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Bajaj Bikes Plant Layout

Q. What is meant by Plant Layout? Discuss the principles and different methods of Plant Layout. Answer: What is Plant Layout……………………? Plant layout refers to the arrangement of physical facilities such as machinery, equipment, furniture etc. within the factory building in such a manner so as to have quickest flow of material at the lowest cost and with the least amount of handling in processing the product from the receipt of material to the shipment of the finished product. According to Riggs...

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plant layout

Plant Layout Design What is Plant Layout? The organization of a company’s physical facilities to promote the efficient use of equipment, material, people and energy. What are the Goals of Plant Layout Design? Minimize unit costs Optimize quality Promote effective use of people, equipment, space and energy Provide for employee convenience, safety and comfort Control project costs Achieve production deadlines What Procedure is Followed in Plant Layout Design? Plant Layout Procedure...

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Plant Layout

UNIT 02: PLANT LAYOUT Definition Plant Layout involves the allocation of space and the arrangement of equipment in such a manner that overall operating costs are minimized. It includes the arrangement and location of work centres and various service centres like inspection, storage and shipping within the factory building. Characteristics of an Efficient Layout 1. Smooth flow of production – Raw materials and workers have access to each machine without any difficulty and delay. 2. Maximum utilization...

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Plant Layout

PLANT LAYOUT Plant layout is a plan of the most effective arrangement of the physical facilities and manpower for the manufacture of the product. Plant layout encompasses much more than the mere planning of the arrangement of the production equipment and should include a careful study of the following: 1. External transportation facilities. 2. Receiving operations (unloading, inspection, stores) 3. Production activities. 4. Service & auxiliary operations. ...

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Plant layout

PLANT LAYOUT Outline of Contents: What is Plant layout? Necessity of good layout Factors affecting good layout Principles of good layout Advantages of good layout Symptoms of poor layout Types of layout What is PLANT LAYOUT? Plant layout refers to the arrangement of physical facilities such as machines, equipment, tools, furniture etc. in such a manner so as to have quickest flow of material at the lowest cost and with the least amount of handling in processing the product from the receipt...

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Plant Layout

12MBA 1138 PLANT LAYOUT Meaning, Definition and Scope: A plant layout generally refers to an arrangement of machinery, equipment and other industrial facilities like receiving and shipping departments, tool rooms, maintenance rooms and various employee amenities, for the purpose of achieving the fastest and the smoothest production at a minimum cost. In other words, plant layout is a floor plan for determining the and arranging the desired machinery and equipments of a plant, whether established...

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Case study 1: Bajaj Auto Ltd. Your task : Analyze the position of Bajaj in the current market set-up, evaluating its strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities available. Bajaj Auto Ltd. (BAL) is one of the oldest and the largest manufacturer of automobiles in India and has been the market leader in scooters. In 1990s, the near monopolistic market structure, perhaps, lulled the company into being complacent and they gave way to the competitors like Hero Honda and TVS.  Hero Honda and TVS...

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Bajaj Competitive Analysis

remain intact BAJAJ AUTO LIMITED Bajaj Auto Limited is an Indian motorized vehicle-producing company. Bajaj Auto is a part of Bajaj Group. Its founded by Jamnalal Bajaj at Rajasthan in the 1930s. It is based in Pune, Maharashtra, with plants in Chakan (Pune), Waluj (near Aurangabad) and Pantnagar in Uttaranchal. The oldest plant at Akurdi (Pune) now houses the R&D centre Ahead. Bajaj Auto makes and exports automobiles, scooters, motorcycles and the auto rickshaw. Bajaj Auto is the world's...

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Plant Layout

What is a Plant Layout? Definition of Plant Layout Plant Layout is the physical arrangement of equipment and facilities within a Plant. The Plant Layout can be indicated on a floor plan showing the distances between different features of the plant. Optimizing the Layout of a Plant can improve productivity, safety and quality of Products. Uneccessary efforts of materials handling can be avoided when the Plant Layout is optimized. This is valid for: - Distances Material has to move - Distances...

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Plant Layout

PLANT LAYOUT Introduction – Plant layout is very essential and needs consideration and attention from the very beginning so as to avoid subsequent problems. Though one can think of several layouts but the best one is obviously the one, which is both very systematic and cheap. It is arrangement of machines, scientific use of work area, easy and convenient transport system, easy sorting out of materials and processing different parts. Since the area has already been selected...

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Satisfaction Level of Bajaj Bike Holder

REPORT ON “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION LEVEL OF BAJAJ BIKE USERS” UNDERTAKEN AT HINDUSTAN BAJAJ BARDOLI Submitted By: Sonar Vivek P. (07 B.B.A. 43) Guided By: Mr. MAHIPALSINH P. DABHOLIA BBA (2009-10) The Mandvi Education Society SHRI PRABODHBHAI TARACHAND SHAH (PALANPURWALA) B.B.A. COLLEGE SHRI DHANSUKHLAL CHHOTALAL SHAH B.C.A. COLLEGE DECLARATION I hereby declare that this project report entitled “A study on Customer satisfaction level of Bajaj bike user in Bardoli” has been prepared by...

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Plant Layout

LAYOUT Facility layout is an arrangement of different aspects of manufacturing in an appropriate manner as to achieve desired production results. Facility layout considers available space, final product, safety of users and facility and convenience of operations.An effective facility layout ensures that there is a smooth and steady flow of production material, equipment and manpower at minimum cost. Facility layout looks at physical allocation of space for economic activity in the plant. Therefore...

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Eng. Opt., 2002, Vol. 34(5), pp. 461–484 ARCHITECTURAL LAYOUT DESIGN OPTIMIZATION JEREMY J. MICHALEKa,*, RUCHI CHOUDHARYb and PANOS Y. PAPALAMBROSa a Optimal Design Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2125, USA; bCollege of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2125, USA (Received 28 August 2001; In final form 26 February 2002) This article presents an optimization model of the...

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Bajaj Report

support. Industry overview: Bajaj Auto Limited is an Indian motorised vehicle-producing company. Bajaj Auto is a part of Bajaj Group. It was founded by Jamnalal Bajaj at Rajasthan in the 1930s. It is based in Pune, Mumbai, with plants in Chakan (Pune), Waluj (near Aurangabad) and Pantnagar in Uttarakhand. The oldest plant at Akurdi (Pune) now houses the R&D centre Ahead. Bajaj Auto makes and exports automobiles, scooters, motorcycles and auto rickshaws. Bajaj Auto is the world's third-largest...

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Bajaj Bikes and Customer Satisfaction


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30 Individual: Class Participation—Case Discussion 40 Group: Case Writeup/Marketing Plan 30 COURSE OUTLINE DATE SUBJECT Aug 30 Case 1: Bajaj Auto Ltd. Sep 6 Labor Day Holiday, Make-up Class to be scheduled Sep 13 Case 2: Mary Kay Cosmetics Sep 20 Case 3: Airmiles Sep 27 Case 4: Planet Reebok Oct 04 Case 5: Exam Case (TBA) Oct 11 Case 6: DHL Oct 18 Case 7: EMDICO A&B Oct...

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Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto Limited Vision & Mission Bajaj doesn't have a straight vision or mission statement. They define it in terms of brand identity, brand essence (derived from mission) and brand values. Bajaj’s Brand Identity Bajaj’s Brand is the visual expression of its thoughts and actions. It conveys to everyone Bajaj’s intention to constantly inspire confidence. Customers are the primary audience for Bajaj’s brand. Indeed, our Brand Identity is shaped as much by their belief in Bajaj as...

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Catia Layout

Equipment & Systems Engineering CATIA - Plant Layout 1 (PLO) CATIA V5R18 Equipment & Systems Engineering CATIA - Plant Layout Enable designers to reserve spaces, analyze area/volume allocations and optimize the general 3D layout of plants and equipment or tooling placed in them. Product overview CATIA - Plant Layout 1 (PLO) enables organizations to optimize their manufacturing plant layout. This product is one piece of Dassault's integrated Digital Manufacturing Solutions. It deals...

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The Importance of Layout

The importance of a layout would be better appreciated if one understands the influence of an efficient layout on the manufacturing function: it makes it smooth and efficient. Operating efficiencies, such as economies in the cost of handling materials, minimization of production delays and avoidance of bottlenecks—all these depend on a proper layout. An ideally laid out plant reduces manufacturing costs through reduced materials handling, reduced personnel and equipment requirements and reduced...

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Plant Layout Material Handling Guide

act as an aid in other ways A handling device can keep materials; * Safe from danger * Timed or scheduled to other materials * In sequence * Easy to oversee, check or count * Independent of workers attention Guide for the layout of Aisles 1. Keep aisles straight 2. Keep aisles clear 3. Mark aisle limit 4. Locate aisles for minimum distance 5. Make two-sided aisles 6. Use main aisles 7. Keep intersection at 90 deg 8. Make aisles of economic...

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Brand Personality of Bajaj Pulsar

ambassadors have a huge impact on development of brand image. So choosing a right celebrity having the similar personality becomes important or else the whole campaign will be of no impact. Some of the traits associated with various brands: * Bajaj pulsar Endurance, powerful and strong personality. * Titan style and elegance. * Thumbs up bravery and...

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Plan Layout

Plant Layout: Plant layout is placing of the right equipment coupled with right method in the right place to permit the processing of a product in the most effective manner through the shortest possible distance and shortest possible time. A Plant Layout involves: 1. Planning and arranging manufacturing machinery, equipment and services for the first time in new plants; 2. Te improvement in layouts already in use in order to introduce new methods and improvements in the manufacturing...

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Bajaj Pulsar Synopsis


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Operations Management at Bajaj

of motorcycles (both domestic and exports) in 2008-09 has been lower than what it was in 2006-07, before the slowdown hit this sector. ABOUT BAJAJ:- The group comprises of 34 companies and was founded in the year 1926. The group's flagship company, Bajaj Auto, is ranked as the world's fourth largest two- and three- wheeler manufacturer and the Bajaj brand is well-known across several countries in Latin America, Africa, Middle East, South and South East Asia. Founded in 1926, at the height...

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Questionnair for Brand Preference in Bajaj Two Wheelers

Preference for Bajaj Two Wheeler’s Name: Contact No: Age: Education * Below +2 | * +2 or Diploma | * UG | * PG & Professionals | Occupation * Self employed | * Private Sector | * Public Sector | * Student | * Others | Monthly Income (If Student, mention your family income) * 5000 & below | * 5001- 10000 | * 10001-15000 | * 15001-20000 | * 20000 & above | 1. What is the need for you to buy the bike? * Workhorse...

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PLANTS Plants in Our Daily Life A plant(also called green plants) is a multi-cellular living organism,member of kingdom Plantae.It is at the base of the food web and are Autotrophs.Plants are considered as backbone of all life on Earth and essential resource for living oragnisms.Plants can be reffered as a factory which processes light into energy and manufactures food for it ownself as well as for other living things.Scientists have foundmore than 270,000 spieces of plants They include a host of...

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Bajaj Pulsar Marketing Project

PROJECT REPORT ON MARKET STUDY AND ANALYSIS ON BAJAJ MOTORS - MODEL PULSAR - Submitted By PGCBM 22 - Group 63 Aashish Bansal Joseph George Phani Krishna Tanguturi Venkata Pradeep Table of Contents 1 PHOENIX OF THE BAJAJ’S 4 History of Bajaj 4 Bajaj’s Experiment with Motor-Cycles 5 ...

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Dirt Bike.

Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes Penny Levalley IT/ 205 Luke Konrath Axia College of University of Phoenix . Introduction Dirt Bike’s management is concerned about communication expenses and how much money is being spent on obtaining information on the subject of developments in the motorcycle industry and the global economy. In order for this organization to effectively communicate...

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Innovation Report for Bajaj

in 1926, from the height of the British independent movement in India has a glorious history. Bajaj Group is one of the top 10 commercial establishments in India. Its footprint across a wide range of industry sectors, including automobiles (two-wheelers and three-wheelers). The Group's flagship company, Bajaj Auto, is listed as the world's fourth largest two-and three-wheeled motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj brand is well-known in several countries of Latin America, Africa, Middle East, South Asia and...

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Bajaj Auto vs Hero Honda

Producing Lowest Cost Two-Wheelers: Bajaj Auto Vs Hero Honda By Ved Singh, Abhimanyu Prabhavalakar, Baskaran Balasubramanian, Srikanth Gopalakrisnan Table of Content 1. Indian Economy and Two-wheeler Industry 2. Bajaj Auto Ltd. 3. Hero Honda 4. Cost Management Analysis 1. Indian Economy and Two/Three wheeler Industry As we write this report, there are few factors which we would like to state , just to set the context for this report, for for Indian Economy in general and then...

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safety bicycle,, bicycles with front and rear wheels of the same size, with a pedal crank mechanism to drive the rare wheel. Those bicycles, in turn were descended from high-wheel bicycles, the high wheelers were descended from an early type of push-bike, without pedals, propelled by the rider’s feet pushing against the ground. These appeared around 1800, used iron-banded wagon wheels, and were called bone-crushers, both for their; jarring ride, and their tendency to toss their riders. Gottlieb...

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Btm Layout

BTM Layout From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search BTM Layout | —  suburb  — | Nickname(s): BTM | BTM Layout | Coordinates: 12.92°N 77.61°ECoordinates: 12.92°N 77.61°E | Country | India | State | Karnataka | Metro | Bengaluru | Time zone | IST (UTC+5:30) | PIN | 560076 [1] | BTM Layout (an abbreviation of Byrasandra, Tavarekere and Madiwala Layout) (Kannada: ಬಿ ಟಿ ಎಂ ಬಡಾವಣೆ) is a neighbourhood in South Bangalore, Karnataka, India.[2] BTM Layout is...

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Company Analysis: Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Company Analysis: Bajaj Auto Ltd. History Bajaj Auto Limited is an Indian motorized vehicle-producing company. It is the flagship company of the Bajaj Group, founded by Jamnalal Bajaj at Rajasthan in the 1930s. It is based in Pune, Maharashtra, with plants in Chakan (Pune), Waluj (near Aurangabad) and Pantnagar in Uttaranchal. Baja Auto motorcycles in production are the XCD, Platina, Discover, Pulsar and Avenger. Bajaj Auto is the world's third-largest manufacturer of motorcycles and second-largest...

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Bajaj Pulsar

Usama 29 Mahesh Jagannathan 26 Section:SD2 BAJAJ PULSAR: “DEFINITELY MALE” Bajaj Pulsar is a motorcycle brand owned by Bajaj Auto in India. This bike has virtually redefined biking in this country. Pulsar launched in 2001 is the market leader in the 150 cc + performance bike segment. More than that, this brand changed the fortune of Bajaj Auto Ltd. Its highly masculine outlook with sporty, engine sound, smoothest power drive, dashing...

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E Bikes

thousands of people to differ from traditional, mostly leisure-oriented bicycle rental services as they provide fast and easy access; use the bicycle as urban transport have diversified in organisational layout, the business models and the applied technology towards “smart bikes” (rental process via smart card or mobile phone). A big part of this success story is mode within a few months? due to the introduction of the Public Bicycle scheme vélo’v. Each of the 2,000 bicycles...

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Pom - Facility Layout

Facility layout is the physical configuration of departments, workstations, and equipments in the conversion process. it is arrangement of physical resources used to create the product. Success of operations depends on the physical layouts of the facilities. Flow of raw material. Productivity and human relationship are all affected by the arrangements of the conversion facilities. Plant layout involves: i) planning and arranging facilities in new plant ii) improvements in existing layout to introduce...

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Bajaj Demerger

competencies – Bajaj Auto Pre - Demerger structure Promoter Group 30% Public 68% Bajaj Auto 0.05% Public Allianz 49% Allianz Allianz 100% 24% 74% Maharashtra Scooters Bajaj Auto Holdings 50% 26% Allianz Bajaj Life Insurance Company 5% Page 7 50% Bajaj Auto Finance Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co Bajaj Allianz Financial Distributors Public 38% 74% 50% Public 6% 95% PT Bajaj Auto Indonesia 9% Bajaj Hindustan ...

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SWOT Analysis Let's analyze the position of Bajaj in the current market set-up, evaluating its strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities available. Strengths: • Highly experienced management. • Product design and development capabilities. • Extensive R & D focus. • Widespread distribution network. • High performance products across all categories. • High export to domestic sales ratio. • Great financial support network (For financing the automobile) • High economies...

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Bajaj Auto Limited Case Study

{draw:frame} CASE STUDY: BAJAJ AUTO LTD. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Bajaj Auto Limited was established in 1945, initially importing scooters and three wheelers from Piaggioand later becoming a powerhouse in the Indian two wheeler industry. This paper highlights the effects of the Indian government policy on foreign imports until 1991, BAL’s marketing or lack of it during this period and the evolution of the Indian two wheeler industry from scooters to 2 stroke and 4 stroke bikes with a strong emphasis...

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bajaj auto

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the subject Strategic Management for the award of the degree of MBA Submitted to: Prof. Dr. Jignasa Savalia Declaration The project report entitled “Strategic Management Cycle of Bajaj Auto Ltd. ” has been submitted to Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad in partial fulfillment for the award of degree of Master of Business Administration. I the undersigned hereby declare that this report has been completed by me under the...

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ICMR Case Collection Icfai Center for Management Research Bajaj Auto Ltd.: Overtaken in the Indian Scooter Market BSTR216 - Teaching Note 2006, The Icfai Center for Management Research. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, used in a spreadsheet, or transmitted in any form or by any means- electronic or mechanical, without permission. To order copies, call 0091-40-2343-0462/63 or write to Icfai Center for Management Research, Plot...

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placement training report on kvr bajaj

CHAPTER-I INTRODUCTION A motorcycle (also called a motorbike, bike, or cycle) is a single-track, engine-powered, two-wheeled motor vehicle. Motorcycles vary considerably depending on the task for which they are designed, such as long distance travel, navigating congested urban traffic, cruising, sport and racing, or off-road conditions. Motorcycles are one of the most affordable forms of motorised transport in many parts of the world and, for most of the world's population, they are also the...

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Developing Layout Strategies

Developing Layout Strategies Submitted in partial completion of the requirements For the course Production and Operations Management Submitted by: Dote, Jane Frances A. Submitted to: Dr. Pedrito A. Salvador January 29, 2011 2nd Term, School Year 2010-2011 PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT CHAPTER 9: DEVELOPING LAYOUT STRATEGIES The objective of office layout strategy is to develop a cost-effective layout that meets a firm’s competitive needs. There are seven types of layout: 1. Office...

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Project On Bajaj Auto Limited

BAJAJ AUTO LTD November 14, 2009 Project On Bajaj Auto Limited Submitted by Team TiTanS -Amit Sheth -Anand Dube -Darshna Chande - Mrinal Kaul -Subrato Das -Vinay Chaudhary Page 1 of 23 1 BAJAJ AUTO LTD November 14, 2009 Index 1.0 Introduction 2.0 PRODUCT PORTFOLIO. 2.1 Product life cycle of the various products. 2.2 A BCG Matrix of Various products. 3.0 Key Brands – Top Three in terms of volume and revenue 3.1 Bajaj Pulsar. 3.2 RE (3 Wheeler). 3.3 Discover. 4.0 Positioning of...

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The Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto Index 0 Objective (pg no1) 1 Introduction (pg no 1) 2 History (pg no 2) 3 Entry Barriers(pg no 2) 4 SWOT Analysis (pg no 3) 5 Porter’s Analysis (pg no 4) 6 Managerial Style(pg no5) 7 Hierarchy( pg no 6) 8 HR Practices(pg no 7 ) 9 Business Stratergies(pg no 8) 9a, Marketing Strategies (pg no 8) 9b, Other Strategic Issues (pg no 10) 10 Cost effective and Environmental strategies (pg no 12) 10a, Conservation of energy (pg no 12) 11 Community leadership programmes (pg no 13) ...

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Product lifecycle of bajaj Pulsar

(GROUP 17) Contents Bajaj Auto ................................................................................................................................................ 3 About Bajaj Auto ................................................................................................................................. 4 Two wheeler Industry ......................................................................................................................... 5 Bajaj Pulsar................

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Bajaj vs Herohonda

ON COMPARATIVE STUDY OF BAJAJ V/S HERO HONDA Submitted for the partial fulfillment of the degree of master of business administration (2007-2009) [pic] Vs [pic] INDEX Sr No. Particulars Page no DECLARATION The research on “Comparative Study between Bajaj and Hero Honda” has been given to me as part of...

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Bajaj Pulsar Market Study

REPORT On Bajaj Pulsar Submitted By – Pulkit Agrawal Roll No – 63 (Section - B) Introduction Pulsar is one of favourite brands both as a biker and a marketer. This bike has virtually redefined biking in this country. Pulsar launched in 2001 is the market leader in the 150 cc + performance bike segment. More than that, this brand changed the fortune of Bajaj Auto Ltd. Brand owned by Bajaj Auto IndiaDeveloped by- •Product engineering division of Bajaj Auto •Japanese design...

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History of Bikes

Drais of Germany invented a improved model called a "draisienne, which added a steering bar connected to the front wheel. Twenty years later, a Scottish blacksmith, Kirkpatrick Macmillan, added foot pedals to the Draisienne. In the 1870's came a bike called a penny- Farthing. It consisted of a huge front wheel, 1.5 meters tall, and a very small back wheel. The advantage of this model was that it could travel a greater distance with a single turn of the pedals. But because it the wheels ...

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Bajaj Auto - Financial Analysis

| Financial Accounting Project | Bajaj Auto Limited | | Aayush Thakral (Roll No. 2) | Anshul Sinha (Roll No. 26)Anurag Tripathi (Roll No. 32) | 7/14/2011 | | Contents BAJAJ AUTO LIMITED 4 Bajaj Plant Locations 4 Industry Overview 5 Demand and Supply Position for Two-Wheelers 6 Major players in Indian Two-Wheeler Industry 9 Applicable Laws and Regulations 10 The Manufacturing Process/ Operations 12 Type of Machinery 14 List of Raw Materials 17 Raw materials/SKD/Assemblies...

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Plant Layout Optimization

Figure 6.8. Initial Layout of Cell 1 The optimum sequence method starts with an arbitrary initial solution and tries to improve the layout by switching two departments in the sequence. At each step the method computes the cost changes for all possible switches of two departments and chooses the most effective pair. The two departments are switched in sequence and the method repeats. The process stops when no switch results in a reduced cost. The optimized facility information and layout have been shown...

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Facilities Layout

Facility Layout Design using Block Diagramming 1 Outline • • • • • • • What is Facility Layout Design? What is Block Diagramming? Using Block Diagramming in your organization Explanation of Block Diagramming Practice Strengths / Weaknesses Summary 2 What is Facility Layout Design? • Facility layout means planning: – for the location of all machines, utilities, employee workstations, customer service areas, material storage areas, aisles, restrooms, lunchrooms, internal walls, offices...

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How to Plant a Garden

takes thought, planning and time to plant a vegetable garden. The proper area to plant your vegetables, a decent layout of your garden and a good idea of what you would like to plant are all important things to take to into consideration when decide to grown your own vegetables. The first thing that you should do when planting a vegetable garden is to choose an area that is away from trees and shrubs, their roots will compete with the roots of your vegetable plants for nutrients. You also will need...

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Dirt Bikes

Table of Content Introduction……………………………………………………………………………2 Reasons of information system are so important for Dirt Bikes USA…………..3 The changes of the business function of Dirt Bikes USA………………………4 5 The Key management challenges involve in building, operating and maintain system information…………………………………………………………………………..…6 Recommendation of Dirt Bike’s information system………………………………7 Conclusion……………………………………………………………………………..8 References……………………………………………………………………………...

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Working Capital Management at Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Table of Contents Topic Page no.  Analysis of Working Capital issues at Bajaj Auto Ltd. 2  Annexure: Fund Flow Statement 5  References 6   Analysis of Operating Ratios: Raw material conversion period (RMCP): As we can see from the graph* the RMCP of Bajaj Auto Ltd. is decreasing year by year. But in 2008 it has risen due to high raw material cost (Steel prices, paint etc.).It is very good for any firm to keep it RMCP...

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Skills of Marketing of Bajaj Auto

Overview : Presentation Overview COMPANY HISTORY HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PRODUCTION AND QUALITY CONTROL RESEARCH AND development Bajaj eco spirit MARKETING STRATEGIES FINANCIAL Overview SWOT ANALYSIS FUTURE GOALS local community development recognition conclusion BIBLIOGRAPHY Company History : Company History Bajaj History : Bajaj History On November 29, 1945 Bajaj Auto came into existence as M/s Bachraj Trading Corporation Private Limited. It started off by selling imported two- and three-wheelers...

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Facilities Layout

Facilities Layout Facilities layout refers to the arrangement of all equipment, machinery, and furnishings within a building envelope after considering the various objectives of the facility. The layout consists of production areas, support areas, and the personnel areas in the building Need of Facilities Layout The need for facilities layout arises both in the process of designing a new layout and in redesigning an existing layout. The need in the former case is obvious but in the latter...

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Oil and Chemical Plant Layout and Spacing

of GE Global Asset Protection Services GAP.2.5.2 September 3, 2001 OIL AND CHEMICAL PLANT LAYOUT AND SPACING INTRODUCTION Loss experience clearly shows that fires or explosions in congested areas of oil and chemical plants can result in extensive losses. Wherever explosion or fire hazards exist, proper plant layout and adequate spacing between hazards are essential to loss prevention and control. Layout relates to the relative position of equipment or units within a given site. Spacing pertains...

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How Plant Biotechnology Differs From Traditional Plant Breeding

Define plant biotechnology. Using examples discuss how it is different from traditional / conventional methods plant breeding. Plant biotechnology has been defined as the integrated use of biochemistry, microbiology and engineering sciences in-order to achieve technological application of micro-organisms and cultured tissue cells in the transfer of genetic traits from one crop species to another to obtain transgenic plants that are of beneficial use to human kind (Lawrence .W; 1968). Heldt H and...

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Facility Layout

Meaning - Facility Layout Arrangement of: • Machinery • Equipment • Other Industrial facility • Achieving quick production at least cost Why Facility Layout Decrease – • • • • Material Handling cost Movement of people and material Hazards to personnel Accidents Increase – • • • • • Production Capacity Labor efficiency Employee Morale Space utilization Ease of Supervision and Maintenance Importance of Facility Layout • • • • • • • • • Economies in handling Effective use of available area...

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