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Psychological Assessment in a Multi-Cultural Context

profession. These personality traits can be discovered through psychological assessment as a tool to maximize success in a selection process. In South Africa there are challenges and concerns to be raised when considering psychological assessments due to the multi-cultural context of the country, and even though most of these concerns have been resolved there is still a generally wide perception that psychological assessments are not suited for our diverse cultural pool. In order to understand where...

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Assessment In The Classroom

Assessment in the Classroom The school has a comprehensive, well set out assessment-policy which I have tried to familiarise myself with during my second four week university block away from the school, as I sourced a copy of it during my serial weeks along with a number of other school policy documents both required for (and beyond) the school-policy professional activity exercise. I have found this has helped me get to grips with the procedures within the school and has helped me fit in. Though...

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Pearson Assessment: Brace Educational Measurement

Pearson Assessment, formally know as Harcourt Brace Educational Measurement is a test publishing company that provides educational assessment assistance for grades K-12. They offer products and services for scholastic aptitude and achievement tests administered in school systems across the United States. Pearson Assessment furnishes catalogs that include descriptions of test, uses, cost, administration time, and other similar information that are useful to schools when selecting appropriate test...

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assessment for learning

What is assessment for learning and how does it relate to a teaching assistant? In this essay I am going to compare and contrast the roles of the teacher and the learning support practitioner in assessment of learner’s achievement. I will also explain the difference between formative and summative assessment. I will say what the characteristics of assessment for learning are and explain the importance and benefits of assessment for learning and I will explain how assessment for learning can contribute...

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Nursing Assessment

Nursing Assessment Joann Campbell Palm Beach State College August 26, 2012 Nursing assessment is one of the main stages of the nursing process. According to Webster’s dictionary, “nursing assessment is the gathering of information about a patient’s physical, psychological, sociological, and spiritual status”. As professional nurse’s, we are responsible to use skills to complete assessments on every patient that we care for. Collecting this information allows...

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Assessment One Guidelines Nov 20

BS4S02 Management Theories and Philosophies Assessment One Guidelines Assessment One: 50 per cent of module marks Question “With reference to appropriate literature and cases, critically evaluate the influence of classical and human relations approaches in management today.” Content and Structure This assessment is based on the application of the history of management theory to contemporary organisations and builds on the tutorial activities undertaken in the first half of the module. Students...

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guiding principle for assessment of student learning

PRINCIPLES FOR THE ASSESSMENT OF STUDENT LEARNING Principles are lighthouses. They do not move. We cannot break them; we can only break ourselves against them. --Stephen R. Covey A. The Principle of Clarity Learning Evaluation should bebased on clearly stated objectives. An objective is defined as the statement of the expected behaviors that the student should display after instruction or teaching. These objectives serve as basis for constructing and using assessment instruments to assess...

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Authentic Assessment Product And Performance

University of San Jose-Recoletos College of Education Basak Campus S.Y. 2014-2015 Name: Klent C. Tero Date: March 3, 2015 PRODUCT ASSESSMENT DESIGN Area: Science Level: Grade III Topic: Parts of the Body Competencies: a. identify the different parts of the body and describe each functions; b. express their own ideas if one body part is missing; c. appreciate the importance of each part of the body; d. come up with their very own unique and creative drawing. Intended Product Unique...

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Assessment and Students

MENTORSHIP: ASSESSMENT AS A FACTOR THAT AFFECTS LEARNING The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate assessment as a factor that affects learning in placement areas. I am a qualified midwife who works for an NHS Trust but find it hard to deal with struggling students, through assessment. According to NMC (2006) the term mentor is used to denote the role of a Nurse or Midwife who facilitates learning and supervises and assesses students in practice places. I shall be referring to the standard...

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Continuous Assessments

Continuous Assessment is an on-going process of gathering and interpreting information about students’ learning that you use to make decisions about what to teach, how to teach and how well students have learned. Basic characteristics of Continuous Assessments include the following; * It is an on-going process  * It comprises of a variety of assessment methods  * It gives timely feedback  * Its aligned with curriculum and * Its collaborative with students. Some differences between...

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