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DEBUNKED Story Of Chinese Man Jian Feng Suing Wife Over Ugly Baby Is Probably False

sure “he could never father an unattractive child.” As the story goes, Feng’s ex confessed to extensive plastic surgery and he won the lawsuit, according to the Huffington Post . Then it popped up again last week with Newsnet5.com among the websites sharing the story. However, we have since learned that, in addition to Snopes, the Huffington Post is reporting that the story is likely an urban legend given legs by numerous outlets online since 2004. A picture that has accompanied the story of late—featuring...

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Factory Farming Essay

for them to have a great chicken or steak dinner. Jessica Leader of the Huffington Post states, 99% of the meat in the United States comes from factory farms. (Leader, paragraph1). Factory farming according to Webster’s Dictionary is a farm on which large numbers of livestock are raised indoors in conditions intended to maximize production at minimal cost. This doesn’t sound so hurtful or damaging, but according to the Huffington Post, these operations cause distress for the animals that live there...

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Assessment based Instruction

the student. It will help students because they can get the necessary help that may have been lacking in any other class. More attention can be paid to particular subjects that a teacher may feel the whole class can benefit from. According to the Huffington Post (March, 2011), rote memorization was doing nothing for learner other than turning them into automatons. They were not retaining the information and the information that they did retain was just memorized words, phrases, numbers, etc. This...

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The Advantages of Drones

is be executed (Davidson). The ability to perform very dangerous missions without putting American pilots’ lives in danger is a major reason why attack and reconnaissance drones are becoming so popular with the U.S. Military. In one report from Huffington Post, it was said that approximately 95% of all targeted killings after 9/11 were performed by drones (Davidson). Precision and secrecy are some of the best advantages of drones (Shane). Common sense should tell people that the price of human life...

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eng 2

postmodern era. What makes this century postmodern is the Internet. The Internet has been a godsend in many ways. All aspects of our life benefit from the Internet in some way; whether its getting news, shopping, paying bills, working, etc. A blog on The Huffington Post titled “ The Social Media Effect: Are You Really Who You Portray Online?” brought forth a fascinating idea. It expressed that individuals express an “ideal” image on social media. “As research suggests, your "real self" is what you are - your...

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Gender Differences in Canada

performance." (The Huffington Post Canada, 2013) The Conference Board of Canada did an extensive study of about 900 surveys of men and women and 30 interviews with women leaders. The Conference Board points to measures such as making women’s advancement a formal governance and performance priority for boards, proactive mentoring of potential leaders and establishing more family-friendly policies and practices that encourage all employees, women and men, to take advantage of them. (The Huffington Post Canada...

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Capstone Essay: Marijuana

Americans still traditionally view marijuana as bad. Although countless studies prove them wrong, many people still hold on to the belief that marijuana is “addictive” and that it has no general health benefits. In spite of this, according to the Huffington post, 56% of Americans now believe that it should be legalized. The ideal that “maybe marijuana isn’t quite as bad as I thought” is spreading, and marijuana has already been legalized for medical use in multiple states, and recreational use in two...

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Women in Stem Occupations and the Gender Wage Gap

and CEO of Xerox - she is both the first black woman to head an S&P 100 company and the first woman to succeed another female CEO of an S&P 100 company. She is ranked number 20 on the Forbes list. • Arianne Huffington - Editor and cofounder of The Huffington Post. She cofounded The Huffington Post in 2005, which is an American news website and blog. She is ranked number 28 on the Forbes list. • Tina Brown - Editor and cofounder of The Daily Beast. She is a former editor of Vanity Fair and The New...

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Food Safety Bulletin

Laboratories, and Washington State Department of Agriculture Laboratories identified Salmonella Bredeney found in Trader Joe’s Valencia Creamy Peanut Butter collected from the homes of those that were reported ill and hospitalized. According to the Huffington Post the only source for the Salmonellas outbreak was from the Trader Joe’s brand Valencia Peanut Butter. U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed Salmonella bacteria at the Sunland’s Nut Butter facility located in Portales, New Mexico...

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Marketing Public Relations

morning (Liang Liyi, 2013). Besides accepting its involvement in the horsemeat scandal, Tesco also placed full-page adverts in national newspapers apologizing for selling beef burgers which were found to contain horsemeat (M. Champion, 2013; The Huffington Post UK, 2013; Channel 4; 2013; BBC, 2013), also offering various contact methods, online and offline, to extend to a greater range of publics who might have queries about the crisis. While investigating on the scandal, Tesco was consistently assuring...

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