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Badminton Conclusion

Natasha Malana HPER 208 Stanton 9 September 2012 Badminton The sport of badminton was invented years ago played in ancient Greece and Egypt. Badminton came from a child's game called battledore and shuttlecock, in which two players hit a feathered shuttlecock back and forth with tiny rackets there was no net--the object was simply to keep the shuttlecock from hitting the ground. The game was called "poona" in India during the 18th Century, and British Army Officers stationed there took the...

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Badminton vs. Tennis

Badminton vs. Tennis Sports are considered to be an extremely important part of our lives today, they are essential to our health, entertainment and relaxation. Even though some sports are alike in ways, many people still prefer to choose one over the other. This is because even though there are some similarities between them, they are still completely different when compared properly, like in the case of racquet-based sports. Two racket sports that are played worldwide are badminton and tennis...

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Physics of Badminton

Physics of Badminton Gerard Ramos Physics 4A Prof. Scott Hildreth I would like to start off with a light introduction to the sport of Badminton. Badminton is a sport that isn’t too popular in the United States; some people would even say that it shouldn’t even be called a “sport”. The majority see badminton from a “back-yard sport” point of view, part of this is due to the lack of actual badminton court facilities in America, also because it’s a bit expensive to play. Badminton is not like...

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History of Badminton

Badminton was invented a long time ago; the game was played in ancient Greece and Egypt. Badminton came from a child’s game called battledore and shuttlecock. This game was played with two players hitting a feathered shuttlecock back and forth with tiny rackets. The game was called ‘Poona’ in India during the 18th Century. Badminton took its name from Badminton House in Gloucestershire, the ancestral home of the Duke of Beaufort, where the sport was played I the last century. Gloucestershire is now...

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Biomechanics in Badminton

performance using biomechanics, it enables you to detect errors easier in the technique and adjust the athletes’ performance accordingly. Good morning my name is Melyssa and today I will be analysing the footage of a smash recorded from a game of badminton. Badminton is a game with rackets in which a shuttlecock is hit back and forth across a net (Random House Dictionary, 2014). I will identify both the strengths and weaknesses of this shot and using biomechanical terms, justify possible modifications...

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Physical Education: Rules of Badminton

Rules of Badminton * TossThe rules of badminton states that a toss shall be conducted before a game starts. If you win, you can choose between serving first or to start play at either end of the court. Your opponent can then exercise the remaining choice. * Scoring systemThe rules of badminton states that a badminton match shall consist of the best of 3 games. In doubles and men's singles, the first side to score 15 points wins the game. In women's singles, the first side to score 11 points...

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Student: Exercise and Badminton Club

Physical Education Participation in Physical Activity – Badminton Written by Valeria Ponzin Badminton and Figueroa’s Framework Introduction The purpose of this research is to connect Figueroa’s Framework to my decision to join or not a badminton club. After close examination I choose the 2 levels that for me have the most significant impact on people’s decision on sports and describe them linking with badminton. Badminton Badminton is a racquet sport played by either two opposing players...

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Badminton Rules and Regulations

 SAFETY Warm up – Warming up before playing a game of badminton is vital to reduce the changes of a muscle or joint injury. To start a warm up a ‘pulse raiser’ must be done involving some form of continuous aerobic exercise to increase the heart rate. This could be a jog around the area being used, or if working with smaller children a game such as stuck in the mud is good to get their hearts pumping. After this it’s a good idea to do some dynamic stretches (such as sumos, lunges, etc)...

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Multi-Feed Shuttle Badminton Drill

Doing some simple Badminton Drills will have a great bearing in you becoming a better player. Just by playing games alone will not be enough. Spend some time and effort in your Badminton Training. You'll become a better Badminton Player. A feeder drill is when someone feeds you shuttles to improve your skills and speed. A feeder can serve to you the shuttle or throw to you shuttle. Multishuttle exercise comprises of shots at the front court and back court. But if you are a beginner the feeder...

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Arranging a Badminton competition

Start/End of a Game/Competition. If you were to arrange a competition what would happen at the start, during and end. A Badminton Tournament is a way of giving players a chance to play against teams from other clubs, regions and countries and is good fun. The first steps in organising this competition would be to talk to your own team to find out whether the players would be interested in this idea, whether they would prefer a doubles or singles competition and players general availability....

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