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Barangay Curfew

to an organization. Barangay Information Systems (BIS), a system with database, which is capable of handling numerous records from its area, including the census and demographic profile, the history of the Barangay and land area, the elected barangay officials, the economy and religion. The Barangay Maestrang Kikay, due to its condition of using the manual-based process, the researchers happen to develop a Barangay Information System to provide the needs of the barangay in storing and maintaining...

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Teen Curfew

Effectiveness of Juvenile Curfews. Curfew is a word that derived from the French word “courvrefeu”. The meaning of the word courvrefeu is “to cover fire”. Implicating that a curfew is a way to put something out or maybe to reduce something down. Going back in time, curfews have been around since the feudal era. A long ways ago, “a bell would ring to alert the villagers to put out their fires and go to bed for the night. William the Conqueror even used an 8:00 p.m. curfew in 1068.”(The Effectiveness...

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Teenage Curfew

Allyson Walker Teenage Curfew Laws Imagine this: you are reading a newspaper. In big, bold print is headlined “Teen Shot By Criminal Running from Cops at Midnight.” For most cities, this is not abnormal. The term “curfew” is very broad. It’s meaning and level of importance varies from area to area. Although many regions all over the world do have a law prohibiting young children to be out past a certain time, there are still many places that do not enforce these time limits. One of the easiest...

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Teen Curfew

The intention teenagers are given a curfew of a certain time limit in different states is to limit gang violence and use curfew as a key tool to do so. (Wagner, Matt 2). Curfew is a way to control the teens that have diminutive self control along with little or no parental control. (Hall, Maggie 2). Various amounts of teenagers cannot be confidential to act with such autonomy and accountability. (Love, Dennis 2). Having a curfew indicates who the teenager is and what they do. (Love, Dennis 2)....

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Curfew Law in Arizona

Curfew Law in Arizona. Many cities in the state of Arizona have put a curfew on all kids. Kids under the age of 16 cannot be out unsupervised between 10 pm and 5 am. Kids 16-18 cannot be out during 12 am to 5 am. Our country is a free country and allows parents to control their own kids how they choose. Who is to tell a parent how to raise their kid? The government should not be allowed to bully parents and give them rules for their own kids. These curfews are not allowing parents to control...

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Are Curfews Fair to Juveniles?

Are Curfews Fair to Juveniles? Cities across the United States have imposed curfews on juveniles for many years. Teen curfew laws restrict the hours that juveniles may be on the streets or in public places at night (Sutphen and Ford). Some people consider curfews infringing on people’s constitutional rights. Curfews are hard to implement by law enforcement, and, in fact, take law enforcement away from more serious crimes. More crimes occur during daytime hours and more children are victimized...

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Crime and Teenage Curfew Laws

Summary:   The enacting of teenage curfew laws in American cities such as Dallas, Texas is a good idea. Such laws can decrease the juvenile crime rate and provide an opportunity for teens who are at risk to become delinquents to receive needed help. Over the past several years, One reason I believe that teenager curfew laws should be effective in many communities is because of the high rate of juvenile crime. If there are fewer teens in the street there will be fewer crimes will be committed...

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Teenage Curfews: with Them or Against Them

yourself as a teen driving home after curfew, all of sudden your pulled over by the police and either arrested or ticketed for curfew violations. Then you think to yourself, I wasn't doing anything wrong. This has become an increasing problem in America today. It is a shame for teenagers to get charged with breaking curfew and they are not committing a crime. This is another reason why teenage curfew is not need. My main points of the speech are to show that curfew laws are too expensive to keep, are...

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Should curfews be lifted in college hostels?

As a student myself, my first and basic instinct will tell me to shout "YES!!!" "Yes, do away with the curfew...please?" And I am very sure that a legion of my fellow hostel 'inmates' will plead the same. It would be wonderful to go out shopping till the cows come home or going on dates without having to embarrass ourselves by glancing at our timepieces too often. Most of all, would it not be utterly superb to be able to attend occasions like concerts, raves, launches and parties, that usually carry...

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Driving Curfews Violating Teens Rights

Driving Curfews Violating Teens Rights A seventeen year old friend of mine headed home from work at 11:00 at night on a Thursday in the month of July. Wanting to raise enough money to go on a band trip to Florida, she needed to work long hours, needing money to pay for her car insurance, she needed to work long hours and wanting to get in as many hours possible in one day, she needed to work long hours. Making money meant so much to her that she would go into work at the drop of a hat. Feeling...

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Barangay Budget

Barangay Kalangaman Municipality of Bato BARANGAY PROFILE I. Barangay Council 2010 – 2013 Brgy. Captain Hon. Michael Angel Polinar Brgy. Kagawad Hon. Henedina Elarcosa Hon. Frumencio Tabinas Hon. Andres Bohol Jr. Hon. Irenea Layam Hon. Jaime Mejala Hon. Wilberto Salvino Jr. Hon. Emmanuel Mercader SK Chairman Hon. Mark Salvatierra II. Brief History During the spanish regime the town of Bato is little bit like a sitio between the boundaries...

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Barangay System Unfinished

I. INTRODUCTION Barangay is the small administrative division in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term for a village or district. Barangay are further subdivided into smaller areas called Puroks . A barangay is led and governed by its barangay officials. It is composed of a Punong Barangay or Barangay Captain/Chairman, seven Barangay Councilors or  Barangay Kagawad  and sangguniaang Kabataan Chairman. Together with this is the Barangay Secretary and a residing midwife or a doctor...

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The Child Curfew Debate

rights. Child curfew laws are one distinct way that our freedom has diminished. Adolescents and teens need help and supervision, but not from the government. Not all teens are alike and not all teens need the same rules. We all struggle in diverse ways and our young Americans need assistant in deciding what they need from their parents or guardians, not necessarily the government. There are many opposing views on the basis of child curfew laws. The main purpose of the curfew ordinance strives...

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curfews doesn't keep teens out of trouble

Youth curfews are popular. In poll after poll, Americans support laws that restrict teenagers' activities during certain hours of the day and night. Youth curfews are also logical. If youngsters are getting into trouble, it makes sense to get them off the streets. There's only one problem with youth curfews: They don't work. And we shouldn't kid ourselves that they do. Yet that's what we're doing in Philadelphia, where Mayor Nutter recently extended a 9 p.m. curfew on Friday and Saturday nights...

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Curfew Law Argument

Curfew Law There are many laws passed in today's society that have a foundation for protecting our youth. Of course, many of these laws are a target for controversy, but one these laws seems to have found itself at the top of the list. This law, in many peoples opinion, is a direct violation of our rights as American citizens. Some believe that this is a gateway law that gives the government the ability to become even more overbearing and suppressing to society in general. However, there are also...

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Barangay information system proposal

INFORMATION SYSTEM of BARANGAY 17-KALAPATI in CAVITE CITY, CAVITE A System Proposal Submitted to Mr. Jan T. Samartino Department of Information Technology Cavite State University Cavite City Campus In patial fulfillment of the requirements for the subject ITEC 55 (System Analysis and Design) ERWIN S. BASBAS ANGILO A. BELLON MA. JOLINA L. SESIMA KRYSTLE MAYE R. TAKAHASHI KIMNU T. VERDIDA September 2014 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Introduction Barangay is the small administrative...

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Do Curfews Keep Teenagers Out of Trouble

Do Curfews Keep Teens Out of Trouble Bryan Win Lee Liang Jun Yong Jie Peng, Calvin HELP University Curfews Keep Teens Out of Trouble Do curfews keep teenagers out of trouble? This topic has always been on the cover page of today's newspaper headlines and a hot topic that has been discussed by every family. What are curfews like? A curfew is a time frame given by an authority like a parent or the government to teenagers below 18 to be home before a certain period of time. So, ask yourself...

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Profiling System For Barangays

Profiling System for Barangays Submitted in partial fulfillment for the requirement of a Software Engineering Course Project November 21, 2014 Project Overview 1.1 Purpose, Scope and Objectives 1.1.1 Purpose The purpose of having the Profiling System for Barangays (PSB) is to maneuver barangay from manual process to a computerized one. Recording of information, preparation of documents and even in conducting census will just be a click away with the use of this system. 1.1.2 Scope This system...

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have you ever had a curfew? Having to be home at a certain time before you get in trouble with either your parents or even the law. This is very annoying because some teens have a reason to be out late and don’t cause trouble. Not only do we as teens get in trouble but, “There is also parental responsibility in the curfew laws. Parents can be held responsible if their children are caught out after curfew.”(Pima County Sheriff Department) The government shouldn’t enforce teen curfews because sometimes...

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performance of Punong Barangay in Poblacion, Valencia City, Bukidnon

Barangay Official’s Duties and Responsibilities A barangay is the simplest unit of Local Government Unit. They handle a small community like purok or sitios. All places in the Philippines consist of this small LGU unit and barangay officials. In this article, you will have a brief idea about the duties and responsibilities of every barangay official that had been elected by their constituents. The Punong Barangay or the Barangay Chairman is the executive head of the smallest unit of the government...

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An Ordinance imposing curfew hours as lifted from the City Ordinance on minors from 9:00 PM to 4:00 AM Daily within the jurisdiction of Barangay Abra, Santiago City. 3. Resolution No. 2014-006, Authorizing the Punong Barangay, Honorable Benzi T. Chai, to enter into and sign usufruct agreement for and in behalf of the Barangay Government of Dubinan West, City of Santiago, as usufructuary, with Ms. Olivia T. Chai as owner, involving the parcel of land located at Barangay Dubinan West, City of Santiago...

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Argumentative Essay

DO CURFEWS KEEP TEENS OUT OF TROUBLE? Do you literally know the real meaning of curfew and the history behind it? According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (2010), the word “curfew” gives out two meanings; a commandment which prohibits individuals from going outside after a specific interval at nightfall and a period when broods must be home in the dusk. Curfew was originated from a French saying, “couvre-feu” which means “cover the fire” and back in Medieval England, it was mandatory for...

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Big Cities vs Small Towns

c. It also helps students mind to relax and your work will be more effective after they do a sport. 4. Although some people think that curfew laws will help control teenage gangs, they are wrong for several reasons. a. The curfew is a tool they can use if they want to get a particular kid off the street and don't have any other justification. b. A curfew doesn't keep teens out of trouble, not only because it's hard to enforce, but also because trouble doesn't just occur. c. The best way...

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Importance of Following Orders

our age groups and the Soldiers of close to equivalent our rank. Last and most important whatever the reasoning behind this order, it is an order and we as Soldiers have to follow all orders we are given. Another order that I disobeyed was the USFK curfew time of being back on post by 0100. This is one of the most important orders we are given as Soldiers in the Republic of Korea. It was General Thurman, the USFK Commander, who put this law into effect. He did this so that Soldiers would not get into...

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The Development of Centralized Record System for the Issuance of Sedula for Barangay Sta. Monica Hagonoy Bulacan


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Barangay Assenbly Minutes

SANGGUNIANG BARANGAY Barangay 2, Bacolod City Minutes of the 2nd Semester Barangay Assembly of the Barangay Council of Barangay 2, Bacolod City, dated November 9, 2012, held at Barangay Hall, 3:00 p.m. Present: Hon. Emelda J. Banguanga ……………………………Punong Barangay Hon. Ramon E. Jamelo…………………………………Barangay Kagawad Hon. Ben Jake C. Barilla …………………………….. Barangay Kagawad Hon. Victor D. Aliguin…….…………………………...Barangay Kagawad Hon. Noe M. Romero Sr…..……………………………Barangay Kagawad ...

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I am in support of the majority opinion on this case mainly because T.M. was given permission by his parents to be out beyond a certain time that was considered “past curfew.” I do believe that it is in the best interest of the public and community when there are curfew laws set but only if the circumstances call for it. The curfew ordinance serves a good purpose for the community but in this case was too strict. It needs to be narrowed to each individual case. While I realize that this opens up...

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Survey Questionnaire for baranggay Case Study

provided. Name: _______________________________ (optional) Barangay: _________________________________ Gender: ( ) Male ( ) Female Educational Attainment: ( ) First Year ( ) College level ( ) Second Year ( ) College graduate ( ) Third Year ( ) Masteral Degree ( ) Fourth Year ( ) Doctoral Degree Others please specify: ________________________ Age: ( ) 25 years old Others please specify: ____ years old II. Barangay Policies Instruction: Kindly evaluate the Brgy. Policies...

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The Impact of Sangguniang Kabataan to the Development of the Youth in Selected Barangays of Gumaca, Quezon Fiscal Year 2007 – 2013

The Impact of Sangguniang Kabataan to the Development of the Youth in Selected Barangays of Gumaca, Quezon Fiscal Year 2007 – 2013 Introduction “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan”, a famous line from the Dr. Jose Rizal’s A la Juventud Filipinas (To the Filipino Youth). Throughout the decades, the youth of our country has fared well in taking up that challenge. Youth concerns matter to everyone. And why not, the continuity of what we have founded in our time and age fully rests on the youth...

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Crime and Parents

Do curfews keep teens out of trouble? Even though curfews may keep the children safe, they do not keep them out of trouble because there is no solid evidence that youth curfews lower the rate of juvenile crime and teens are going to do what they want to do. Nationwide more than 80 percent of juvenile offenses take place between nine in the morning and ten at night, outside most curfews. The problem with curfews is they do not work and people should stop pretending like they do. If parents think...

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Module 11 Day 53 LC 5

help with this could be giving longer probationary periods for teenagers and more supervised driving hours at an earlier age. This would allow more experience behind the wheel and a longer time frame between permit and license. There could also be curfew times on when a fifteen year old teenager could drive. Thus, allowing teenagers to drive only during safe driving times. Plus, teenagers would not be out late at night when they could get in trouble. Some states have already started the probationary...

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Value of Education

*Strengths of the essay: Hello Angelia, and welcome! This is Nicole V., and I will be your tutor for this essay. You have a very interesting topic about curfews. I noticed that you started off your essay by directly presenting the subject at hand: Curfews do not help keep teenagers out of trouble. They tend to still do what they want. A curfew can sometimes be a disadvantage if the teenager is running behind or late, it can put pressure on them. Through this, your readers will know right away what...

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Should teen curfews be enforced ? There are many words or phrases that teens dread hearing from their parents; one of these words iscurfew.” The topic of teenage curfews is usually a controversial one. Parents impose curfews to protect their teens, and teens often feel this is an unfair limitation placed on them. Many teens see the adolescent years as a time to break away from their family and parents, and experience more freedom in certain aspects of their lives. Having a curfew seems unfair...

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Rebuttal Argument

Rasheed McLain, How many kids do you really believe want a curfew and actually will abide by all the rules given by their parents. I really believe it would not be a good idea. First of all a lot of kids would be bored coming in early. Secondly, a lot of kids would be so bored and sneak out and get in trouble for being out after their set curfew. Thirdly, kids summer would not be enjoyed to the fullest because their days are set by curfews. Boredom, a common thing in this generations' ids and teens...

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“Ang Pataas Ng Bilang Ng Mga Kabataan Na Nalululong Sa Alak”, Isang Pag-Aaral.

Republic of the Philippines Province of Ilocos Sur Municipality of Santa BARANGAY BUCALAG OFFICE OF THE SANGGUNIANG KABATAAN MESSAGE The development, of the community wouldn’t be possible without the help of the whole Sangguniang Kabataan members and with the guidance of experience one. It is everyone ultimate goal to realized the dream of improving the community that is conducive for living and worth the value. It is then my responsibility to lead the trust you gave on very...

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Barangay Record System

Background of the study Barangay is the small administrative division in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term for a village or district. Barangay are further subdivided into smaller areas called Puroks (English: Zone). A barangay is led and governed by its barangay officials. It is composed of a Punong Barangay or Barangay Captain/Chairman, seven (7) Barangay Councilors or Barangay Kagawad and a Sangguniaang Kabataan Chairman. Together with this is the Barangay Secretary and a residing...

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Treatment or Prevention

also touch base on teen curfews because that teens are exposed to a whole different world if they are out past certain and this may lead to making life changing decisions at such a young age. Curfews Some of the issues that involve our young adults in society today are that our youth is staying out past curfews therefore this exposes our juveniles to commit crime or puts them in harm’s way. A majority of American citizens and states support juveniles having a curfew because of the effectiveness...

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Project Citizenry Is A Coordination Of

All of the barangays don’t show any progress. As for me, community awareness, Government implementations (to the projects) and focusing on regarding the concern are some of the abilities a community should have to solve this common problem. I felt sad that the Government and especially the residents do not participate well in projects regarding this because they were too busy to pay attention to this kind of matter. It might be better if official could conduct seminars in their barangays, submit a...

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Automated Mapping and Recording System

modify it systematically. Organizations nowadays are adapting to office automation systems. Some barangay use automated systems to lessen their work and minimize their problems. Barangay Pansol Proper Quezon City is also one of those barangay that would like to adapt computerization for a more productive output. Yet, there are still problems that the barangay cannot avoid such as storing of the resident records or profile and having a hard time finding where is...

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Analysis of safe driving campaigns

the introduction of night curfews for P platers. This is because statistics show a high proportion of young drivers are involved in night time crashes. Currently the only state in Australia where night curfews exist is Western Australia (for the first 6 months of provisional licenses). Other states including NSW are considering or have considered similar proposals. Those parties supporting night curfews suggest there is a clear link between the existence of night curfews and a reduction in crash...

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CJA 354

Dolatowski, 2010). Teenage Curfew Teenage curfew has and most likely will be a torn topic because people feel that his or her first amendment right is being taken away. Teenage curfew is anyone under the age of 18 who is out passed the designated curfew time without a parent or someone over the age of 18, which is considered to be an adult. There have been several cases where parents have sued their county or city because they feel that their children cannot attend after curfew events or political rally’s...

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Curfew Change

Curfew For Teens It is a friday night and it is the last home football Game. It is 9:45 with fifteen minutes left in the game. What would you do watch the game or be home by curfew. The city council is wanting to make the curfew at ten p.m. on weekdays and midnight on the weekends. This curfew change is not the thing we need right now. The curfew time will limit what hours a kid can work or do school activities. Teenagers with this curfew does not stop the rebelliousness, the rebelliousness will...

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Chapter 1 Introduction A Barangay also known as barrio in its former name is the smallest local government unit in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term for a village or district. Municipalities and cities are composed of barangays. The word barangay is sometimes abbreviated as "Brgy" or "Bgy. Historically, a barangay is a relatively small community of around 50 to 100 families. Most villages have only thirty to one hundred houses and the population varies from one hundred to five...

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KATARUNGANG PAMBARANGAY * What is Katarungang Pambarangay and its significance? - The Katarungang Pambarangay or the Barangay justice System is an extra governmental mechanism aimed at perpetuating the time honored tradition of amicably settling interpersonal disputes in a community without recourse to the formal legal system of confrontational social behavior. The central feature of the system is the Lupong Tagapamayapa, a community-based conflict resolution effort that is highly supportive...

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Water billing

Student JENNIFER E. SABUGAA Professor OCTOBER 2014 INTRODUCTION Background Information Sibagat Water District is a GOCC……. It is situated at Purok 3, Barangay Poblacion, Sibagat, Agusan del Sur. It has only 8 personnel which consist of 1 general manager, 2 office staffs, and 5 technical crews. It offers services only within the puroks in the barangay poblacion which has 13 puroks. For almost blahblah years, Sibagat Water District is still using manual water billing system. The water bill is produced...

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Ethnographic Study on Giant Lantern Festival

Problem “Barangay San Jose and its Illuminating Giant Star” Ethnographic study is a systematic process of observing, describing, detailing, documenting and analyzing the cultural beliefs, practices, customs and rituals of a cultural group in order to obtain information about their culture in their particular environment. That is why for our Ethnography, we have decided to feature Barangay San Jose and its well- known Giant Lantern. II. Objectives We want to explore Barangay San Jose especially...

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A case study: The effects of the curfew program for minors in Brgy. Bagong Nayon,

PHILIPPINES 938 Aurora Boulevard, Cubao, Quezon City A case study: The effects of the curfew program for minors in Brgy. Bagong Nayon, Antipolo City Submitted to MS. ARLENE BENEBESE Professor College of Arts In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For the course PSE 313 Local Government By AARON JAMES P. BASILIO AB31FC1 October, 2014 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This case study entitled “A case study: The effects of the curfew program for minors in Brgy. Bagong Nayon Antipolo City” was conducted during the...

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Sample of Resolution


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Teen Curfews

was a teenager in the nineties. For the most part, I think kids want curfews and rules set by their parents or guardians. It gives them a sense of security, knowing someone cares for them. Curfews are often needed to prevent teens from getting in trouble late at night. A curfew should slightly vary depending on the situation. Besides parents placing curfews on teen; you now see malls and cities placing curfews on teens. Curfews are good but at what point are we overwhelming teens with all of these...

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Sinkholes in Cebu

The sinkhole, located in Sitio Carpo, Barangay Casay, was reported to the police on Thursday by concerned residents after the natural cavity was observed to have expanded to a diameter of 10 meters. Barangay captain Joseph Belamia said a cattle-raiser initially told him about the sinkhole on February 8, two days after the 6.9-magnitude earthquake struck the provinces of Negros Oriental and Cebu. Belamia said they could not determine the sinkhole’s present depth but claimed it had swallowed...

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Community Profile

Republic of the Philippines University of Rizal System Rodriguez, Rizal Sitio Harangan Community Profile [Barangay San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal] Prepared by: BSCD III I. Introduction The name “Harangan” was derived from the residents themselves who used to block garbage truck in order to get the junk. The place was a rice field and heath before. It was also known before as a disposal place for dead people who was being kidnapped or victim...

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Socio Economic Profile of Quezon City

invigorating climate. Silang is politically subdivided into 64 barangays such as Adlas, Balite I, Balite II, Balubad, Batas, Biga I, Biluso, Buho, Bucal, Bulihan, Cabangaan, Carmen, Hukay, Iba, Inchican, Kalubkob, Kaong, Lalaan I, Lalaan II, Litlit, Lucsuhin, Lumil, Maguyam, Malabag, Mataas Na Burol, Munting Ilog, Paligawan, Pasong Langka, Barangay I (Pob.), Barangay II (Pob.), Barangay III (Pob.), Barangay IV (Pob.), Barangay V (Pob.), Pooc I, Pooc II, Pulong Bunga, Pulong Saging, Puting Kahoy...

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No Curfews for Teens

Luis Fernando Salazar | 24/4/2013 | Code: 21 | V “A” | Grammar | | Curfews for teenagers We all know that we have to allow our teenagers to spread their wings and learn responsibilities and one area that is constantly on parent’s minds is curfews and how much freedom they should allow teenagers to have. The main queries we get from parents is how late their curfew should be and what to do if they break the curfew. Let’s look at some of the issues and explore solutions. With regard to how...

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Curfew laws

 A curfew is a rule that says people under a certain age should be off the streets and in their homes by a specific time of night. Curfews were first introduced in 1998 in a policy called Crime and Disorder Act (BBC.News.org). Curfew laws are intended to protect young people and keep them from getting into trouble. Even though intended to curfew laws do not keep teens out of trouble. It is said by Traci Truly that “the teen curfew laws have helped to lower the crime rate particularly...

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Water Billing System

reason why most offices took advantage in simplifying task especially perfecting computation. The Subayon Waterworks system located in Barangay Subayon started in the year 1992, 20th day of April, through the help of Municipal LGU and supported by the higher officials of Bohol. Presently, it is maintained by the Barangay Councilor and used the budget of the barangay for the maintenance of the WaterWorks. There are two type of levels in the household concessionaires namely Level 2 and Level 3: Level...

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History of valenzuela

Valenzuela is composed of 33 barangays, the smallest administrative unit in the city. A barangay is equivalent to American village and British ward, and is headed by the barangay captain (punong barangay) and his council (kagawad) duly elected by the residents. In legislative level, Valenzuela is divided into two congressional districts. Legislative district one contains 24 barangays in the northern half of the city, while legislative district two groups the 9 barangays in the southern portion of the...

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Fixing Society

food pack. Then we headed back to the home base. The New Bataan Parish. However, with the growing curiosity about Barangay Andap, we decided to take the route headed for ANDAP, the place where 7 barangays were wiped out by the typhoon in 7 hours. As we arrived, I saw huge mountain rocks in different colors. I was told that these were sedimentary rocks came from the mountains. The 7 barangays was literally erased from the map of Compostela valley. Then I saw one tall tree standing in the midst of a desolated...

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My Journey

very wide sedimentary basin, as what people there said. Even though I’m far from the speaker (can’t hear much!), I’ve gained something. That Metro Iloilo Water Distribution extracts its supply from Tigum River through an intake dam constructed in Barangay Daja, Maasin. From the dam, raw water is conveyed by gravity through a pipeline to a sedimentation basin in barabgay Buntalan, Maasin. As soon sedimentation process takes places, clean surface water flows down to an overflowing channel connected...

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Water Billing System

reason why most offices took advantage in simplifying task especially perfecting computation. The Subayon Waterworks system located in Barangay Subayon started in the year 1992, 20th day of April, through the help of Municipal LGU and supported by the higher officials of Bohol. Presently, it is maintained by the Barangay Councilor and used the budget of the barangay for the maintenance of the WaterWorks. There are two type of levels in the household concessionaires namely Level 2 and Level 3: Level...

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northbridge curfew

1.0 Introduction. The aim of the following report, is to explore the “Northbridge Curfew” examine its value and criticisms’. Finally to recommend whether the policy should be expanded to areas other than Northbridge. 2.0 Purpose of the policy ‘This Policy is the Government’s response to the immediate problem of ‘at risk’ children and young people in Northbridge at night.’ (Young People In Northbridge Policy, 2006, pg2) It is part of the states commitment to; “Revitalise Northbridge”, “ensure...

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