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The Principles and Practices of Assessment

|practices of assessment | |Level: |3 |Unit Number: |3019 | |Learning outcomes |Assessment criteria | |The learner will: ...

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Importance Of Assessment, Reliability And Validity

Assessment, Reliabilit and Validity Introduction Reliability and Validity are often applied as a commonly in a qualitative research and it has been considered the main point of the researches. Therefore, in order to be used in a naturalistic way they would have to be redefined; in a point where there are positioned or based on positivism. When an assessment or other measuring techniques are used as the main part of the collection process, which it leads to...

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Assessment Tools for Visually Impaired

Assessment tools for Visually Impaired • Using real objects rather than representative objects or pictures • Addressing impact of child's experiences with the environment on performance Familiar vs. unfamiliar objects: If you use familiar objects, the child has had time to explore and develop concepts; unfamiliar objects may take the child more time to explore them. If a child only knows his objects, this may indicate lack of experience...

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Formative Vs Summative Assessment Essay

Chapter 5 focused on grading and assessments, which are used in the classroom by the instructor. It discusses the differences between formative and summative assessment. The focus is placed in the summative assessment that is a measurement of what the students have learned. A summative assessment can be a test, or as simple as asking questions in class. Summative assessments are designed around the course. They should assess what you want students to be able to do by the end of the...

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Family Assessment Comparison

Different assessment examines different features of an individual, or similar assessments examine similar features in different ways. Three assessments that regard family conditions and that are considered important are, the Family Adaptability and Cohesion Evaluation Scales (FACES III), the Family Assessment Device (FAD), and the Self-report Family Inventory (SFI). When completing the assessments and interpreting the results, I realized that there were various accurate elements I always saw in...

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Spiritual Needs Assessment

HLT-302 February 17, 2013 Spiritual Needs Assessment What do I say? Healthcare providers must first understand that deepest feelings, so they can accurately explore and identify a patients spiritual pains. Not only should providers focus on giving physical treatments to their patients, they should also provide a spiritual assessment as well (Chapman, 2003). This could lead to a new way of healing which is a more holistic approach. Spiritual assessment programs are recommended by the Joint Commission...

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Performance-Based Assessment

PERFORMANCE-BASED ASSESSMENT Performance based assessment is most commonly known as and educational assessment which judges the student knowledge and skills based on observation of the student behavior or the inspection of students products. On the other hand, standardized testing is a written form test, which measures the temporary understanding of facts and skills. As a result of standardized testing outcomes being temporary, the genuine of this testing type is obsolete. Hence, I will argue that...

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ITE4103 Assessment Summary

Module Assessment Scheme [AY 2012/13] 1 Module Details a Module Code/Title ITE4103 / IT Professionalism b Programme Code/Title IT114101N/ HD in Network Applications IT114102N/ HD in Mobile Computing IT114103N/ HD in Telecommunications and Networking IT114104N/ HD in Information and Network Security IT114105/ HD in Software Engineering IT124106N/ HD in Computer Systems Administration IT114107N/ HD in Game Software Development IT124108N/ HD in IT for Business IT124109N/ HD in Business Information...

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Spiritual Needs Assessments

Spiritual Needs Assessment Most of American perceives belief in religion as valuable, the issues of belief can be challenging for healthcare care provider when patients want to talk spiritual with them. Many barriers with the spirituality topic report by healthcare provider including lack of time, experience, difficult to notice which patient want to discuss the aspect of spirituality, and addressing the spiritual concern is not their responsibility. As the Joint Commission required spiritual...

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involving learners is assessment processes

involve learners in the assessment process 1. evaluate how to involve the learner n the assessment process 2. Analyse the role of peer and self assessment in the assessment process Learners flourish with the help of well-trained teachers who know how to clarify the learning objectives, assess the leaner’s, and make changes along the way that can support the maximum learning potential of each student. To do this one must carefully align the objectives with the planned assessments to paint a true picture...

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