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Anita Desai Studies In The Park

III *ISSUE-32 RESEARCH ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION Among the post- independence Indo- English writers Anita Desai holds a prominent place because of the immense popularity she commands as a novelist of human predicament of anxiety, frustration and loneliness in the insensitive and inconsiderate contemporary world. This paper aims at tracing the theme of alienation in the novels of Anita Desai. Alienation refers to estrangement that occurs in the relation between an individual and that to which...

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Anita Desai

A conversation with Anita Desai, and some notes on her work [Statutory warning: long, bifurcated post – some thoughts on Anita Desai’s writing followed by a Q&A. Apologies in case there’s some overlapping between the two elements. I wrote it as a flowing piece - a profile-cum-interview - for Business Standard Weekend but since there isn’t a word-constraint here I prefer to spread it out and play with the format.] Long before the publication of Midnight’s Children brought alive new possibilities...

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theme of aleniation in Anita Desai novels

THEME OF ALIENATION IN ANITA DESAI’S NOVELS WITH REFERENCE TO ‘CRY, THE PEACOCK’, ‘VOICES IN THE CITY’ AND ‘FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN’ Alienation is one of the greatest problems confronting modern man. The 20th century Especially the postwar period has been called the ‘Age of Alienation’. Edmund Fuller remarks that in our age man suffers not only from war persecution , famine and ruin, but from inner problem a conviction on isolation , randomness , meaninglessness in his way of existence. There are...

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Anita Desai - Summary

Anita Desai: Biography Anita Desai (born 1937) has been touted by "British Writers'" A. Michael Matin as "one of the preeminent contemporary Indian novelists," even referred to by many as the Mother of the Indian psychological novel genre. Her meticulous depictions of modern Indian life, combined with an elevated level of linguistic skill that frequently enters the poetic realm, have secured her a place of honor in the pantheon of Indian authors. Early Life Anita Desai was born on June 24, 1937...

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The Village by the Sea by Anita Desai

Sea by Anita Desai mirror its society’s values? What to include: Define the cultural values and ideas of this society. Theme as a cultural representation of values and ideas Characterisation – characters as a stereotype of values and ideas Hari, his father (role of fathers in society) Setting – city and village – as representation (symbols) of values and ideas Introduction: (Author and the title of the book must be included in the first sentence). The Village by the Sea by Anita Desai...

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Review: Fasting, Feasting by Anita Desai

Review: Fasting, Feasting by Anita Desai The most recent novel of Indian born author Anita Desai, Fasting, Feasting (1999) tells the story of two middle-class families and the allegorical struggles of the individual members to find individual identity and happiness. This meticulously constructed prose gravitates towards the position of women in the family unit and explores socially ordered gender imbalance in domestic life. Featuring a traditional Indian family in provincial town India and...

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A Village by the Sea - Anita Desai

Anita Desai?s novel, The Village by the Sea, is a vibrant narration of perseverance and hope in distress. It is a saga of changes and adaptation, a little of evil and more about the goodness of nature and human kindness. Based on true events, it is a story set in a small coastal village Thul near Bombay. The two main characters of the novel are a brother and sister duo, 13-year-old Lila and 12-year-old Hari. They have two young school-going sisters, Bela and Kamal, a chronically ill mother and...

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Village by the Sea Anita Desai

Name of the book; Village by the see By; Anita Desai Story; of an Indian family A story of an Indian family, staying in a village, called Thul, almost 14 miles away form Mumbai one of the most famous cities of India. This family consists of a mother who is very sick and lying in bed all the time, father who drinks all the time and is unable to work due to his hard drinking habit, three sisters and a brother, the two younger sisters who are studying at school, and an elder sister who has stopped...

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Fasting Feasting by Anita Desai

Part 1, Chapters 1 and 2 Summary Anita Desai's novel of intricate family relations plays out in two countries, India and the United States. The core characters comprise a family living in a small town in India, where provincial customs and attitudes dictate the futures of all children: girls are to be married off and boys are to become as educated as possible. The story contrasts the life of the main character, Uma, the family's older daughter, with Arun, the boy and baby of the family. Uma spends...

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Desai Pres.

Anita Desai (b.1937) – formerly Anita Mazumdar Indian novelist and short story writer, especially noted for her sensitive portrayal of the inner life of her female characters. Several of Desai's novels explore tensions between family members and the alienation of middle-class women. In her later novels Desai has dealt with such themes as German anti-Semitism, the demise of traditions, and Western stereotypical views of India. "Even though his cigarette stank - it was a local one, wrapped in a tendu...

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Major Works of Anita Desai, the Indian Novelist

Major Works of Anita Desai, the Indian Novelist Most of Desai's works engage the complexities of modern Indian culture from a feminine perspective while highlighting the female Indian predicament of maintaining self-identity as an individual woman. Cry, the Peacock, Desai's first novel, chronicles the morbid dread, descent into madness, and suicide of Maya, a young Delhi housewife who is trapped in a loveless, arranged marriage to the much older Gautama, a misogynistic lawyer. The novel foreshadows...

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anita desai

FASTING, FEASTING by Anita Desai The main characters who struck me the most are Uma and her brother Arun; to them are dedicated the two parts of the novel. Personally I think they have a lot of things in common and I’m not only considering the fact that they belong to the same close-knit family: they are somehow subjected to a reality from which they both want to escape. Uma is the plainest character of the novel, I think: she always obeys her parents and makes everything they want her...

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anita desai

Interview with Anita Desai Magda Costa interviewed Anita Desai in Barcelona, 30 Jan 2001. Desai was in Spain to launch the Spanish and Catalan translations of Fasting, Feasting. -How was it to grow up in a family like yours, with a German mother and a Bengali father, in India? -When you are a child you take for granted what your family is; you don’t question it. The fact is that my mother adapted so completely to the Indian way of life that nobody thought of her as a foreigner anymore. It’s true...

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A Comparative Study on the Theme of East-West Encounter in Kamala Markandaya’s Possession and Anita Desai’s Bye-Bye Blackbird


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Anita Desai

org/ijel ISSN 2141-2626 ©2011 Academic Journals Review Anita Desai’s ‘in custody’: Unlocking the web of time and space Bhasha Shukla Sharma Department of Humanities, University Institute of Technology, Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal. (M.P), India. E-mail: Bhasha.shukla@gmail.com. Tel: 9826090200. Accepted 6 August, 2011 This paper attempts to semiotically interpret the use of time and place as narrative device in Anita Desai’s ‘In Custody’. Space and time have aroused the curiosity...

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Ocean Park Case Study

Introduction Ocean Park, Hong Kong’s only homegrown theme park, was opened in 1977. It is the largest marine-based theme park in Asia, focusing on providing facilities for educational, recreational and conservation activities to the public. The park houses fourteen rides, an assortment of aquariums, a giant panda exhibit, observatories and educational laboratories. It is also the only Asian Park to be accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association. Problem- Hong Kong Tourism In 2004,...

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Ocean Park Cast Study

Ocean Park vs. Hong Kong Disneyland History about Ocean Park Officially opened on 10th Jan 1977 by the Governor of Hong Kong, Sir Murray MacLehose, the Ocean Park was constructed with HK$150million funded from the racing profits earned from the Hong Kong Jockey Club while the land was given free by the Hong Kong Government. It is located in Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Long Shan in the Southern District of Hong Kong. The park has won several awards, including The World's Seventh Most Popular Amusement...

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A Devoted Son - by Anita Desai

A Devoted Son by Anita Desai Summary This story takes place in a shabby suburb in India. Rakesh, the son of a vegetable seller, triumphs in medical school and afterwards. He is a devoted son, bowing to his father, marrying the girl his parents choose, and becoming the director of his own clinic nearby. His father grows old, becomes a widower and begins to develop physical complaints and unpleasant habits, such as spitting forcibly. Still, his son tends him, and even decides to take over the...

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Congugal Cacaphony in Anita Desai's Novels

CONGUGAL CACAPHONY IN ANITA DESAI’S NOVELS Suneeta Upadhyay, Research Scholar M.M.H. college, Ghaziabad, C.C.S. University, Meerut Indian novelist and short story writer, Anita Desai is specially noted for her insightful depiction of the inner life of the female characters in her writings. In most of her novels Anita Desai dwells on the themes incongruity, incertitude and hazards of human relationship particularly the man-woman relationship. D.H. Lawrence points out: The great relationship...

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A Devoted Son - Anita Desai

        Anita Desai’s story is all about duty and devotion. It draws a picture of the life of a son. The son is brought up by his father, starts earning his livelihood and then, dutifully looks after his father. However, crisis develops as his father, whimsical due to age, starts misinterpreting his son’s treatment. The question that the story posse is that how long should a son take care of his father? What should be the extent of his dutifulness and obedience? This is a problem of the modern world...

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Anita and Me

SOUTH ASIAN WRITING HOME ASSIGNMENT: Diaspora In South Asian Literature- As seen in Meera Syal’sAnita and Me” Submitted by : 08/EL/47 Urmimala Bhattacharjee The mention of ‘home’ and ‘outside’ is not a specification of India at all, but rather...

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Winter Park Hotel Case Study

Winter Park Hotel Donna Shader, Manager of the Winter Park Hotel, is considering how to restructure the front desk to reach an optimum level of staff efficiency and guest service. At present, the hotel has five clerks on duty, each with a separate waiting line, during the peak check-in time of 3:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. Observation of arrivals during this time shows that an average of 90 guests arrive each hour (although there is no upward limit on the number that could arrive at any given time)....

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theme parks

1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Theme parks attempt to create an atmosphere of another place and time, and usually emphasize one dominant theme around which architecture, landscape, rides, shows, food services, costumed personnel, retailing are orchestrated. In this definition, the concept of themes is crucial to the operation of the parks, with rides, entertainment, and food all used to create several different environments. These themes are used to create and sustain a feeling...

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Village by the Sea, Anita Desai

Anita Desai's Village by the Sea is set in a small village called Thul, which is 14 kilometres from Bombay. Lila, the eldest child among four siblings, is but thirteen years of age, yet she already has the outlook and maturity of an adult. Her brother Hari, twelve is the only person with whom she can share her troubles . Their mother is an invalid and needs constant care and nursing. Nobody knows what exactly is wrong with her but she grows weaker and weaker with every passing day. Their father...

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D. C. Chambial’s Review of Critical Studies on Contemporary Indian English Women Writers

Review of Critical Studies on Contemporary Indian English Women Writers Dominic, K. V., ed. Critical Studies on Contemporary Indian English Women Writers. New Delhi: Sarup Book Publishers Pvt. Ltd., 2010. Pp. 336 + xx. Rs. 1100/- Hardbound. ISBN-978-81-7625-631-5. DC Chambial The book under review by Dr. K. V. Dominic has 27 essays by 24 eminent critics of Indian English literature on about 12 Indian English writers: novelists, and poets. There are four essays on Anita Desai, two on Kamala Markandaya...

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Anita Desai's, Fastng Feasting

Anita Desai s Fasting, Feasting: A feminist Study P. Krishnakant S. K.V.Tuli, Paper Nagar Dist. Mokokc hung. Nagaland- 798623. To a cautious reader of Feminism it will appear that from the decade of 1960 all feminist critics asserting that they are on a journey of self discovery. It will lead them to a better understanding of themselves. And once they understand and then define themselves as women, they believe they will be able to change their world. Feminist such as Jane Tompkins and others...

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coast redwood forests is protected in parks and reserves; more than 90 percent of giant sequoia forests is protected in national parks and forests. Much work remains to ensure that future generations can enjoy these magnificent forests. There are still ancient redwoods slated for cutting that need to be protected. Redwood lands already protected in state and national parks also face threats such as devastating government budget cuts. These cuts close parks, leaving no personnel to protect the forest...

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Rizal Park

Rizal Park Rizal Park is like an oasis for relaxation and fun in the midst of Manila and situated next to Intramuros. Rizal Park has gardens, historical markers, plazas, a grand stadium, an observatory, an open-air concert hall, an artists' sanctuary, a light-and-sound theatre, restaurants, food kiosks and playgrounds, and dozens of fountains. Rizal Park is in the heart of Manila's thriving financial, commercial, industrial and institutional centers, overlooking the famous and picturesque Manila...

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Jurassic Park

Brian Dominguez Mr. Phillips Cinema Studies Period 5 April 18, 2013 Technology in Jurassic Park Technology is one of our most beloved pieces of ongoing history, but does it cause more harm than it does help? In the film Jurassic Park, Steven Spielberg portrays the theme technology as an evil force to be reckoned with. Spielberg shows this through the plot, characters, and dialogue. Technology is a major theme because other than the hidden context that viewers have to seek it is everywhere...

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Essay analysis chapter 4 Clear Light of Day by Anita Desai

also the fact that Bim is taking the mum figure, nursing her brothers and sisters, taking care of the house, keeping the garden alive and so on. However, she's also destroying childhood memories (as the rose) to refresh everybody's purpose. Perhaps Desai wants to remind the reader that they are grown adults, they have to let their infancy (and everything attached to it) behind them to finally move on. Perhaps the writer is trying to give a message to the reader. Finally, what if she was giving the...

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Dog Park

about the dog eating your notes, homework…. or computer. An exercised dog is more behaved than the stove up in an apartment dog because he has used all the energy that he should have been able to use. A dog park is an ideal place for this energy to be spent. This allows the student to study without as great a fear of the aforementioned, not that it will prevent it, but if the dog is well exercised it is more well behaved. Dog ownership among students is growing more and more popular. Dog...

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Marine Parks

The issue of whether we should allow marine parks to stay open has been widely debated in our community recently. It is an important issue because it concerns fundamental moral and economic questions about the way we use our native wildlife. A variety of different arguments have been put forward about this issue. This essay will consider arguments for having marine parks and point to some of the problems with these views. It will then put forward reasons for the introduction of laws which prohibit...

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The Voice of the City Anita Desai

Beloved is a novel by the American writer Toni Morrison. Set after the American Civil War (1861–1865), it is inspired by the story of an AfricanAmerican slave, Margaret Garner, who temporarily escaped slavery during 1856 in Kentucky by fleeing to Ohio, a free state. A posse arrived to retrieve her and her children under the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, which gave slave owners the right to pursue slaves across state borders. Margaret killed her two-year-old daughter rather than allow her to be recaptured...

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Mungo Park

connected and new perspectives were formed through exploration. No other explorer in this period of time caught the attention of the public as much as Mungo Park. Park’s travels represented not only exploration, but also imperialistic adventures, which he portrayed through his famed books and created a new perspective of the interior of Africa. Park, after growing up to be a physician, made two voyages to the interior of Africa where his experiences and encounters are well documented within his journals...

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Anita S Dance Feminist Criticism

was quickly gaining ground as women began to be granted job positions which had been predominantly male roles, and were no longer confined to a life of dreary domesticity, this is reflected in the way Anita is living, and her general thoughts on the idea of living as a mother and house wife. Anita is a well-educated, self-supportive woman who rejects the male ideals of being a dainty, do-nothing house wife. The history of feminism has been divided into three distinct waves, and the second wave has...

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Post Colonial Impact in Anita Desai’s in Custody

Post Colonial Impact on Urdu Language Lovers in Anita Desai’s In Custody Dr.A.CHANDRA BOSE, PhD., Assistant Professor of English The Madura College (Autonomous) Madurai, Tamilnadu -625 011 boseac@gmail.com Introduction Anita Desai is an important women novelist in the firmament of Indian fiction in English. She unfolds lot of complex things for example, struggles of innocents, problems of human relationship and decay of Urdu...

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Anita Roddick

2. How do you evaluate Anita Roddick’s management philosophy and style? How important a contribution did she make to the creation of The Body Shop? How important is her role in its ongoing management? Anita Roddick’s Management Philosophy & Style 1. PHILOSOPHY The 4 basic management functions of Planning, Organizing, Leading & Controlling can be analyzed in detail for drawing a picture of Anita Roddick’s Management Philosophy for The Body Shop. 1. Planning * First major...

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Privatization of National Parks

privatization of U.S. National Parks, Yellowstone and Grand Teton, National Parks is discussed and outcomes of such measures are explored. The U.S. National Parks decided to conduct a study to explore how privatization of various park services such as; rangers and scientific work would fare. The studies were conducted in an effort to create greater efficiency, accountability and cost effectiveness. Opponents of privatization of national parks urged that privatization of national parks would create a greater...

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Anita Desai Revision For Chapter 1 Part 2 "Village by the sea"

The poverty of the lila's family is very evident in the writings of Desai. Throughout the book, the poverty is emphasized over and over again to promote the theme and hence develop links with other themes such as superstition and helplessness. Lila "went in with a tumbler of tea" and she "stopped to add a little extra milk to it." This shows that she is very caring of her mother as she adds some more of the 'precious' milk for her mother. The mother "lay on the string bed on some old grey sheets"...

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Water Parks

for Visiting Legoland Windsor Theme Park. Authors: BAKIR, ALI1 ali.bakir@bucks.ac.uk BAXTER, SUZANNE G. Source: Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management. 2011, Vol. 20 Issue 3/4, p407-424. 18p. 1 Diagram, 3 Charts. Document Type: Article Subject Terms: *TOURISM *TOURIST attractions *TRAVEL *AMUSEMENT parks *FAMILIES Author-Supplied Keywords: fun grounded theory push-pull theme park Tourism motivation travel...

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Life and Education: Akshay Ramanlal Desai

Early Life and Education Akshay Ramanlal Desai (1915-1994) He was born on April 16,1915 Birth place was Nadiad (Gujrat) He was died on November 12,1994 at Baroda in Gujarat. A.R.Desai was much influenced by his father Ramanlal Vasanlal Deasi and He was a well known litterateur, who always inspired the youth of Gujarat in the 1930s. Desai got his early education at Baroda He did his graduation and obtain the Law Degree and Become awardee of Ph.D under the supervision of Prof. G.S.Ghurye in...

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rat park

English 926 March 12,2013 Rat Park In Lauren Slater’s article Rat Park, Slater talks about Bruce Alexander’s study and experiments on addiction. Alexander’s experiment consists of lab rats in two environments. The first is a caged environment and the second was a “perfect environment” called Rat Park. Rats in each environment were given two choices of water. One study group had regular water and the second was a form of heroin in water. The caged rats chose to drink the drugged...

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Ocean Park Case Study

PART VI Case Studies CASE STUDY 1 Ocean Park: In the Face of Competition from Hong Kong Disneyland Bennett Yim In April 2006, Ocean Park, Hong Kong’s only home-grown theme park, launched a syndicated loan to raise HK$4.1 billion for a master plan to revamp the Park.1 The master plan represented the Park’s strategic response to the arrival of Hong Kong Disneyland, which had opened the previous year. Ocean Park had expected attendance to drop significantly with Disney’s opening, but...

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Olympic Park

Olympic Games have always transcended sport. As individuals and nations they raise us all – athletes and spectators alike – to a higher plane.” (Payne 2005) The Olympic park acts as the centrepiece of the game; beside the fact of ensuring there is lasting legacy for the economy and the wider community. For London, the Olympic park project provides the opportunity to regenerate a forgotten area and leave a legacy. Lower Lea Valley of East London is known for its young, diverse population, but also...

2008 Summer Olympics, 2012 Summer Olympics, Barcelona 1085  Words | 4  Pages

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GEOLOGICAL HISTORY OF ADAIR PARK SOUTH WEST ARIZONA By Geology 101 2013 Novermber 20 I. On Saturday, November 16, 2013, our Geology class went to Adair Park Yuma Arizona on our adventure of a lifetime. The point of the trip was to view real life examples of some of the things that we have studied over the course of this semester. Actually being able to see examples of such things as cross-bedding dikes, unconformities, folds faults and various sedimentary...

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Feasibility Study of Food Park

Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Background of the study What is the best thing here in the Philippines? Well, some says “our beaches”, while other says “our culture”, But everyone will say “our food”. Yes, there are no questions when it comes to Filipino Food. We Filipinos have a love affair with food. Filipino likes to eat is not enough because Filipino loves to eat food is the best way to describe our relationship with food. An average Filipino eats at least four times a day. The daily meal is consisting...

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Letchworth State Park

English 103 Spring 2013 An upstate New Yorker need not travel far to experience truly breathtaking views. Letchworth State Park is an unexpected sanctuary of beauty nestled along the Genesee River, just south of the city of Rochester, New York and only hours away from other major cities in the upstate area. Touted as the "Grand Canyon of the East," Letchworth State Park is the site of an expansive and winding gorge flanked by diverse layers of bedrock that date back hundreds of millions of years...

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Case Study

Individual written component Case study JURONG BIRD PARK Table of content 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1 2.0 DESCRIPTION OF TOUR 1 3.0 TARGET MARKET SEGMENT 2 4.0 MOTIVATION 2 5.0 EXPECTATION 3 6.0 INTERPRETATION 3 6.1 Principles of interpretation 3 6.2 Evaluation of the tour guide 4 7.0 SATISFACTION 5 8.0 RISK ANALYSIS OF THE TOUR 6 9.0 CONCLUSION AND SUMMARY 6 10.0 BIBLIOGRAPHY 7 1.0 INTRODUCTION The purpose of the report is research the concept...

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National Parks: Destructive or Useful?

National Parks: Useful or Destructive? In his essay “Glen Canyon Submersus” Wallace Stegner writes “In gaining the lovely and the usable, we have given up the incomparable” (509). In this quote he is talking about the loss of Glen Canyon during the creation of Lake Powell, and more broadly, talking about how national parks often destroy wildernesses despite their apparent usefulness. Glen Canyon is only one of thousands of examples of an environment being destroyed by a government funded park system...

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Luna Park Business Report

Executive summary In this Business Report for Luna Park, the reader would become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the amusement park, as well as opportunities for the feature and threats to the company. Luna Park would be considered to be in the maturity phase of a product service and readers would be able to understand how this happened. Luna Park involves both primary and secondary market research in order to find out problems with the park and how customers have enjoyed their day. They also...

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Marketing Management of Ocean Park

2014/15 Semester One Marketing Management SPD4250 Topic: Ocean Park Hong Kong Name: Ho Ka Shing Lam Yee KI Leung Ping Sin Tai Ho Kwan Yeung Yee Kuen Zhang Xiao Jun Tutorial Group: 03E Group: E Group Project Proposal for Ocean Park Hong Kong Brief Description of Ocean Park Hong Kong Ocean Park Hong Kong is one of the most popular theme parks in the world. It was officially opened on January 10th 1977 by the...

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* a Comparative Study Of Price Earnings Multiple Of Top It Sector Companies Of India Using Stable Dividend Discount Model A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF PRICE EARNINGS MULTIPLE OF TOP IT SECTOR COMPANIES OF INDIA USING STABLE DIVIDEND DISCOUNT MODEL. Report By PRIYA BATRA (PGDM No 11101... Premium * Research Report On Consumer Prefrence Towards Mobile Handsets Study of Consumer Buying Behavior regarding the different Brands of Mobile Handsets (Research Project Report) Submitted to... Premium *...

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Isle Royale National Park

Isle Royale National Park 296384795 3 December, 2012 Pre-Advanced Reading/Writing Instructor: Ms. Gari Voss Outline Isle Royale I. Introduction A. Location and introduction 1. Isle Royale is the largest island in Lake Superior 2. The second largest island in the Great Lakes, 3. Third largest island in the contiguous United States. B. Isle Royale National Park is a closed environment in northern Michigan...

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Manas National Park, India

Manas National Park is located in Assam, India in the Himalayan foothills with a part that extends to Bhutan. The Manas National Park is well known for its rare and endangered endemic wildlife. (Wikipedia, 2008) People may visit the Manas National Park, but only by reservation and via a police escort. Tourist can tour the Manas National Park via a boat, jeep, or trained elephant. Tourist can lodge at different resorts or at two different bungalows that are in the Manas National Park. The diversity...

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Killarney National Park

a National Park National parks play a major role in protecting and managing our environment by preserving certain areas in Ireland and the rest of the world. National parks protect species of flora and fauna as well as protecting the soil and waterways. They provide a habitat and environment for natural species without human interference. National parks are important for our future because if some species are depleted or become extinct they will endanger our survival.  National Parks are designated...

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Western Ghats and National Park

The Jim Corbett National Park is a heaven for the adventure seeker and wildlife adventure lovers. Corbett National Park is India's first national park which comprises 520.8 km2. area of hills, riverine belts, marshy depressions, grass lands and large lake. The elevation ranges from 1,300 feet to 4,000 feet. Winter nights in Corbett national park are cold but the days are bright and sunny. It rains from July to September. Dense moist deciduous forest mainly consists of sal, haldu, pipal, rohini...

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of studies

Studies provide anyone with a high degree of pleasure and enjoyment. Studies enhance our capabilities, our skill, competence and even power. We become further educated, we gain wisdom. Do not study to be argumentative but to explain and teach others and to influence to greater advantage and good of your fellow men. Simple men become wise through studies, wise men make good use of them Their chief use for delight is in privateness and retiring, for ornament, is in discourse, and for ability, is...

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Grosvenor Park

CASE 2: GROSVENOR PARK Clearly, Dubin has done very well for himself in the past, developing over 4,000 units in Maryland. His most recent development, Grosvenor Tower, a luxury high rise, was a massive success. He was able to garner a 98% occupancy rate since opening. The building caters to young professional couples and singles looking to live somewhere nice with commuter access to the metro into downtown Washington. Many of these tenants indicated to Dubin that they enjoyed the area...

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there has never been an actual technology of study or a technology of education. That sounds very far-fetched but it is true. There was a school technology, but it didn’t have too much to do with education. It consisted of the technology of how you go to school, how you get taught and how you get examined, but there was no actual technology of education or study. Lacking such a technology, people find it difficult to achieve their goals. Knowing how to study is vitally important to anyone. The first...

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Feasibility Study

FEASIBILITY STUDY List of opportunities: * Barber Shop * Sari-Sari Store * Water Refilling Station * T-shirt Printing * Photocopy Booth * School Supplies * Bakeshops * Internet Café * Laundry Shop Analysis of Opportunities * Barber Shop 1. Low Competition 2. Low demand 3. Expensive business start-up * Sari-Sari Store 1. High Competition 2. Non-flexible hours 3. Small profit * Water refilling Station 1. Expensive Business...

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