, roaring river, sea; or the crossing...

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Designing and Configuring Frame Relay Topology

its popularity. The extreme simplicity of configuring user equipment in a frame relay network offers another reason for frame relay's popularity. 3. With the advent of Ethernet over fiber optics, MPLS, VPN and dedicated broadband services such as cable modem and DSL, the end may loom for the frame relay protocol and encapsulation. However many rural areas remain lacking DSL and cable modem services. In such cases, the least expensive type of non-dial-up connection remains a 64-kbit/s frame relay...

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Basic Computer Hardware Notes

Basic Computer Hardware Notes – Copy All AGP □ The Accelerated Graphics Port is a high speed connection to the motherboard for video cards. □ Faster than a PCI card and doesn’t use the system memory. BIOS The Basic Input/Output System controls the computer’s basic operations and is responsible for starting up the computer and hardware. Bit □ Short for Binary digit. It is the smallest unit of information handled by a computer. One bit expresses a 1 or a 0 in a binary numeral. □ Or, it’s a true or...

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The Power On Self Test: Using BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) For Computer Diagnostics

boot-up stage by calling the operating system. Just before that, the user may interrupt to have access to SETUP. To allow the user to alter the CMOS settings, the BIOS provides a little program, SETUP. Usually, setup can be entered by pressing a special key combination (DEL, ESC, CTRL-ESC, or CRTL-ALT-ESC) at boot time (Some BIOSes allow you to enter setup at any time by pressing CTRL-ALT-ESC). The AMI BIOS is mostly entered by pressing the DEL key after resetting (CTRL-ALT-DEL) or powering up the...

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Installing Windows Server Networking

 Installing Windows Server Networking Option 1 POS/421 Mckechney Valeris 7/7/2014 Introduction This paper aims to discuss and examine the server roles available in Windows Server 2008 R2. Discussing which server roles will be most appropriate for the organization, known as Kudler Fine Foods. Kudler has three locations which each house workstations, POS terminals, printers, VoIP telephones, and servers. There are certain server roles that Windows Server 2008...

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Problems in Setting Up and Running a Business Unit.

properly establish these units. Finding a balance between efficiency and cost when maintaining these units can be challenging. Time-Consuming Setting up and running business units is also time-consuming. When you establish one, you must create a separate mission statement, budget, marketing plan and general business proposal. You must also set up technology and tools to support the department. You must then evaluate the functionality of the department before repeating the process with another...

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Installing and Operating a Sand-Making Machine

safety can be guaranteed. OK, let's list the attentions when installing and operating a sand making machine. A. When installation, adjust the horizontal position. The machine must have the basic conditions: 1) feeding materials sequent . 2) large pieces of materials can return back to the machine. 3) there is the lifting equipment upon the machine and it can lift the machine conveniently. 4) there is enough space to check up on one side of crusher. B. Common ruels when operating the...

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Regulatory Bodies and Current Leglislations for Setting Up a Home Base Childcare Setting

development and care of children from birth to five years. All providers are required to use the EYFS to ensure that whatever setting parents choose, they can be confident their child will receive a quality experience that supports their care, learning and development. It is implemented in all registered early years settings, maintained and independent schools. The settings are required to meet learning, development and welfare requirements in the EYFS package and with regard to the guidance associated...

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Investigating the Capacitance of a Parallel-Plate Capacitor Using a Reed Switch

Date: 25th March, 2010 Title: Investigating the capacitance of a parallel-plate capacitor using a reed switch Objective: To investigate the factors which affect the capacitance of a parallel-plate capacitor using a reed switch. Apparatus: - reed switch - signal generator - capacitor plates of area about 0.24m X 0.24 m 1 pair - polythene spacers ( 10 X 10 X 1 mm ) - polythene sheet, same area as capacitor plate 1 mm thick - battery box with 4 cells ...

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