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AUSSIEBUM 1.0 Introduction AussieBum is an Australian men’s swimwear company designed by Sean Ashby, a keen surfer and swimmer himself who was in search of a good pair of men’s swimmers made from nylon which is what he grew up with. It is a fashion and lifestyle brand in demand for many reasons. The brand has managed to branch out to many international countries while still maintaining its iconic Australian culture in every way. This is achieved through the visuals of Australia’s beautiful...

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business studies comparison paper

product range to include leisurewear, swimwear and sportswear. The present director of AussieBum Sean Ashby “believed he could make more traditional bathers”. Despite the criticism off retailers and department stores Ashby proceeded with his idea and was determined to try his exclusive approach. AussieBum is now a global success earning over $10 million a year, with 150 different products available. AussieBum has been significantly impacted by globalisation. Globalisation is the “process by which...

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identifies what has and has not been conversed (Hippel 1986, p. 793). This method of customer feedback, crucially relies on the analyst’s ability to accurately infer useful information which may then translate into a new product concept. Specifically, AussieBum offers customers the opportunity to leave suggestions or compliments about their products in which the business takes very seriously and then utlises the information to generate product ideas. The manipulation of lead edge users is yet, another...

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Business Report

wants can be detrimental to a business and therefore can lead to a decrease in profits and sales or even cessation if they fail to meet consumer demands. An example of social influence on a business is the impact of the style of clothing of AussieBum. AussieBum manufactures and sells their products via the internet and are successful as their material and style of the underwear and beach clothing is famous among society. The business is successful as the material they produce is unique. Additionally...

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Swot Analysis

that many Australian designers have made their mark in surfwear and swimwear. Once the domain of sports labels, such as Speedo, the surfing and swimwear market is now fiercely competitive. Other surf/swimwear brands include Wahine, Funky Trunks and aussieBum. Three Australian surfwear companies, Quiksilver, Billabong and Rip Curl, are famous worldwide for their boardshorts, T-shirts and wetsuits. They have expanded beyond the beach and now produce practical gear for extreme sports – skiing, snowboarding...

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the wealthier areas in town and they offer the best shops, restaurants, hotels, gay bars and clubs. And on top, both areas have the most beautiful beaches in town. And Rio summers happen on the beach: just take your towel, your latest Speedo or AussieBum, little money and hit the sand! Gay beaches and carnivals in Rio de Janeiro are one of the most extravagant and outrageous in the world. Rio has quite a vibrant gay life and is famous for the parade celebrations at the Copacabana beach, the gay...

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Calvin Klein IMC Plan

a more permanent presence in the Australian swimwear industry. How our Product is different • Incorporates the latest fabric (nylon) technology for swimwear; to foster increased comfort and support for consumers. Competitor brands such as AussieBum are already using this latest technology, therefore in manufacturing with this fabric CK is keeping up with industry innovations and developments. • CK has not yet diversified into the swimwear market in Australia, venture will capture the market...

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The Search for Sustainable Fibre/Fabric Alternatives

the environment” (Fibre to Fashion, 2009). Recently in 2010, an Australian brand by the name of “AussieBum” has been the first brand to have used banana fibre in men's underwear; therefore it can be used for women’s underwear as well (PR Newswire, 2010).There are many countries now venturing in to banana fibre to manufacture textiles including India, Japan, Africa and China. 12 | P a g e Aussiebum Advertisement for banana fibre underwear for men Hemp Hemp fiber has been used by mankind...

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MGW2351 Summer 2014

International Business Overview, Globalisation and the Multinational Week 1 Tutorial References/Readings/Activities Read Chapter 1 Tutorial 1: Form groups for presentation/major assignment 13th Dec Exercise: Why go international ? Case study: Aussiebum. Week 1 International Trade and Investment Theory 17th Dec Foreign Direct Investment Read the case and have an open discussion Read chapter 6, 8 Case study: Lakshmi Mittal and the growth of Mittal Steel Read the case and have an open discussion...

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